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  1. Bro, you can't be serious. Everything they show in the TV serial is 100% accurate isn't it? If you haven't realised, feminism has severely plagued indian shows like Ramayan, etc. I was watching the newer version of it called 'Siya ke Ram', in which Ram and Sita had a go at Lakshman for chopping off Surpnakha's nose. Whereas, in the Valmiki Ramayana, Ram asked Lakshman to cut off Surpnakha's nose. Furthermore, in Valmiki Ramayan, there was no Lakshman rekha. Lakshman rekha was added later on. Even within Valmiki Ramayan, Lakshman does not recognise Sita's ornaments and only recongnises her anklets. Instead of creating the 'Lakshman rekha' Lakshman told Sita to stay safe and pleaded to the Gods and dieties of the forest to protect her. He did not look at her above her feet, still. He was angry, at this point. I hope you know what compelled him to go in search of Ram, eventhough he knew for a fact it was a bad idea. Sita accused him of 'wanting to get Ram killed so that he could enjoy her'. It's mentioned in the Valmiki Ramayan. Don't judge the characters based on the TV shows, they aren't accurate, lol.
  2. Does anyone know how the Sikh soldiers kept Guru Granth Sahib Ji in the world wars? How did the sikh soldiers give proper respect to Guru ji during the time of the world wars (especially given the fact that hygiene was pretty hard to maintain in the trenches)? I also came across this blog when my curiosity was aroused. http://amanpreet-singh.blogspot.com/2012/03/one-inch-saroop-of-guru-granth-sahib-ji.html Where did the Singhs keep the one-inch saroop of Guru Granth Sahib, knowing they would have to crawl on the ground, etc?
  3. Dalsingh brother is right. You should find a compatible partner and marry.
  4. To those who think that I'm giving sympathy to the guy because he's amritdhari, I'm really not. Even if the guy was a tobacco user and mona, and the girl was a sarblohi, jatka-only, amritdhari gursikh I would take the mona's side because I don't think the merciless and painful death was necessary. However, I am not saying the guy was completely innocent or anything, either. He did not have to accept her sleep over request, knowing that he was the average passionate, young man. Then again, why did the girl invite him for a sleep over in the first place?
  5. I'm not sure although I've heard that sometimes the panj pyare make exeptions. I think @Mooorakh benji should try to talk with the panj pyare to get their views.
  6. I'm sorry. Although I think it is better to take it with your spouse because then you can be at the same stage and you can inspire each other to keep rehit. I hope vaheguru will soon listen to your prays.
  7. It said he 'tried' to rape her. Check out this video. This sounds a bit dodgy IMO, like why did she wait 6 months before she took any form of action? The text message sent by Gagandeep Singh to Mahil was about talking something out, and Singh was well aware that she might kill him from the text he sent her but he might have underestimated her thinking a lone woman cannot kill me or something of the like. Also if she had a genuine reason for doing what she did, it would make more sense that she call the cops instead of taking the matter into her own hands. One more thing, the article portrays one side of the story, we do not have Shoker's and Peter's side of the story, since they were the ones that murdered Singh doesn't it make sense to incorporate their side of the story as well, what do they have to say? If she was the sister of a police officer surely it wouldn't be hard for her to get police help, so why then did she choose to take the matter into her own hands? If this was true why did she have two men, namely Shoker and Peters ready to kill him? This claim of her's also contradicts the text message where Singh explicitly expresses that she wants to kill him. Also why did she wait 6 months if she only wanted to "lecture" him or give him "a few slaps"? She could have easily confronted him earlier. Since Shoker was in love with her she could have easily used this against him to get what she wanted. The fact that she referred to him as her "gay friend" while speaking to others shows that she might have been ashamed of him declaring his love for social reasons and did not want to be seen as a couple by others hence "gay friend". This might also hint that she did not want him in her life, therefore she might have got him to commit a crime to get him jailed (revenge, maybe)- so basically a win/win situation for her. So, Singh "attempted rape" but didn't rape her. She underwent counselling but she was still friends with him or acted like she was friends with him. I believe she might have been too ashamed of the encounter so started to plot Singh's death using Shoker to her advantage along with Peters. If Singh had tried to rape her why was she still keeping contact