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  1. Dhan Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaaj! Dhan Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj! "Sach Kaho Sun Leyo Sabhai, Jin Prem Kiyo Tin Hi Prabh Paayo!"
  2. That's a really beautiful way of describing the essential goal of the human birth - to merge with Waheguru. Really beautiful. Thank you!
  3. Waheguru Ji - I apologise if I came across as Insulting. It was certainly not my intent. Thank you - we are in agreement that Waheguru is Master of all Saints. Please allow me to elaborate and be specific to Guru Ji and not just rely on my one statement (opinion): From Salok M9: Tenth Master - Guru Tegh Bahadur Maharaj Ji's baani - within the only Guru for a Gursikh to follow now and forever: Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj "Vemukh hoe Ram te lan janam vijog, khin meh kaure hoe gae jitare maia bhhog." The non-believers in the Omnipresent Lord suffer separation from him, birth after birth. In an instant all the pleasures of wealth become bitter! Vich na koi kar sakai kis thai roveh joj" ? "Kita Kichu na havai likhia dhur sanjog" For them none can play the role of an intermediary. Before whom shall they daily bewail? The true sant is Waheguru. Even Guru Nanak Dev ji himself! declares himself as "Kaho Nanak Sab Teri Vadhiaayi, Koi Naon Na Jaahneh Meraah!" Wahguru! The exalted King Guru speaks! (bow to the sacred word to the living light that is now the eternal light for us all......) However there is the concept of a "pious" human being (not a 'Sant' who establishes his own teachings and following - note - for a Gursikh we only follow Guru Granth Sahib's teachings as the only eternal way - but paradoxically that means that we will accept all as One - it is a religion that is a faith that believes in love for all as a foundation and only way, to Waheguru! Dhan Guru Nanak tuhi Nirankaar!!) So, every time we see reference to "Sant" in Gurbani, see it as a reference to Waheguru Ji the Master of all 'saints'. Return then for a moment to the concept of said pious human being (this could be equally a man or a woman, child or old, black or white: any and all human beings are welcomed in Guru Nanak Dev Ji's home! Guru Granth Sahib Ji's Court!) Salok M9 goes on to say: "Katik hovai sadh sang binaseh sabh soch, manghir mahi sohandia har pir sang bethariah, tin ki sobha kia gani ji sahib melariah, tan man maulia ram sio sang sadh sahelariah" In Katak by obtaining the "society of the saints" (magic Sangat! Congregation! Collective consciousness!) all the anxieties of the mortal depart. In Maghar beautiful are they who sit with their Beloved (God). How can their glory be measured whom the lord blends with Himself/Herself? The body and mind of those who have the companionship of saints (as read above - the society - the Sangat, Guru Roop!) bloom with the pervading God. They who are without the society of pious persons dwell, all alone. ( :-( ) Their pain never departs and they fall under the clutches of the death's minister. So what's the answer for us all? Sing together fellow maids!!! Guru Ji goes on to say! "Mil Sahia mangal gavhi geet Govind Alaeh! Har Jehaa, Avar na Disai koi ... dooja lavai na laeh!" Meeting together, my fellow maids! (therefore we all all but slaves, maids, equal to each other as we perceive our own consciousness and place in this world, and that of another!) Sing! Songs of rejoicing! Utter sermons of the world-Lord. Like God, I perceive no other! No one else is equal to Waheguru! To Paapiman the human-being sibling who wrote to me, you know, I really like your commitment and love to Waheguru. I mean that truly. I've seen that in a few of your posts now! You are a good person - thank you Please, pull me up again if I come across in any way insulting to our commonly cherished highest power. You're a great person for doing so. And it helps me to learn! May Waheguru bless you always for it !! Have a beautiful festive season with your family and loved ones. Lets pray together for world peace. There is so much more contemplation and meditation to do! Share Gursikhi perfect Gurbani all - it is the greatest gift ever ! (I love how you end your posts? Can I copy you please?) Bhul Chuk Maaf Waheguru Jio!
  4. The only sant is waheguru ?? the rest of humanity is here to learn be very wary of ANY human who declares themselves more spiritual or evolved than others!! ?? It is an unfortunate sign of ego (haumai) and one should not trust the awful lens of haumai in ego -- it leads to oppression such as patriarchy, matriarchy or indeed misogyny (or misandry! -- the alternative to hating women is hating men! How could one hate avatars of waheguru? at the same time how could men hate women avatars of waheguru? ) to think yourself above another is an error (we all do it - no one is immune or we would be god and we are not God! Only God is God but God is simultaneously within) Its a paradox! A beautiful balance we strike to walk the true path of Gursikhi...... we all have and we are all at risk of falling down that rabbit hole like Alice.... the theives in Gurbani always waiting (kaam - lust Krodh - anger Lobh -greed moh -attachment ahankaar - pride! (this can be excessive pride of anything -- including -- "spirituality") If you take a step back and look it we are all making these mistakes everyday arent we? Spirituality isnt the body! That along with the things that make us biologically humans will perish as death finds us all ?? We all look the same when burning on that funeral pyre - Waheguru is the only Superior anything and all we take when we go is...... Naam simran saves us all ? May God bless us all. Its not a competition! Pray we all make it. Pray for me, please!
  5. I don't understand what you mean - a mistress implies a slave. I am not a slave to anyone whether I am a man or woman! A Gursikh is only a slave to Master Waheguru ?? Not just 50 shades mind you, of the infinite, supremely gorgeous, kind, benevolent variety ? I am a slave to my Guru and Waheguru. Only. Please do not call me or anyone else a Mistress again.
