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  1. bhagti kar ke guru saab noo aape puch lo jisnu koi shanka hai
  2. I wonder where is the original bir of Dasam Granth Ji that was compiled by Guru Gobind Singh ji himself. Has it been lost or destroyed or just been kept hidden ?
  3. thnx guys i will go to sacha sada gurmat prachar society and see if I can find the pothis or a budha dal sundar gatka
  4. I need the correct version of Chandi Di Var and Shastar Naam Mala (1st 27 pauris ) Apparently, the ones found on Gobind Sadan, Dasam Granth Online websites have errors in them. I found this out when I was comparing Giani Thakur Singh's ucharan with these websites. Does any one has these banis ? Either in a gutka form or some online resource. If someone also could scan it for me that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot
  5. I bumped this thread because I just had a similar question in my mind of How exorcism is done in Sikhi ? From my limited understanding I believe if someone does get possessed I think approaching the Panj Pyaare would be great a idea and then they would give advise to what to do. Also if someone has a sangat of a Chardikala Mahapurakh or a Gursikh , they can also be approached. or Just lie down in front of the Guru Granth Sahib and keep asking the forgiveness for sins. I have also heard Chandi Charitar path is very helpful in countering these evil spirits. I believe that these spirits are either trying to get mukti or they just trying to find their food through a medium (human body) that why they possess people. But I have also heard whoever is a nitnemi of Japji Sahib path , they will never get possessed by a Ghost. I personally haven' t experienced any event like this but have just heard stories. Sangats views please
  6. N30 bhaji do u still have the scanned images or are they all gone ? becus they r not showing up here .. and also where is tableji ?
  7. thnxa veer , this is a very good and deep katha , if u listen to it u will be amazed by the depth the ragamala actually has , its truly amazong undescribable...
  8. you got a point lol someone clear this confusion please
  9. now niranjana, if u look at the post i made abt asking if people r getting the correct idea , i think most of them r getting the right idea so far, i guess my communication is not bad after all
  10. thnx fateh singh, N3O bhaji tusi vi apne vichar pargat karo
  11. If I say our main goal of human birth is the prapti of Waheguru then what do you guys think I am trying to say , please try to answer in one sentence if possible Thank you very much for niranjana, you dont say anything yet, I wanna see how many people on this forum get what I meant with the word Prapti, treat it like a poll
  12. I admit that I have a difficulty using words to express the concepts in Gurbani or as you put my lack of language skills but as long as people get the basic idea its fine. Although I used a wrong term "prapti" we all knew what it actually meant. If you looked at the context in which it was used 'the main goal' 'gobind milan ki eh teri bariya ', most of the people would get that Prapti is Realization, and many other terms relating the same idea of Realization. Although 'prapti 'might be an incorrect term, but I think people would get the idea or some even the wrong idea :twisted:
  13. Niranjana , all this scholarly gyan and education will fail, sehas syaanpa lakh hoye taan ik na chale naal, i try to stay away from this scholarly stuff, because its the scholars without actual kamai that create doubts in the panth and causes differences. Gurbani cannot be understood until you are in the 4th Pad Sehaj Avastha, all of us on this forum are wandering in te rajo, tamo sato gun , how we gonna understand Gurbani , very hard to do so without Guru Kirpa I dont create definitions for words, as i said before a word can mean differently instead of wasting time debating what correct and whats not i would rather spend time in doing something useful that will actual help i am not a scholar and neither do i want to be a one , i just want that Guru accepts this moorakh, bevkoof, anjaan, anpadh sikh thts all i care
  14. Kaho Nanak Sach Dhyaiye || Such hoye taan Sach Paayiye || Would it be correct if I say that Sach also refers to that IkOangkar Waheguru ? Thanks
  15. Well when I wrote the word Prapti I just wrote it as it came to my mind, just as intuition, when I write words I dont try to analyze them and try to think of the various interpretations that the word can have. Because I dont try to be correct, I write as it comes. I assume people take the bhavarth. You said it is realization , I said it was prapti. And we both meant the same. Although you have interpreted prapti in a different sense , like obtaining objects. My interpretation is different the realization of the ONE, oneness, absorption, naam daan etc etc And then you tried to prove the " prapti of Waheguru" fundamentally flawed. But dont worry I found a counter statement . On Ang 733, Guru Ramdaas ji says , " se bhagat se sewka jina har naam pyaara || tin ki seva te har payiye sir nindk kai pavai shara ||[glow=red] Key Words : Har payiye ; obtaining God , now I dont think God is an object it is just a way of saying realization, similarly I used prapti as realization, oneness, mokhsa, meeting , realizing that man tu jot saroop hain aapna mool pachan, different ways of saying the same thing No go tell Guru Ji that He is fundamentally flawed in writing the statement "Har payiye" You cant just take words and interpret them totally differently, single word can imply several different meanings
  16. And also Guru Ji says Kaho Nanak "Sach" Dhyayiye ? What does Sach refer to here. Everyone who views this topic please contribute even if its 2 words, I really need to understand this concept
  17. Niranjana ji , Ofcourse I don't believe in Dualism and neither do I think of Ishavara as an object. I will try to come up with a valid argument.
  18. What does "Sach" mean ? What does Guru Nanak Dev ji mean by Kiv Sachyara Hoyiye ? Can "Sach" also refer to Ishvar, ParBrahm, Paramatma, Waheguru... ?
  19. I just used the word prapti from my common punjabi ; several words can imply the same meaning like Naam Di Prapti, Naam Daan, Brahmgyan milna, Prabhu De Charan hirde vich vasne, Prapti of Waheguru simply is becoming Waheguru , just like Akaal Moorat Hai Sadh Santan ki , Saints, Bhagats who have become one with God , God makes them their roop. Its a complicated thing , some will say that mukti is the main goal , free from the cycle of SAMSARA, but then others can argue Why do bhagats dont want mukti and they just want the charan of their gurus ? And others will argue that if Brahmgyanis become one with God why do they come back on earth to save people ? do they separate again from the God ? Although the essence is the same , drop of water and ocean of water , essence is the same It raises many questions , mind can be boggled bottom line is that main goal of this human birth is , as is explained by Guru Maharaj : Bhai Prapat Manukh Dehuriya Gobind Milan Ki Eh Teri Bariya
  20. It is probably more than that, thats all I can come up with my limited knowledge for now.
  21. Prapti The oneness with ONE, state of absorption just like a drop of water gets absorbed into the ocean. "sooraj kiran mile jal ka jal hooya raam" "tu tu karta tu huya muj me raha na hoon ...." "Jab hum hote tab tu nahi ab tuhi main nahi " How does one prapti Waheguru ? " Gurprasad (vishraam) Japp " : Through the Grace of Guru Nanak and by Japping Naam
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