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  1. When circumstances demand sikhs by all means should use weapons, you sound like you haven't read dasam granth. How do you know those hindus were innocent. You are blindly believing the government propaganda of the time which painted those hindus as innocent even though they may not be. Kharkus are not terrorists. Period. You have no idea of the circumstances of the time so you can shut up. Thank you.
  2. Yes, indeed. Even after our gurdwaras had been attacked and countless innocent Sikhs were killed we should have just sat there hoping the government would give us justice. Stop having an opinion on something without having decent knowledge on the subject, beforehand. We did many protests, etc. before 1984 but then Operation Blue Star happened. Operation Woodrose later took place. All options were exhausted, weapons were needed. You saying that shows that you completely lack a brain.
  3. Does this book say that all dahiyas were originally Kshatriyas but later took up other occupations? Later they became to be associated with that caste due to their occupation? Just like jaats (I know this isn't a family lineage) were actually Kshatri but took on farming and became associated with vaishya?
  4. What's the deal with bandai khalsa? Is it still functional today?
  5. Some say Banda Singh Bahadur was Sikh while others say he wanted to be the guru? Was he really a Sikh? If not, how did he fall?
  6. He tells you this and then he also tells you that there is only one god. You buy everything he says, he's going to go to hell and drag you down with him.
  7. That is because everything in the universe happens for a reason. How could you be so sure? One of my uncles was taken away by the police as he was a kharku and his body was never given back to the family. They always annoyed his mum, dad and other family members, giving them so much pain (both psychological and physical).
  8. Don't concern yourself with such matters, just go listen to dhadri and his missionary friends.
  9. You got to be serious. Blood was spilled in 1984 to nourish the khalsa spirit. Every few decades this happens to keep the "plant" of sikhism alive, so have I heard. Just like when Guru Tegh Bahadur ji spilled his blood to protect dharam, shaheeds spill blood to revive the khalsa spirit. You do realise that everything waheguru does has a much deeper reason for it than a brainwashed person like you can fathom, right?
  10. Oh, so this is the type of logic dhadri teaches you. Dhadri should give you a certificate, you have successfully replicated his logic! Dhadri knows his logic sucks (the truth always comes out): ...He is a true gem of the sikh panth. A true sant-sipahi, he sticks to his words just like wood sticks to a magnet. Maybe according to you Dhadri also made the universe that's why you always follow whatever BS he has to say. Not saying you will believe this but, the truth is that since everything in the universe is energy, people do have auras and EVERYTHING is vibration.
  11. Maybe dhadri has some charisma but he is far from a sant. It might even be a placebo effect due to his clothes, title, the gentle way he talks to lure people and seeing his chelas worship him, etc. He is also a good talker, he can easily derail a Sikh who has just started towards the spiritual path, however if you meditate enough you will see past his lies even as one who has experience with jewellery can easily differentiate between fake gold jewellery and real gold jewellery. Even though that can be said his aura was unmistakably spiritual.
  12. Thanks for the knowledge. Is this Havan performed today, by nirmalas, etc.?
  13. I came across this and I think the chants are the same.
  14. Sorry, my bad. I was confusing hom/havan with yagya. Just a question: is the hom/havan in Sikhism performed the same way as Hinduism, as in with same chanting and technique or is there a variation?
  15. Hom and Havan are different. I've heard Havan being mentioned but not hom.
  16. Both. She can have 18 forms at once or be fused into a single shakti, Sidhi.
  17. Yes, they are hiding. I think Parshuram ji, Ved Vyas ji and Kripacharya ji is somewhere in the Himalayas. Also parshuram ji are going to teach shashtar vidya to Kalki avatar in the future, so they are most likely meditating at the moment. Ashwatthama ji is wandering in forests around the Himalayas, some claim they have met him. He also live with the Bheel or Bila tribe according to a pundit who wrote Mahabharat through listening to it from Ashwatthama ji, I have forgotten the pundit's name. Bali ji lives in pataal lok. Hanuman is also around, probably Himalayas and satsangs/temples in invisible form, a family, in kaliyug, has claimed to have met him a few centuries ago. Vibhishan is said to have come to pay some visits to some people in south India or Sri Lanka (can't remember).
  18. Wow, Ridhi and Sidhi are the wives of Ganesh. That is why they were ladies with saris. Can you summarise the katha, please? I really want to know about the encounter.
  19. He came to my dad's friend's house, when I was a little child. Even though, I knew nothing about him since I didn't watch or listen to his DvD's, I sensed some falseness about him when he came. He lacked a spiritual vibe, which I expected him to have as he was called "Sant". I was quite disappointed and was thinking he could be a fake Sant. However, on the other hand, when Giani Thakur Singh Ji came to our house, I was still a child and never listened to him, I sensed spiritual vibes around him. He seemed like an honest preacher.
  20. A single SRM would be great but with all these missionaries and followers in the panth, I doubt we can reach an agreement anytime soon. Bro, we are not abusing you we are just trying to make you open your eyes and see that dhadri is, in fact, a missionary. In my opinion, Dhadri is a lot like Hitler, he is a good talker, he knows how to persuade people to follow his BS.
  21. Sure: 1. Parshuram- Avtar of Vishnu, killed kshatriyas 21 times, appears in Ramayan and Mahabharat 2. Bali- King in Vaman avtar 3. Kripacharya- uncle (mama) of Ashwatthama, kul-guru of the Kuru clan 4. Ashwatthama- warrior in mahabharat, son of dronacharya 5. Vibishan- Brother of Ravan 6. Hanuman ji- Son of wind god (Vayu dev) and devotee of Ram 7. Ved VYas- writer of Mahabharat
  22. You are right, however some sangat doesn't agree with dhadri. Giani thakur singh ji has spoken about having a single rehit maryada too. However I want an answer for my question: where did dhadri get title of sant from when he give you this precious gyan:
  23. Even if, Vidya Martand Srimaan 108 Gyani Gurbachan Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale has such a respectable title, he did indeed live up to it. Unlike, maybe someone you like to follow, he spread the truth among the masses.
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