  6. If you read Gurbani you will see how our Gurujis wrote gurbani with loving devotion as like the bride of the Supreme Guru (mahels of waheguru) -- (the Supreme is only ever Waheguru) - a male does not "represent" God in the world anymore than a female "represent" God. God represents God and is antarjaami! Both within creation but also separate! Guru Nanak says we can't even begin to fathom the Grace! We see Waheguru everywhere! We are all children of Waheguru therefore poetically, figuratively speaking, all also like 'Brides' of our supreme Husband (this is an analogy-- like many other analogies in Gurbani) If you find it confronting to think of your Waheguru as your Husband its all good! Waheguru is represented as BOTH male and female in Gurbani ! So this connection can be as you wish .... imagine as your Supreme Goddess ?? Like your Mataji "puta, maata ki asees!" Whatever or however it works for you in Naam Dhiirr -- to connect to your higher self within. best wishes and much warmth! ? Have a wonderful happy day !!
  7. It is my duty to give my love for humanity everywhere-- surely I am welcomed here-- Sikhs welcome all -- always ?? Surely you didn't actually intend to imply a physical threat of harm to my person online in print? This is illegal under law as well as in breach of the standards under which this forum has been established? Hmm .... most unusual of behaviour! I am therefore going to assume you aren't feeling good in some way or that something I've said has triggered a negative feeling.... Okay so was it the women and beards thing? If a woman did have a larger beard as she did not cut or remove hair which is sacred to her spirituality why should she not lead a sangat? Isn't she just simply following the path of the Guru? I do not mind other people's business re: their personal life or sexuality-- I choose to love and respect all. I am here because this forum said it was a place to discuss and learn more about Gursikhi. On this forum everyone has an equal right to discuss and share views. We can all learn to love each other and yet disagree (respectfully please without threats to physically or actually attack-- Sikhs are not permitted to attack anyone only ever compassionately Defend!) I do love you as a fellow human and it is my right to do so! I shared my thoughts but may have come across as condescending and rude. ? Sorry. I have very cooperative, fruitful, loving relationships at Gurdwaras -- its easy to when you are just a sewak "hum kookar tere darbaar!" Guruji's home is for all. All humanity. Ardaaas. Bhul chuk maaf. Please do not threaten me or anyone else with physical trauma again. ??
  8. Yes I imagine they would! Good one! ??
  9. I like your smiley icon. Keep smiling ok? ? Spirituality is Joy and warmth and happiness. Take care my Brother. "Hum nahi changeh, burahh nahi koe"
  10. On the other hand -- the best reflection is done internally - so all the best to you and .... best wishes dude. See you round the traps sometime eh?
  11. I'm confused... I've seen plenty of women leading congregations who have a beard (some facial hair)... so why is this so revolutionary and difficult to achieve... and the sexual orientation of any granthi or ragi is ... surely none of anyone's business ? people do seva as they are skilled to do based on their knowledge and service of Gurbani and kirtan - to be prejudiced otherwise would seem odd and un-sikh like. I don't go and tell anyone to do anything ! It's good Karma Good luck to you -- still no Gurbani reference..... try again.... I do have a lot of patience. Anything for a Brother... !
  12. may waheguru be with us all- ek ongkaar - peace out
  13. Thank you my dear! I'll take that as a gracious compliment you offer: "flowery decoration with my words" -- was this your attempt at "daya" ? Would you prefer I use more simple language? I apologise if my words offended you. Here I will try again given your esteemed and most respectful feedback in the spirit of unity of the Panth! The logic you offered was most simple indeed - we are in complete agreement on that - but the issue here is that it may just be too simple as it implied judgement and hate towards members of humanity (by the way who are all sacred to my Guru): these human beings are diverse and varied, human beings may include women, people who identify and are gay and/or transexuals. I understood what you were saying very well. So well that I felt compelled to speak up and ask you to clarify. I put it to you that your comments are in contradiction to the very Panth's unity you espouse to be advocating for. I am asking you to reflect and have another try. This will be helpful not only to you but to us all, in the spirit of unity. Try to spend less time worrying about what others are doing (i.e. Pandora's box is not in Guru Granth Sahib Ji so fear not! ..) and distraction of the Panth.. ah... perhaps self-reflect on your own use of words and capacity, in fact, to be that same distraction? I will give you a Guru reference to assist my words: "Aval Allah Noor Upayia Kudrat Kay sabh bandeh, ek noor teh sab jag upajaiya kaun bhaleh ko mandehy?" - In deep remembrance of my 9th Guru who gave his head for the right for others to maintain their freedom of choice... lest we forget! We must remain as one and that includes considering all of humanity as one. There is no room for judgement in the house of my Guru. I consider this page my Guru's house - with respect. God is One! Please, do try again. Please remember to include direct references to the Guru this time - if you aren't sure, please ask someone to teach you - you might want to start on Page 1 of Guru Granth Sahib JI..... the only living energy we listen to as a unified Panth as we are all but learning and we ALL make mistakes..... and sibling of the Panth! Just like me, you are but a Servant of. I look forward to your response. Waheguru!
  14. The only bhramgyani is waheguru
  15. We have just had too many males dominating the conversation. Next these patriarchal types who hold incorrect interpretations of the myth that anyone let alone a male is superior to anyone else let alone a woman will try to have a go at those who practice their lives through the spectrum of sexuality and gender identity. Judgement is just one small step from hate. Judgement is not love -- only Waheguru is love. You're doing great holding your voice here and staying true to you. And, you identify as a Woman. Good on you. Your Guru is proud of you as am I. We need more women like you in this world to raise better men in the future who will just drop their egos or stories made up to serve a dangerous idea that they are in any way superior-- no one is-- no woman superior to any man - no man superior to any woman-- the "male" Guru was connected to God- God is genderless. The final incarnation of our eternal Guru is Guru Granth Sahib Ji -- genderless. When we move beyond gender we see eternity. I will meet you there ???
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