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  1. @dalsingh101 You can read the Valmiki Ramayan on this website: https://valmikiramayan.net/
  2. It is said in the KMG translation that Shakuni is the incarnation of Dwapur-yug. At the end of each yug, some fraction the population on earth is wiped out to get rid of adharmic people, for the commencement of the new yug. Shakuni was a very important instrument in starting the war, he also died in the war, this symbolises the near end of Dwapur yug and the starting of a new yug.
  3. In the book all the pandavs except for Yudhister laugh at Duryodhan, not just Draupadi which causes him to think up a plan to humiliate their wife and rob them of their kingdom. Even though Mahabharat portrays the win of good over evil, it is important to note that none of the characters are completely evil, nor completely good, they all have their faults and also good sides. Even though Duryodhan is seen as evil, he was the only one that stood up for Karan and did not discriminate against him. Duryodhan was really loyal to Karna, the book says he did not cry for anyone (including his brothers) except for Karan. Karan is a very interesting character. He was abandoned at birth, he was forced to be someone he was not, this caused him to always try to prove himself to others. He is a very loyal character, even though he was on the side of the Kauravs he observed dharam. He did what he thought was right, to some people it may seem that it was not right for him to fight on Duryodhan's side, however this just goes to show that dharam is not as simple to observe as it seems, what may seem right to do may not be right for you to do. Karan is rather admirable for having the so much loyalty as to stay with Duryodhan, even though he was told by many people such as Krishan and Kunti to leave him and fight on the Pandavs' side. He finally sacrifices his life for the loyalty of his friendship to Duryodhan. There is a lot to learn from him.
  4. Focusing on the dasam duar as a beginner can result in energy imbalances, which are not exactly considered "healthy" for your brain or body and can be dangerous if you focus at this region for prolonged periods of time. The sensations you are feeling is the energy being concentrated in the agya chakra, due to focusing there, it is normal to feel pressure upon focusing on that region.
  5. Sometimes I hear a gungroo sound, do I have to pay attention to it? It comes from various places, sometimes from the back of my head, sometimes the right or left ear. Sometimes I doubt I'm hallucinating which causes me to ignore it. It does, however, get louder the more I concentrate and becomes softer as I ignore it. I mostly end up ignoring it because I get anxious for some reason, is that bad?
  6. tva prasad

    Dark Night of the Soul

    Can you name some books that you highly recommend?
  7. Another thing to point out is that, due to kaam the lady lost her rupee, this shows that due to lust, etc. we loose our spiritual wealth.
  8. Maybe this shows the king how the son is in a very awkward position and cannot really do much about the false allegations against him.
  9. Without thinking through, and not taking in to account the time, etc. his wife had taken to go to the shop and come back, etc. the man (Nainu) foolishly believed her. He did not think through the situation, it would have been logical for her to look for the rupee instead of picking up sand and trying it in her scarf. This shows that the King is also being foolish, not thinking through the situation and blindly believing the Rani. He did not think logically or rationally about the situation before he convicted his son.
  10. Although the cook did the right thing in refusing to add poison to the raja's food, he should have known that the rani is going to poison the raja herself as she was cooking a feast for the king. The cook was disloyal to the Raja and did not immediately let him know what the Rani had asked him to do (poison the Raja's food). This, in my opinion, relates back to the story, the wise minister is telling the king that due to a disloyal and foolish cook the King from the tale was killed. The minister is showing his loyalty and proving himself a well-wisher of the king through this tale.
  11. This charitar also shows how the Raja, overcome with lust and not questioning the woman, believed what she said to be true and harshly killed the milkman. Thus, failing to use his brain and failing to guard his dharam. The milkman neither asked for the woman's background nor any other personal information before taking her as his wife, which shows he too was blinded by lust which brought about his own death. In a wider sense this teaches us that if we are being lead by the five thieves we cause our own destruction. This story is very similar to the Raja's own story, as the Raja believed in what the Rani said without questioning her. He did not think about the character of his son and was ready to execute him for the sake of a woman.
  12. i found a really interesting book written by the 16th century Spanish poet and saint. it has been a good guide, even though he is from a different religion the views are very similar to gurbani. He makes u realize that spiritual people that are guided by god have no religion. http://www.carmelitemonks.org/Vocation/DarkNight-StJohnoftheCross.pdf
  13. Today as I walked on the footpath it felt as if I was everyone and everyone was me it felt as if we were one. It was a really cool experience.
  14. tva prasad

    Asexuality in Sikhism

    1. I wanna know the sangat's views on it as well. If there r any sources that talk about it that will be helpful. 2. I don't really think it's a medical condition tbh.
  15. tva prasad

    Asexuality in Sikhism

    @sarabatam thank you for putting what you understand forward.