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  1. Their argument is that hercules is actually 'hari-kula-es' which means king of the hari kula, Krishna or something. Firstly, Hercules is the Roman version of Herakles or Heracles which means blessed by Hera (Greek goddess). So, yeah nah. Doesn't sound convincing. Secondly, those two are completely different. These people publish massive articles on this but none of it is true. It's just propaganda that the gullible types that aren't really into ancient literature may fall for.
  2. I knew it. Something seemed off. I'm no scholar of Sanskrit, but you don't have to be to realise that the grammar seems a bit off, the word "raa" means to bestow something/ daan, according to a Sanskrit dictionary. Plus it sounds a little too much like this: "Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu, Guru devo Maheshwara Guru sakshat, param Brahma, tasmai shri guravay namah" I don't know, man. It just sounds like they played around with some verses. It would be bhavishya puran. "Bhavekhath purana" sn't a thing. The word 'bhavekhath' is just a corruption of the word 'bhavishya', purans are kind of an odd place to use it since they used proper Sanskrit, befitting the time in which the text was written. The so-called "dhigvajeh puran" isn't a thing either, lol. Who are they trying to fool? This hymn seems to be about Agni. This is ridiculously stupid. Don't fall for it, peeps.
  3. Yes, you are right. They are all titles. The next brahma is going to be the present hanuman. The next indra is hoing to be the present king Bali (from Vaman avtar). One of the next sapta rishi is going to be the present Ashwatthama. It all changes. The present indra is called purandra, that is his name. Anyone that does 100 ashwamedha yagyas is crowned indra. Even hindu granths agree that these devte are bound to birth and death. https://www.speakingtree.in/blog/brahma-vishnu-and-shiva-are-in-birth-and-death
  4. There is no polite way to say this but you guys are stupid. "Oh, I read the first few lines and it says murlee manohar, krishan, hari. Oh yeah, gurbani is praising krishan as the almighty. Let's head to the nearest iscon temple, yeah!" BTW, I am not denying that Krishan is worthy of our respect. Let me explain myself. Had you guys read the shabad properly, it is not hard to understand that this is not in the praise of the satoguni Vishnu, rather the one beyond satogun, brahman/ vaheguru himself. It says, "you are ram chand the one without any form". That is talking about the formless lord within ram chandar. "you are krishna and the gopis", this indicates that the whole creation is brahman/ vaheguru/ parbraham/ allah/etc. The formless one is in all. The shabad further mentions how god has "many limbs". This is definitely not about Vishnu, rather the form of vaheguru which is expansive, endless and infinite. This shabad is to highlight and praise the non-dual nature of vaheguru, yet his many forms are conveyed, which are the very essence of the creation. There is none other than he, even that is the idea that is so poetically conveyed in this shabad. Interesting, is it not? He is the formless one yet he has infinite forms. These forms, however are a play. They are in fact, the same form. This is understood when the ego loosens its grip on us. One truly realises that nothing is separate from the source, vaheguru and that everything is within him even as he resides in all. Therefore, Vishnu is not praised as he is subject to death. He is bound by maya due to being satoguni. Prior to him, many Vishnus have served the creation and many will do so after the present Vishnu. So many Krishnas and Ramas have walked the earth. So many yet to come. There is no end to the lord's creation. For he is the creator and the one that manifests as the created. "Brahm mahesar bisan sachipat ant phase jam phaas parenge". Brahm= brahma, mahesar=shiva, bisan= Vishnu, Sachipat= husband of sachi (Indra). Hence, Brahama, shiva, Vishnu and Indra are subject to the noose of the god of death. How, then can they save us from our mortal woes? It is a matter of fact that, the shabad is praising the infinite forms of vaheguru which he manifests in, to take part in his creation. Hence, the formless lord is being praised, for he alone is the one that governs the hearts of all he alone is all there is. He is maya, brahma, Vishnu, shiva, indra, etc. He is detached yet part of his creation. The creation is in him and he is in the creation. Every atom of the universe is occupied by him, he is within the hearts of all, man and beast. I do not see how this shabad can be interpreted in a way as you have done as that is not even what is implied. And it is crystal clear.
  5. Thanks all for helping but I have gotten all my answers regarding this situation. I got everything figured out from someone.
  6. Just had an amazing experience. I was just laying down and heard my pulse but also found myself chanting "vahe-guru" with each heart beat. I tried to see if I was making up things so I tried to stop it but it didn't stop. It just kept going. My body was completely still like one in deep sleep to the point I thought I wasn't even in my body anymore.
  7. What asees can a mere mortal like me give? The lord is the giver and the reciever. He is all. Every comfort lies at his feet. Our father is worth all the praise.
  8. There's really no need to apologise or thank me, bro. Don't feel bad about it lol. Thank you so much, bhenji. I'll be sure to check these videos out.
  9. No need to apologise I appreciate you trying to help.
  10. Yes, I understand what u mean about the inner feeling. Sometimes such a profound change is noticed that I start to second guess myself in case I may have a medical condition or something. Who are Simranjeet Singh and Dharamjeet Singh? I can't say I've heard of them before. Do they have an e-mail? In all honesty, I personally feel it has had the opposite effect to a road block ! It has made me realise that i have a very long way to still go and there is so much more. As an idea, I feel it is ONLY a fraction (1/10th) of the complete journey to sachkhand. The only thing that can worry me at times is that I may feel that everyone thinks I'm becoming introverted and detached. But I am far from that because I feel much more in touch and attached with REALITY. Edited January 30, 2014 by Lucky Quote Sat1176 1,848 Posted January 31, 2014 I can totally relate to what you are saying. I actually feel internal detachment occurring that I have to force myself to remain grounded so to speak. Thanks a lot, bhen ji.
