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  1. I'm glad someone spoke against it. I think we need more talk on this issue as I see so many men wearing patka and topis even in Australia (most of the kids where I live are first generation immigrants still wearing patka all through secondary college)!
  2. Yeah, it was sort of overweight. I went to their house and it barely moved, lol. I like those type of cats. It's great, you'll never get mice/rats/birds in your backyard destroying your garden.
  3. Yeah, the patka was invented by a cricketer called Bishan Singh Bedi during the 60's so it has no real history in sikhi. I feel it looks ridiculous, parna is better.
  4. Oh that's neat. One time my friend got rats and they bought a cat who was totally useless, lol. Maybe some cats are too domesticated.
  5. Funny how cats love birds but don't even make an effort chase mice these days. The only thing I like cats is that they are supposed to eat rats and mice.
  6. You could always start with less malas and increasing them as you begin to pick up speed in reciting after some time.
  7. I came from a rock too, where is my magic?
  8. Just something interesting I stumbled upon.
  9. It's not exactly about technology, although that comes with its own pros and cons, it's more about how some people are unwilling to believe in what the guru says without "evidence". I believe people have adopted the western mentality and aren't trying to understand our eastern philosophy, which is rather spiritual in nature. Some people seem to be trying to use their five senses to try and understand something that is subtle and not material, hence not perceived by the senses. The so called professors such as ghaga and dhunda along with dhadri and co. are further increasing the problem in our panth, people seem to be drifting off from the path of dharam and moksh on to the path of kaam. Please don't get me wrong, I don't hate science, I just don't think it should define our faith in the guru.
  10. In the katha baba gurvinder singh ji says that the Surya vanshi Kshatriyas read surya kavach stotaram, since khalsa is Surya vanshi should we read Suraj kavach astotar everyday as well?
  11. Thanks a lot, mate. Really appreciate it.
  12. Does anyone know any good books that explain, in detail, Sikh politics? Does anyone here have knowledge on Sikh politics, roles of the King, ministers, etc. in the kingdom, qualities of a good king, etc? Has there been any writing on the subject?
  13. TBH, I feel too many people are deluded and feel science is the ultimate truth. Here is a great katha by sant waryam singh ji on blind faith:
  14. Khalsa mool mantar states the previous lives of the panj pyare.
  15. Who is it written by? Is it a translation of Sanskrit ayurvedic knowledge from old texts or not? I've been wanting to know the use of Ayurveda in the Sikh military.
  16. Water spewing games is like playing in water with your spouse. There are some references in older literature if you see. Use of charms is the physical challenges looks. Use of drugs: I think this is referring to paan, alcohol, etc. used before sex in the past, again mentioned in krishan Leelas, Arabian nights and other older texts. Use of magic words is basically using sweet words to please your spouse. Not certain, but I think Vina refers to the art of playing the Vina, I could be wrong though. I don't know the rest.
  17. Simran didn't do anything but ghaga killed all the black cats and stopped operation blue star in its tracks as well as operation Woodrose... Kamaal hai, Ghaga baba ji. Just when dhunda thought he was scientist, he got busted by real scientists.
  18. From the second line of the svaiya onwards, it sort of sounds like a riddle. Seems like there is a Charitar hidden in there. I think this serves higher purpose than Avatar ustat. Will get back to this soon.
  19. Guru ji is talking about the importance of surrendering to Vaheguru. He continues his point that if the mind is not surrendered nothing works (including mantar and yantars because their purpose is the very same). If a person is not willing to surrender his ego, pride, lust, etc and seek refuge in god, nothing will work. Mantar are important in stilling the mind. By your logic, we need not read Gurbani or jap Gur-mantar.
  20. No wonder pappiman veer ji blocked you. What's the point of arguing with you?
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