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  1. You talked about things such as: Doing it around the same time for 40 days, facing a certain direction, keeping a glass of pure water beside you, shower before starting the Jaap, doing it 108 times etc i don't know where you got this but it is strikingly similar to the vidhi layed out in the book I've read by this Mahapurash named Sodhi Harbhajan Singh. I mean exact same instructions (there are some more but those are the main ones) You said it's ok to do this for duniyavi karajs (promotion, job, finding a good life partner, 6 pack abs etc) but people can't handle the Naam Sidhi for Roohaniyat karajs. Like it's too much for them. I'm asking because in the same book there are several shabads provided that can be used to attain worldly things and otherwise. Were you saying if your "bhanda" isn't strong enough you shouldn't ask for things like avastha, dib dhristi etc because I've heard Giani Thakur Singh Ji say that it is for the exact reason one shouldn't do Ik Onkar Jaap. It is too strong for most people if done over longer durations I'm confused, wouldn't Maharaj Ji be more happy that you are asking for things he loves to give more (Roohaniyat stuff) as compared to Maya and other wordly things Thanks
  2. Awesome! That can be done. I might choose to go with a 40 day Jaap
  3. Papiman Ji, those were my exact concerns. Physical cleanliness isn't all that hard, it's just there's usually a cluster of bad thoughts always on my mind (more so when I do Paath sadly) Some of those are so bad that If Waheguru Ji was to judge me solely on those, I'm in for a hard one I'm tired of it and that's the very reason I wanna do Dasam Banis Jaap so I can have more control over my thoughts and such because those aren't "my thoughts" per say but they do spring up in my mind so technically they are? Idk it's hard to explain I don't know how much I'm gonna go. I'm currently educating myself about Dasam and all the different Banis within. Chandi di Vaar, Shastar Naam mala, Brahm Kavach are the ones I wanna do. Like one of them to start with and then build on that. But I'm already in a pretty bad place in life, don't really wanna worsen it with displeasing Shaheed Singhs in case I end up doing something stupid out of ignorance i was also going through some of the old posts on here and found one by you where you talk about Naam Sidhi. I have a question about it if you don't mind Thanks
  4. And risk the wrath of Guru Di Fauj? Haha I was hoping if somebody had heard one of the Kathavachak's take on the subject or personal experience
  5. Can a Non-Amritdhari start a Jaap of Brahm Kavach or any Bani by Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji? I might be wrong but I've heard anybody that isn't pakka in Rehat Maryada should stay away from Dasam Banis as Shaheed Singhs aren't pleased when somebody like that recites Dasam Banis. I got this from Giani Thakur Singh Ji & he was talking about Chandi di Vaar in that particular video but I was wondering if it applies to all Banis given as a gift to The Khalsa by Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj Thanks!
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