with him and asking for gifts from him? Would it not be normal for her to distance herself from him had she been disturbed by the incident that happened between them. They blamed each other... hmmm... This shows that they came to realise that they had been tricked into killing Singh but now they do not want to face the punishment. Mahil has thrown them under the bus by saying she only wanted to lecture Singh and wasn't aware that Shoker and Peters would do such a thing. She clearly knew what Shoker and Peters did as they called her shortly after the doing the deed, so why does she claim she didn;t know? Did she not see them tie him up and put him in the boot of the Mercedes? Did she not see the two men drive Singh off? If she wanted to lecture him why wasn't she present with Shoker and Peters? However, if Mahil was telling the truth why did she need two men to hide in her basement until he arrived to pounce on him? If she was worried that he might try to rape her again, she could have easily got her girlfriends, no? If Mahil was "traumatised" why did she not try to stop Shoker and Peters from beating Singh up why was she just sitting there eating a Key Lime pie? Since she was friends with Shoker he would have listened to what she would have to say, right? Why didn't she stop them when they tied Singh with cables, chucked him in the boot and drove him off? Surely, she agreed with what was happening and refused to get her hands dirty as Peters and Shoker murdered Singh therefore leaving no evidence of finger prints on his body. Source: http://courtnewsuk.co.uk/mundill-mahil-darren-peters-and-harvinder-shoker/ Is there any evidence that suggests he actually raped her?
  8. Bro, what is this tube patka you speak of? I searched up 'sikh tube patka' and nothing matched the description you gave. Do you have pics? I know there's a patka style that looks like a do-rag.
  9. I know right? She looks rather average from her pictures. This sort of reminds me of Cleopatra, she was an average looking woman but she easily seduced Mark Antony and Julius Caesar. Apparently Cleopatra's charm lied in her words, actions and behaviour rather than her looks, the same might hold true for this girl. She also seems highly skilled in making up lies and fooling the authorities. She said she did not have any role in the murder, (yet she was the mastermind behind the whole thing) but she got two guys to kill the man therefore got a meagre sentence. She so cunningly took the backseat as she ruined the life of two men, killed one and caused many people to grieve. That's why it is so important to study Charitropakhyan, apne seem rather naive with this sort of stuff.
  10. I'm glad someone spoke against it. I think we need more talk on this issue as I see so many men wearing patka and topis even in Australia (most of the kids where I live are first generation immigrants still wearing patka all through secondary college)!
  11. Yeah, it was sort of overweight. I went to their house and it barely moved, lol. I like those type of cats. It's great, you'll never get mice/rats/birds in your backyard destroying your garden.
  12. Yeah, the patka was invented by a cricketer called Bishan Singh Bedi during the 60's so it has no real history in sikhi. I feel it looks ridiculous, parna is better.
  13. Oh that's neat. One time my friend got rats and they bought a cat who was totally useless, lol. Maybe some cats are too domesticated.
  14. Funny how cats love birds but don't even make an effort chase mice these days. The only thing I like cats is that they are supposed to eat rats and mice.
  15. You could always start with less malas and increasing them as you begin to pick up speed in reciting after some time.
  16. I came from a rock too, where is my magic?
  17. Just something interesting I stumbled upon.
  18. It's not exactly about technology, although that comes with its own pros and cons, it's more about how some people are unwilling to believe in what the guru says without "evidence". I believe people have adopted the western mentality and aren't trying to understand our eastern philosophy, which is rather spiritual in nature. Some people seem to be trying to use their five senses to try and understand something that is subtle and not material, hence not perceived by the senses. The so called professors such as ghaga and dhunda along with dhadri and co. are further increasing the problem in our panth, people seem to be drifting off from the path of dharam and moksh on to the path of kaam. Please don't get me wrong, I don't hate science, I just don't think it should define our faith in the guru.
  19. In the katha baba gurvinder singh ji says that the Surya vanshi Kshatriyas read surya kavach stotaram, since khalsa is Surya vanshi should we read Suraj kavach astotar everyday as well?
  20. Thanks a lot, mate. Really appreciate it.
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