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  1. amazing proramme. chapaui sahib by h singh khalsa & shabads by qi rattan. Phenomenal feeling singing alongside them in sangat where naam vibrancy was intensely high.
  2. Its not even that. Manipulation in the most subtle ways to groom girls - the best educated, most beautiful and elite sikh girls to converge into marriage with them. With the sole purpose of increasing their population in term of procreation, literacy and advanced skills. Know the game before you can play it. Heroine addicts, prostitutes etc are what the low hanging fruit do. Arm your sisters and yourself with knowledge of Gurbani. Become literate and compassionate to share. Learn something from Jagraj veerji.
  3. entrusted in Akaal Purkah will make the right decision. Agree with the decision no matter whether painful to me or not, Jagraj veerji I agree, will come out blazing, shining and standing tall like a true warrior.
  4. True Khalsa Ji . Walks the walk encourages others, never judges, loves unconditionally and fights like baba bahdur singh. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.
  5. Veera & Virtual Sangat, Just one small snippet of Jagraj Veerjs love, non judgment and humbleness. My mother put her hands out bowing to him thanking him that her daughter (me) was the little girl she raised (albeit stubborn) because of the his kathas, Q &As, actions, encouragement and support. He lifted my mother tears in eyes and bowed down completely to her. My mother is no MahaPurkash or even baptized. Jagraj veerji felt the heart of my mother - he heard her silent cries. And lifted her. He is observant and compassionate and knows when truth is being spoken. The day (few year ago) when Jagraj veerji bowed to my first version of ParathMa - my Ma, I melted. Melted into an abyss. Jagraj veerji did not even know I was in the room observing. Benti ... Pray for Jagraj Veerji. Bani is most powerful as he taught me and the little I have experienced. Bhul Chuk Maaf Karna Mere Waheguru Saahib
  6. Waheguru - Inspiration for us all Veer jee. Beautifully. May Waheguru transgress this light of love for all.
  7. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh Penji Made me cry. Khalsa is within you. Waheguru. Much Love Penji. Khalsa purity, of love lives infinitely within every nano cellular level by vibrating the truth of love. I'm very blessed to have sangat with a Khalsa Ji like Jagraj veerji. Whose words completely and wholly mesmerize and enrapture me. Those words spoken by Shabad Guru. Our beloved Gurbani. Infinitely immortal, without judgment encasing pure unconditional love is what Khalsa Ji teaches. Let's send our love & unconditional support to Jagraj veerji knowing Gur is Poora and keeps his beloved lals always in chardi kala spreading much love & light ?? Thankyou to the sangat who have magically appeared to support & love
  8. Virtual Sangat - every sunday became one of the exciting highlights for myself to listen to katha. Seeing and spending time with Jagraj Veerji changed my life and my mother knows to what levels. I started to live again. His subtle compassion to tap into an issue without unfolding an entire personal story. I fought him fiercely with questions and he always won over with me giving deep love and respect to Bani. Many girls have approached me from random walks of life - as girls do confide in each other. I always showered them with empathy and love. However I started getting advice from Khalsa Ji Jagraj Veer ji - and I started to realize the girls could only action once advice on issue given - Im in no position to give such gurmat advice. My heart bleeds as to how all these questions that come my way - how I can search out more than one khalsa Fauj member. Jagraj veer ji told me Khalsa is immortal. Im so overwhelmed. Sukhmani Sahib on repeat play. Where are the khalsa brothers like him whose advice I can share with countless sisters. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh
  9. Jagraj veerji made me believe in Khalsa via his actions of compassion & strength & non judgmental attitude. Charisma & intellect he gained to share with compassion, pushed my boundaries spirituality & mentally. I fiercely fought him and questioned everything above all gained deep love & respect. For this, My mother and I cannot even begin to thank him. May our Ardaas be Kabool to Waheguru and provide strength to recovery. Jagraj veerji is an asset to the next generation. He walks and talks the talk. Benti. Please do Ardaas for our brother. ?????? I'm feeling so sad and Heartbroken guys. I can't stop crying ?
  10. asurs - origins vedics meaning demons. Look around there are many in fancy dress from cloths, dhootis, salwaar kamzees pyjama suits, white & blue robes - Dont let the exterior fool you. As daily we are reminded source anand sahib : "Jeehau male baaharhau nirmal. Baahrahu nirmal Jeehau ta maile tinee janam jooaai haariaa." source benti chapauia : "ghat ghat antar kee jaanat. Bhale bhure keepeer pachhanat"
  11. Note : Translations to english of of asian languages does not provide justice, as often there is not a 1:1 interpretation. Hence some essence if lost in translation more than often.
  12. Hi andrew - are you lecturing for a class at university on history ? Do you have further contacts of Sikh Historians who can provide an academic view into the subject ? I can connect you out to folks whom have more direct experiences and knowledge than myself. In my humble opinion answers to your questions : 1. Panth - Is Path. The path to walk together, individual paths combine to form the Path of the total collaborative Qaum. 2. Khalsa origins of word Persian. Literal meaning Pure. Hence Whaeguru Ji Ka Khalsa (Purity belongs to God). Khalsa Fauj - is the army that was created in 1699 by Guru Gobind Singh jee. Qualities & attributes of khalsa at very basic level Daya (Compassion), Dharam (Righteous), Himmat (Courageous), Mukkham (Strong leader), Sahib (Masterful). Khalsa Fauj are baptized sikhs representing Saint - Solider trained in Spiritual (Gurbani) and Weapon (Shaastrya) Vidya (studies). Baptized sikhs will wear all 5 K's externally alongside the internal attributes. 3. Dhari literal meaning is person (man/woman). Sehaj literal meaning origins sanskrit twin roots, Saha (together) and Ja (born) - thus meaning born together with oneself hence innate. Amrit literal meaning origins sanskrit is nectar. Loosely converted to "Ambrosia of Gods Name" which can come in a multitude of forms including, Gurbani Shabad (Words), Time of Day ( where gods name recited, chanted spoken), Person, Food (i.e milk, water), flowing nectar inwards from the crown chakra. Also used in baptizing ceremonies as water. Kesh literal meaning is hair (assumption origins are punjabi, need to confirm). Combining Dhari at the end of each 3 above gives an overview concept as a person in Sikh Faith.
  13. P.S. Dont try to rush to achieve, chasing the sunset will exhaust you & build a facade versus quality character. Use your energy in a playful way flowing to Hukam.
  14. Veerji ! Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa (Purity belongs to Waheguru) Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh (Victory belongs to Waheguru). We are all on this journey of listening and adhering to principles of Hukam each, individual at various levels, ultimately trying to reach the same end point goal. Hukam which you know is wide spread topic on it its own. Would suggest do what I did, try with keeping kesh and try without keeping kesh. Your inner voice will tell you. The Joth within you will speak and guide you - its very subtle. Always keep at the forefront its not for me, somebody else or for purpose of doing good - everything is done because of Wahegurus playful way. As stated, the powerful greeting, Khalsa (purity) belongs to whaeguru not you, not me or any other person. Victory is also always Wahegurus, not yours, not mine, not any other person. Wishing you much love and kirpa on this journey with Akaal Purkahs jot. P.S. As a women there is significant difference between a man and a boy. Masculine features (including hair) on men are subconsciously attractive to women !
  15. WJKK WJKF - which of the many Rehat Maryadas is this quote taken from ? Subsequently, what does it say on the formation of the 5 pyara and the qualities, education and expereince they should possess to a minimum ?
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