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  1. Thank you very much for showing love and support to me brother! As some gentlemen mentioned above that I most definitely will not progress on the spiritual path if I attain Naam and do not fulfil my duties. But I now know that attaining Naam will definitely guide me to the right path so that my mind can not just waddle here and there with infinite questions. Thank you very much brother for sharing with me your knowledge and thoughts brother! It really helps me in understanding the truth. I understand. I will have duties to fulfil like meditating and chanting of hymns and I will happily try my best to fulfil these duties. I mainly had worries about questions that were in my mind which were acting as barriers to prevent me in progressing on the spiritual path. I understand now that after attaining Naam, if I want to progress and if I want these question to be answered, then I will have to fulfil these sacred duties. Thank you very much for helping me with this question brother! Your answer will definitely aid me in my journey! This is exactly what I needed help with. My mind has been needlessly wandering here and there contaminated with questions that I desperately need answers for. Actually the thing is that like Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Sain Satram Das Sahib has also physically died but is spiritually present everywhere and in everyone. I wanted to know if Naam Daan will help me to connect with Satguru Ji and if it will help me in showing the right path so that I can progress with faith and trust in God. And it seems so but only if I meditate, chant hymns and fulfil my duties. Thank you very much for taking your time and explaining to me regarding this topic brother! This will definitely help me in my progress! Very nice explanation brother! It is very difficult, especially for me as I am still young and naive to have that strong of a faith in Satguru Ji and that is the reason why I posted here so that I can gain some knowledge to progress in the spiritual path. I will definitely try my best to do naam jaap and chant gurbani and shabd as it also brings peace to the mind while helping the soul to progress. Thank you very much in sharing this priceless knowledge with me brother! This will definitely aid me in the future! Definitely! I need to understand that I will not just succeed by doing nothing. I need to meditate and have full faith in God if I wish to progress. I will try my best to fulfil my spiritual duties and to gain knowledge to walk on the path of Oneness. I also hope that I can engage with this community more. Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge with me brother! It's really wonderful how you all have tried to help me with this topic! I really am lacking words to express my gratitude because not everyone nowadays is willing to help a fellow brother in distress. Please pray for me that I may progress on the spiritual path and that I have full faith in God. Thank you all again for helping me! God bless all of you! Waheguru ji ka khalsa, Waheguru ji ki fateh!
  2. Dhan Shri Satnam Waheguru! I am actually a Hindu living in Pakistan. But I felt that this question would be best answered by a Sikh rather than a Hindu because many Hindus do not seem to understand the significance of Naam Daan. I am actually a devotee of Shri Sain Satram Das Sahib of Raharki village. And I have noticed that the concept of union with God (moksha) in Sikhism and in Hinduism do not show any type of discrimination in the slightest bit to me. Everything that I have been taught by Sain Satram Das Sahib, I have seen that in Sikhism. And so I do not consider Hinduism separate from Sikhism Although, some people will disagree with me on this. But here in the villages of Pakistan, the relationship between Sikhs and Hindus is so loving, that one would not be able to tell if they follow separate religions. Hindus consider the ten Sikh Gurus as their own spiritual masters, and Sikhs here consider personalities like Sain Satram Das Sahib as their own spiritual master. But this was just some knowledge I thought would be good to share as this is my first time posting on this forum and so I wanted to be friendly with you all. My real question actually is that if one attains Naam Daan from a Satguru, does it ensure that the devotee will always be on the path of oneness and that he will never go astray? And that he will never feel any absence or lack of faith and that any question that he has regarding God and spirituality will be answered in any way? Because recently I have had a lot of such questions and I thought that I will definitely get the answers to these questions after attaining Naam Daan. So is this true? Your answer to this question will be greatly appreciated. Thank you all for taking some time to read this! And please forgive me if I said anything foolish or offensive.
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