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  1. Wow what a struggle!!!!!!! never forget 1984 and beyond.
  2. but wasn't that the curse. Brahma's son cursed Vishnu when he asked to burrow vishnu's appearance and was later humiliated when he found out he looked like a monkey. Then he cursed Vishnu and said you will have companions that will look like monkeys (hanumaan ji, etc.).- this was when Vishnu took avtar as Ram in treta jug
  3. do u mean u can sense people r going to say "no, where does that say in SGGS" ? Just clarification :D
  4. welcome to the forum, bro. I just wanted to say that sikhism doesn't consider a certain group of people as enemies (e.g. Brahmin, etc.) Sikhi only fights against injustice.
  5. mine used pulsate all the time but now it only pulsates sometimes. Why do u think it pulsates?
  6. what does SGGSJM, various sikh scriptures, sikh scholars, brahmgianis (sant jarnail singh ji, sant gurbachan singh ji, etc.), etc. say about darwin's theory of evolution? Is it true? If not what is the truth about human existence? Plz shed some light on this.
  7. how often does your navel pulsate? When did it start pulsating?
  8. since the past week or so my navel has been throbbing. It goes up and down. It's more intense after meditation. Would anyone care to explain the reason for this occurring? Thanx
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