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  1. It's true we were real and they were fake, but try to think about one thing...we were hindus who create sikhism and then converted into sikhism- khalsa. So basically, not all among us converted into sikhism....Some kshatriya are called hindus who follow hinduism and sikhism. I have got a friend who is khatri origin...he goes to gurdwara and mandir, and when I ask him wot his religion, he said he is hindu
  2. Hey can a hindu girl or guy get married into a skih family? Are the clean shaven still hindus or they are sikhs? I have got a hindu friend whose girlfriend is a sikh girl, do you think it will be a problem when it comes to marriage? Will the parents object? Muslim are benc.... they always like to convert others into their falsified faiths.....I will never be able, at first instance, to love a muslim girl, and secondly marriage is far beyond my imagination...haha.....benc...mousselman Anyone...reply to my queries... Sat sri kal Rikhvindher Singh
  3. I believe that the people..be it hindu or sikh..keep beards and long hairs because there were no hairdressers at that time. I am clean shaven because I get all these facilities nowadays..... Guru Ram, Guru Krishna, Guru Nanak Dev, etc....all are the same. In guru granth sahib ji, Guru Dev ji referred to Guru vishnu, Guru brahma, Guru shiva which are all the same....Basically, Guru Dev ji teacher was a brahmin- pandit- who taught him hinduism, and guru dev ji removed all the things which he perceived to be right, and sikhism is modern hinduism, and wish our hindu brothers join us in our belief, if not totally abiding by our faith but at least understand the modern period of sikhism and its essence. My mum is a brahmin and my dad is sikh, I go to gurdwara quite often with my mum since my dad is busy with his work. This means that there are loads of hindus who go to Gurdwara... some of my hindu cousins go to gurdwara more often than that of my sikh cousins.....just wrtiting on anything on this website might create conflicts and false beliefs sometimes. Just like I believe in Guru Dev ji, equally Guru krishna and Guru Ram were the same for the hindus....you can't criticise. I respect Guru Krishna and Guru Ram equally, about which Guru Dev ji included their names in our Guru Granth Sahib ji to show respect and 'dharma' and all noble things of these Gurus. This means that Guru Dev Ji equally loved and adored these Gurus. Gurfateh
  4. Fateh I normally do my prays through meditation only using different mantras. Since my mum is hindu, in addition, I do use some sanskrit mantras for Guru Ram and Guru Krishna. Anyhow you do your prays, it does work since I firmly believe that it is 'devotional'. Although you cant see the reward with your eyes, it is fruitful indeed.
  5. I agree with ya Jahan. Rikhvinder Singh Bedi Sat sri kal.
  6. I disagree with you Jahan.... I can't say that we sikhs came from muslim....99.999% of the sikhs came from hindus since muslims and their religion are harsh. Probably less than 1% of the hindus who converted into muslim was reconverted into hindus and sikhs during Guru Nanak ji's times..... i came from hindu origin and not muslim....even we were discussing this in the langar last month.....none of the sikhs agree that we came from muslims... we have got similar names.... Rajputs are kshatrus...so they won;t give their daughters to the mughals.... Guru Nanak dev ji came from kshatriyas and not katri...i confirmed it from the web and my relatives. Khanna is from rajasthan origin...and hence kshatriya..i know the family...none of them are sikhs....and hence you can't say that khanna, kapoor, sandhu, soni etc are from khatri-muslims....wrong. My middle name is Singh....it's bullshit to link my name or my family to the beast- khatri. Punjab is probably the only state which has less population at that time...a minority unsuccessfully converted into islam... Guru Arjan dev, Gobind Singh ji, etc....didn't come from Khatri families.... Anyway I am tired with all these things..... Sat sri kal
  7. Fateh ji. Waheguru waheguru waheguru. Rajputs didn't convert. It was the shrudras who converted. Ya definitely some rajputs and khatri did convert because the muslims threatened them to death should they refuse to do so. Forget this issue, its of no relevance. What shall we discuss thereafter? Sat sri kal Jahan.
  8. You are right. It's people who create a fuss in religion, and not religion. Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the first guru of our religion, didn't mention wot u said as can be proved in Guru Granth Sahib. So we, as educated people, should do wot we deem is right and not being influenced by stupid people who said that we should be against islam as such although it's true they are wrongdoers. No we can still join clubs sukhi. Sat sri kal
  9. Check this website: http://groups.msn.com/SikhandHindugirls/huttactics.msnw
  10. Guru Nnanak Dev Ji came from Rajput- Kshatriya caste. Did he convert into Islam? If you don't know the who story don't bluff.
  11. Sewandar. I agree with all wot u said. It seems we share the same Sikhi feeling, not hiding the truth, but recognising the non-false aspect of Sikhism. Sat srikal
  12. I personally believe that there are some muslims who disguise in sikhs on our website and try to brainwash our sikhs youth....what do you think? One of my muslim friend was talking about the sikkawareness website, anf this makes me suspicious.
  13. Ya sayana...at least you said something right....we are no more hindu nor muslim....we shouldnt bother about these things.... Don;t be confused not everybody prays idols. The idols in the hindu temples are not god, claimed a brahmin. He said that they are gurus and these people do not pray these gurus but respect them and worship them just like we do in gurdwara- similarities are amrit, prasad, and foods served just like in our langar. Only Kshatriya Hindus did not convert and fight against the moghuls. Others were left with no choice than converting into Islam since the latter believes that if you convert in their religion you can reach heaven. We sikhs believe in reincarnation or rebirth just like the Hindus. Our karma will decide our future births. If we are impure how can we reach Waheguru. No way. If we are forced to convert, can we reach Waheguru? No way.
  14. I disagree. It's good we are discussing about these things, but I won't discuss with people who don't know the history of Guru Nanak Dev ji and other gurus, including the holy book Guru Granth Sahib. I think my visit to Punjab was not useless so far and also the discussion with Guru Jeth and other Keshadwaris. I conclude by ending my discussion with you- Sayana. Waheguru ki khalsa Waheguru ki fathe ji Sat sri kal
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