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  1. i found a really interesting book written by the 16th century Spanish poet and saint. it has been a good guide, even though he be from a different religion the views are very similar to gurbani. He makes u realize that spiritual people that are guided by god have no religion. http://www.carmelitemonks.org/Vocation/DarkNight-StJohnoftheCross.pdf
  2. Today as I walked on the footpath it felt as if I was everyone and everyone was me it felt as if we were one. It was a really cool experience.
  3. tva prasad

    Asexuality in Sikhism

    1. I wanna know the sangat's views on it as well. If there r any sources that talk about it that will be helpful. 2. I don't really think it's a medical condition tbh.
  4. tva prasad

    Asexuality in Sikhism

    @sarabatam thank you for putting what you understand forward.
  5. i am really interested to know what sikhism says about asexuality. So, what are the sikh views on asexuality?
  6. Recently, whenever I concentrate my awareness fully during meditation my body starts to shake very much. when my concentration breaks the shaking stops. if, however my concentration does not break my body starts moving. e.g. this morning i was concentrating with full focus and my head started to tilt backwards and then to the left side when my concentration broke my head was tilted all the way to the left. my back was also straightening up then it curved a bit inward. at that moment i could hear the naad over loud music; the naad was loudly sounding in both of my ears. does anyone know why this happens? it will be greatly helpful thank you.
  7. once i had a dream that i was in bed and sant jarnail singh ji was standing on the foot of my bed telling me too wake up. once i had a very big doubt in my mind so i was asking god to help clear this doubt so i went to be and in my dream there was a beautiful tree under which guru nanak dev ji sat. i walked up to it and asked him a question he answered it and gave me lots of gian. i woke up and forgot everything he said to me but my doubt was cleared up:) then this other time i had a dream in which guru nanak ji told me to just do simran. then i said something like but my parents told me to study hard and get a good job. he then told me again to just do simran.
  8. I seriously think that Sikhs do not enough love for sikhi nowadays. If this had happed 3 centuries ago the girl would have rather died than embraced Islam and would have fought back. I believe that Sikh parents should raise their kids to have unconditional love for sikhi.
  9. hello guys, hope you are going well on your journeys. I keep getting this weird sensation, a bit like when u go to the doctor and the doctor checks ur blood pressure with that machine, u know how it feels? Yeah, I feel like that during meditation, all over my body. Anyone know what may been happening when this sensation is taking place. I also feel hot sensations in my body. I have also been sweating a fair bit around the upper back and the chest area particularly. Love u all so much because when I feel the need to remove doubts I can just ask the wise and experienced practitioners on this forum. Thank god for all this. ❤ thank u to all the people for helping me greatly with my journey. If it wasn't for u guys I would probably be in all sorts of doubt by now. Thanks once again.
  10. tva prasad

    Sarbloh Granth

    do nihangs still have the real rehitnama, sau sakhi, etc. or not.
  11. in the serial karn was shown innocent and as a victim of hardships. They showed him like a hero that was honoured by duryodhan and was loyal to duryodhan til his last breath. While the written text still mentions loyalty he's not as innocent as he is shown in the serial according to the text. In the text he is very envious towards Arjun and very egotistical. He had a big hand in draupadi's humiliation at hastinapur during the dice game. He always wanted to defeat Arjun using his sheer strength but was unable to. He is the minister of duryodhan and wanted duryodhan to go for war as he himself would jump at any chance to conquer arjun. Karn was duryodhan's childhood friend he helped him poison bheem when they were young. Shakuni on the other hand wasn't as evil as he is shown in the serial. According to the text, after the pandav brothers saved them from the gandharvs shakuni told duryodhan to make peace with the pandavs.
  12. Since the past few days I feel less bothered by hot and cold, pain and pleasure, compliments and insults. I also feel love for everyone intensely whether they criticise me or compliment me. I feel very happy and positive but i m also gripped by intense desire to have darshan of waheguru. Does anyone know my situation or what could be happening, m I on the right track? Can anyone clear these doubts of mine. Thanks for ur time.
  13. tva prasad

    Sarbloh Granth

    so, sarbloh granth sahib was written and compiled in satyug and was buried at a place along with asht-bhuja and then rediscovered at a later date, in kaljug? so did guru gobind Singh ji write in the form of dusht daman?
  14. tva prasad

    Gurudwara destroyed in India

    that is terrible. It's like 1984 all over again. What will become of the world when we have such unrighteous fools among us?