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  1. I think it depends on the person. From my experience mustard oil seems to be the best for me, whereas, coconut oil and almond oil don't prevent khushki as much (for me). Although, I do mix up oils now because of the strong odour of mustard oil.
  2. Couldn't really find suraj kavach astotar but found this, http://khalsaforce.in/puratan_saroop/Puratan.Sarbloh.Granth.Saroop.(wWw.KhalsaForce.in).pdf puratan saroop of sri sarbloh granth in pdf format, hand written. ...Still searching, bro.
  3. This is a great video as sant Waryaam Singh ji shares great meditation technique: Amazing katha of Chaubis Avtar by Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Bhinderanwale: Another katha, definitely worth watching:
  4. I think Sant Warayam Singh Ji did awesome katha because it has so much gian for gursikhs who want to reach god. Also Sant Jarnail Singh Ji because he does not go off topic and still gives a good explanation and thorough knowledge of the shabads. In the current times, I like Sant Baba Hari Singh Randhawa Ji's katha for the amount of gian he talks about and he also covers interesting topics.
  5. https://www.manglacharan.com/home/the-three-kavach-s-armor It has sarbloh kavach but not suraj astotar kavach. None the less, still relevant to people hunting for the 3 kavachs.
  6. So that was banter? What sort of banter are you looking for?
  7. I'm a Sikh bro. There's nothing wrong with that title it was just a nick name. Get the admin cut out of here don't talk to me. You're not the least bit polite. You're the admin cut arse.
  8. Behold all, a dhadri cult follower is saying this, oh the irony. I'm pretty sure dhadri's bana is what lured you in. "Welcome to kaliyug" Love that quote. Don't take selfies anymore, those who attacked dhadri might come after you since they know what you look like. If I were you, I'd edit all the selfies out. I'll also unquote you if you say, I got your back.
  9. What a cute donkey awwww, so sweet. You made my day, thank you.
  10. I agree, we have to repeatedly ask them things over and over again. Now this sangrilla or whatever came and won't let the debate progress with his gadha selfies and stuff.
  11. So you are still not answering my question, huh? I'm giving you some time, let it come to you.
  12. I quoted shaheed bhai fauja singh, these aren't my own words. Gurprasad, I do wish to behold god one-day, as for the remaining matter of enlightenment. May god bless us all with his love. Vaheguru.
  13. Wow, you really took a wonderful selfie. You are sending so many pictures of yourself on the internet, it's a bad thing. So many bad people, "Welcome to kaliyug". Bro, is gadha like your best comeback? I'm starting to think you're a ten-year-old, seriously. Thanks for making me laugh, though, your stupidity is beyond your own comprehension, let alone anyone else's.
  14. Now nihang singhs aren't Sikhs. What is this pure Sikhi you speak of, please enlighten us.
  15. there is a time and place to be angry. Your anger did not suit the circumstances thus it came across as immature.
  16. I want to know what you have to say. Even your comebacks are weak.
  17. No need to get angry, it just shows how immature you are.
  18. Just a question: If according to you bhai is more honorific then does that mean dhadri promoted his status by changing his title from "Sant Ranjit Singh Ji Dhadrianwale" to "Bhai Ranjit Singh Ji Dhadrianwale"?
  19. Do you even know the definition of the word "Guru"?
  20. I'll tag @BhagatSingh, then lol. Bhagat Singh ji, if you listen carefully you will notice that the paathi in the video is pronouncing the sihari but not as "i", rather "-eh". I say "Gurprasad-eh", like how the taksalis say it and how the bhai saab in the video said it, as far as I know that is the correct pronunciation. The sihari is to be pronounced but not as "-i" but "-eh". E.g. ਆਦਿ ਸਚੁ ਜੁਗਾਦਿ ਸਚੁ ॥ Is pronounced: ad(eh) sach(u) jugad(eh) sach(u). The "(u)" sound can be heard in the video as well, it is very subtle., like the "u" sound in "pundit". .
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