  11. What's happening?! I'm confused!
  12. Haven't a clue, really. I cant even feel my body half the time. Like I cant even remember my name sometimes. The other day a someone was calling me by my name, I heard but I didnt feel compelled to turn around coz I forgot I had a name. I completely forgot there is something even called a name. At that moment I was thinking "what's this word i havent heard before. Doesnt soumd english" after some seconds of pondering I realised that's what they call me. Hahaha. Then I started thinking... Why do we need names when there is only one. We are all one. Kinda thing, I was astounded lol. Sometimes when someone asks for my name I forget what it is. I just feel like it's a meaningless thing. Rather I find it highly amusing that we call ourselves "other people" hahaha! I'm laughing like a loony. Proobably sound mad as hell! It's the same, really. I feel more energised, though. Some days I straight up feel like running 30 laps around the oval. Been eating the same. But not feeling like I "need" to eat. When I eat I feel like it's my body eating, it's the one that "needs" to eat. I don't feel like I'm eating. I know i don't eat lol. Honestly, eating feels funny as heck! It feels like I'm playing a game, hahaha. I know the rules, I just don't associate with 'em. This world feels like a game. Have u ever played a game. U r doing stuff in the game but u know it's not real, it's part of the game. In call of duty you could be shooting people but u know it's not real. U know u didnt shoot people. Probably a bad analogy but whatever. Lol. Could be. It's winter right now in Australia. But Melbourne (where I live) still lives up to its stereotype of having 4 seasons in a day lol.
  13. I just don't see people as separate as much. Like everything material seems fake and empty. I just dont see people as their bodies. I feel a connection with them. Like they are me. And I don't feel like I'm doing anything coz sometimes when I am doing actions I feel like I am everything and I dont do anything. I feel like everything I'm doing is an illlusion. It feels like only my body is doing it but I'm certain in that moment that I'm not my body even if i try to associate myself with it, I cant. Hence sometimes, I can do whatever and not feel anything towards it. Really, bro? Thanks, mate. You can DM if you have any questions. More than happy to help
  14. I don't even know where to post this so I'll just post it here. So recently, I've been doing stuff but I don't feel it. I don't even know how to explain it. But it feels like I did something but I feel like I didn't do it. For example, when I bump into people, normally I would apologise but nowadays I feel like I'm not bumping into people but bumping into myself and it feels like I didn't even do it. I do stuff but don't feel like I'm doing it. I feel like nothing. Idk how to explain it but I don't feel any emotion or anything towards what I do, sometimes. It's like... if i eat, i don't feel like I'm eating, etc. I just feel like i didn't do anything. I probably repeated half of the sentences but I don't care, lol. Am i going crazy? I think I am. I just need to clarify before i head off to the psychiatrist, coz they don't help, lol.
  15. Some scientists say that the Universe began from nothing. Does that contradict with the beginning of the universe in Sikhism? Does "nothing" truly exist? If Vaheguru is omnipresent, therefore is present everywhere always, that contradicts the nature of "nothingness" or is "nothing" just the absence of maya (matter)?
  16. So, is the void nothing, yet everything. Nothing because it is unmamifest therefore free of maya. Yet, everything because maya... well, basically everything originates from it?
  17. No worries, mate Dhan Dhan Guru Ramdas ji Maharaj.
  18. http://www.shastras.com/stories-and-anecdotes/krishna-nitya-brahmachari/
  19. It is not against gurmat, rather the opposite I may add. I heard this sakhi a few years ago where a gursikh (can't remember who exactly) was bringing a mango for Guru ji (again can't remember specifically which of the 10 gurus, but it barely matters here). He ate the mango while remembering Guru ji through his surat. Guru ji was acting as though eating a mango despite holding nothing in his hands. The gursikhs present asked what he was doing and guru ji said he was eating a mango given by a devotee. There is another sakhi where a gursikh holds the Guru's feet through his surat and Guru Hargobind ji (I think it was) couldn't move his feet. However, looking at the context of the pankti, it means to serve the lord through constant awareness of pleasing him. I understand how you might have confused it.
  20. You are quite welcome. It is good to resolve doubts. Surat simply refers to awareness, in this context, as per my understanding. The awareness of doing what pleases god is the surat referred to here. I.e. trying to do things that you believe will please God. This could be anything as long as your awareness is aimed at pleasing God through your actions.
  21. "Neti, neti" comes from "na iti, na iti" which translates to 'not this, not this'. Thus, an attempt to understand Brahman (God) through identifying what he is not. Sunn samadhi, as explained in the video is when one transcends this notion of "neti, neti" as one realises all is Brahman. This is when the sense of "I am", therefore ego, is eradicated. This results in coming out of trigunn maya as the ego is dissolved. As for the pankti above, it is saying that, serve with the awareness that: only that is approved which pleases the Lord. Thus, know that the actions which are pleasing to God as worthwhile. Funny story, just a few days ago I was wondering 'what is it that makes a good action good and a bad action bad?' As they are both created by God, then why is one considered 'good' and another 'bad'? Then as I was listening to Tva Prasad Swaiye, it struck me... The translation said "the Great Giver looks daily at our flaws but does not stop providing (even when annoyed at our evil deeds)". This implies that evil deeds are something which is not pleasing to God. Therefore, good deeds please the Lord. It all made sense... Even though nothing is 'good' or 'bad' (advait), during the initial stages one should do 'good' deeds in order to please God. This is why each religion is bound by rules, despite the fact that all is the same due to one source.
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