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  1. Am i going to sunn the right way ?

    I was referring to the base sound current heard early on. I think Lucky ji was referring to the same ....hopefully. Sooo sooo would just be a punjabi way of saying it ..... imagining a grandma trying to explain it to doctor in punjabi...( sooo-onh-sooonh) sorry off topic
  2. Am i going to sunn the right way ?

    Waheguru Great discussion last few days bro. Quick question here, you would ignore the sooo soooo( love the description) while doing saas saas correct? When does it become beneficial to listen to the sooo sooo in your opinion? as it does get really loud when you let it.
  3. The English translations are very off. Many people get confused with the worlds defined as planets. When in reality Guru Maharaj ji is describing the spirtual planes(realms), the higher ones and lower ones, 14, . Also all together they are sometimes mentioned as 3 lokas. Any advanced seeker can tell you more about them. @Lucky Has previously posted stuff about them before as well I believe. As for planets, in the scientific sense, Guru maharaj ji says anek, kot , or countless.
  4. What is Naam?

    Simple question , I have some confusion, as I always associated it with Gurmantra and gurbani. However was contemplating sukhmani sahib," Naam kay dhaaray ...." all the brahmands, planets, universere etc. So what is the naam we are asking for from Guru Maharaj ji. Would appreciate some meditators from the forum possibly helping me out. Thanks ji @Lucky @Sat1176 @BhagatSingh
  5. Confused about Kundalini /Rom Rom

    Thanks bro, had me confused. His video seems to imply he seems to think all kundalini awakenings are forced where thats obviously not the case.
  6. I recently came across this clip. Benti to ignore the policical motivations from both sides, as I'm just confused about his description of what kundalini does, and how he describes it as going away after few months. Can any advanced meditator please explain better about what Ranjit Singh is referring to? And is what he saying correct in terms of how it works? VID-20170326-WA0003.mp4
  7. My apologies if there is a thread on this on the forum, can't search as visiting India/slow net. Recently started practicing present moment awareness as much as I can. Lately it seems my surat just seems to settle in the forehead. As in a bubble, no real pressure. I just let it be, but have a doubt if I should or shouldnt let it settle in one spot. Would anyone please possibly enlighten me on this and anything else a practitioner should be aware of?
  8. How to reduce sleep??? 0_0

    Eat less, eat simple Sato gun foods. Over time, as meditation gets deeper, amount of sleep will decrease on its own. I'd say 6-7 hours normally, and over time it can be reduced to 2-4 hours. Sometimes less , depending on the person.
  9. The Key to Enlightenment

    How has everyone else realized arguments/ effect them spirtually? For me, over the years I'm starting to get a better understanding of the energy drain that occurs. Now I just avoid them as much as possible, that energy can be spent better elsewhere. Another thing Ive noticed is, very rarely does once convince the other of their own perspective(in arguements/debates), rather often just a winner and loser, and the loser looks to come back with better ammunition for round two. From my pov, spirtually they are never uplifting, but can draining and best to avoid all together. What's everyone else's thoughts on this?
  10. Love Between Nanaksar And Taksal

    Waheguru, can you possibly repost this? It's not working :/
  11. Views on Current Day Astrologers

    Imo there are alot of fakes out there. However there are legit ones. However for a gurmukh, karams are always influx due to bhagti,always changing. What they tell you one year, can be different the next, just like the lines on the hands change with raising consciousness/awareness. Best not to worry about the past/future :)
  12. I fell off the path... again

    Can personally speak to the ups and downs bro. Initially the peaks are and valleys are more extreme, but with time and steady effort they become smaller and smaller, and a more of a steady state is attained. Key is self reflection/inquiry and and understanding the causes of the valleys, and not making the same mistake twice. Also I know this said alot and people have different views, but a sincere ardaas to Guru maharaj ji goes a long way. The mind likes to play tricks and the entices of maya are always attempting to pull, only way to rise above is with effort and his grace.
  13. The Truth about Hemkunt

    He used to say it was painful for him.
  14. The Truth about Hemkunt

    Will post this as many people are familiar with the suleman pret adhaar by sant isher singh ji maharaj. Suleman did not enter the womb of his place of birth until the day before his physical birth, many people do not know. He would enter and leave the boy possessed and talk to sangat, that's where all the recordings are from. Also Sant Maharaj ji had given bachan to the family on the date of birth for Suleman, and that was 10 and half months from date of pregnancy. The doctors want to do a c section, however the family had faith in their bachans and the child (suleman) was born as per their bachan.
  15. Meaning of the name NANAK

    @Sat1176 Below is a translation of by puran mahapurakh Sant Gurbachan Singh ji Bhindrawale sent to me by a Singh. Here is pure essence absolute meaning of nanak. Absolute meaning of 'Nanak' in japji sahib teeka by sant gyani gurbachan singh khalsa bhindranwale pdf page- 186 Here are translations, note its not exact word by word but i have tried very best to provide essence meaning, please forgive me if there any mistakes mere mortals can only try so much: Nanak Padh daie Arth (Meaning of Nanak term) 1. Nanak is free from counting/numbers/types. Nanak is free from duality, that which is non dual is Nanak Jot roop har aap Guru nanak kahaieo || Vahiguru Jot roop which is awakened light/knowledge is Guru nanak 2. Just like how everything in this world has two sides, two positions, two- duality but nanak(non duality) is opposite of ank (duality) 3. Anek term deonates Dulta 0 always moving/changing not constant Nanak is which is free from duality, is ek ras (constant/permanent), free from counting/numbers 4. Na (means purakh - complete supreme being) An (free) AK (means dukh- sorrow) - complete supreme being which is sat(eternal) chit (pure consciousness/knowledge) anand (bliss) which is free from sarrow/sadness/misery that saroop(formless form) is real/absolute complete truth form, that formless form satguru nanak manifested itself to save bhagats (devotee). 5. Na (Non) that which is all pervading in all. Alaf (which is ek ras - constant), non ( that which provides absolute nihal-hapiness to all) kaf (kanaet) that which gives complete contentment/grace to all is nanak This meaning came from bhai nand lal ji - Tosifo Sanah 6. N (purak- complete being) An + ak - free from sadness/suffering. That (Ak) which is free from sadness/suffering (An) paremshvar is nanak. 7. (Noun) that which gives good attributes, that Alaf (ala roop (noun) gives nauyemat/graceful/contentment is Nanak.