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  1. I think ojas stays in the brain from there it functions. Ojas is transformed from sexual energy into spiritual energy through preserving semen.
  2. Are you kindly willing to share a little more about the importance of the colour red (spiritually)?
  3. If we can get gian from someone/something we should, instead of finding faults within them. We should not be worshiping them or idolising them as some people may do ***cough, cough... Dhadri fan accounts on insta and people calling giani thakur singh ji a brahmgiani...cough, cough*** Right now, we are like young trees that need a stick (gian from trustworthy parcharik, etc.) to support them to stand up right. However, once one gets to a certain stage, one gets gian from within without ever acquiring it from outside sources, also gurbani begins to make more sense as deeper philosophies are understood. We can learn from both, positive as well as negative people, but are we willing to?
  4. Very late, lol, but it could still be relevant to others. Full credit to Kamaljeet Singh Hapur.
  5. https://www.speakingtree.in/blog/how-to-transform-the-sexual-energy-into-spiritual-energy-ojas-shakti
  6. Perservance of semen allows more Ojas in a man's body.
  7. He said kabir ji was being a voice for those who didn't want mundan or sunnat, kabir ji was however questioning them for a deeper purpose. You might have seen as well, but these days people just focus on rituals of the religion thinking they are religious and all. They don't focus on the deeper idea which is, in most religions, to gain enlightenment or at least the love of god. Hence the questioning. Dhadri should learn deeper meaning instead of just repeating the same thing throughout the whole video.
  8. It can be said that looking into too many sources can create unwanted doubt within the mind, however it is also possible that the source you allow your self to be guided by on such matters may be fallible.
  9. Laal rang in the above shabad has a deeper meaning than we may think. Red is said to be the colour of love. Hence this shabad is centered around the subject of spiritual love rather than the colour red. I think you are dismissing such things as superstition and so called "Brahmanism" without bothering to research such things deeply.
  10. Thanks for sharing, veer ji. Very inspirational inspirational.
  11. Chandi is the jagatmata, the energy from which the universe was created. Durga is an expansion of chandi, she is present within all. She is the power or shakti of Akal Purakh. Chandi is merely one among her many names. She is the one that helps us move, think, grow, talk, etc. Lakshmi, Sarswati and Parvati are merely representations of her satto, rajo and tamo qualities, respectively. In reality, chandi is the feminine shakti form of Akal Purukh, hence they are the same. Many believe that Chandi di vaar, Shastar naam mala, etc. are about Durga, in reality guru ji is praising the divine shakti, as discussed above, that resides in Durga, Kali, shastar, astar, rakatbeej, etc. not just Durga alone. Just like how Lakshmi is the personification of Vishnu ji's shakti, likewise Sarswati and parvati are of Brahma and Mahesh, respectively. Even so is Chandi/ Bhagauti/ Maya the personification of Vaheguru's Shakti. If you read chandi di vaar, it says "Khanda prithmai saaj kai, jin sai(n)saar oopaiya. Brahma bisan saaj(eh) kudrat da khel rachaa(ai) baNaa(ai)aa." This tells that at the beginning of the creation, Vaheguru created the Khanda (referring to Chandi, feminine Shakti form of Akal Purukh), from which shakti the trinity, Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh came into being. Now it makes sense that guru ji wrote such banis so that we could plead the mercy of Chandi so that she may reside in us and shastars so that we may gain victory on the field of battle. Those who are familiar with Chandi di Vaar may understand this, "taitho(n) hi bal raam l(ai) naal baNaa da(h)sir ghaa(ai)yaa, taitho(n) hi bal krisan l(ai) Kans kesi(n) paka(rh) giraa(ai)yaa." this is referring to the shakti of Akal Purukh, Chandi. Bal=shakti, hence Ram and Krishan also took shakti from Akal Purukh in order to defeat Ravan and Kans, respectively. Even though no one can describe Chandi as she is beyond description, may this help in getting a vague idea of Jagatmata Chandika.
  12. Sorry about that mistake on my part. BTW, thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge with me. I really appreciate it.
  13. A lot of missionaries you got there, except for baba banta singh ji from DDT.
  14. That guy is a straight up missionary. IMO he is worse than dhadri.
  15. Yeah, they do indeed sound feminine. I'm not 100% sure if they are mares, though. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Surya This site, https://www.speakingtree.in/allslides/why-7-horses-for-the-chariot-of-sun/40234 has some interesting information of surya dev and his horses. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aruṇa According to wikipedia, Arun is the "personification of the reddish glow light of the rising Sun". http://www.apamnapat.com/entities/Aruna.html http://www.santosha.com/philosophy/gita-chapter10.html No, problem brother, happy to share.
  16. I think when bhai randhir singh ji says the "gurmat Anhad naad" he means the kirtan from sachkhand heard after opening of dasam duar, in later stages. While "yogic Anhad Naad" probably means the sound of Om which is called the primordial sound in yoga. It is claimed that Om is the sound of the beginning of the Universe by the yogis. I might be wrong, though. Feel free to correct me.
  17. 1) My mind is settled at my ears but the sounds merge in the middle of my head at times, I hear different sounds at different places, e.g. I normally hear the drum in the centre, the bells are heard everywhere, etc. I mean, I do hear them everywhere but specific sounds are more prominent in specific areas. Therefore, I do hear them simultaneously or together, merged into one sound. 2) What are the other two things? I think I know which pavan shabad you are talking of, they're like the high pitched frequencies that vary at times. Those don't really have the same magnetism as what I hear. The sounds really draw my attention whereas, the frequencies or pavan shabads did not.
  18. Yeah, I've been hearing the 5 shabad in unison non-stop. So it just happens for a short time and one shall hear the Anhad toor? Can you explain the Anhad toor in more detail, please? Thanks, man.
  19. I guess it's just a stage in spiritual progress. One day I was just sitting and I happened to see a light around my sister. Then I saw it appearing around others. I also checked my hand and it was there.
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