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    aum hreem kareem LOL is it a real mantra or is it just the one tht i hear in horror hindi movies ?
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    My Guess is that He must have been separated from Mata Parvati and maybe in her viyog shivji shed tears... thts just my guess... becus rama also shed tears when he was separated from mata sita. anyone else with a better explanation ?
  3. There is nothing weird about it. These experiences are normal when you read a powerful bani like Chandi Charitra. These signs are just markers in your spiritual life, enjoy them and thank you God for bestowing you with these experiences but at the same time remain unattached to these visions since our main goal is the prapti of Waheguru. I have heard from Gursikhs if you read gurbani loud with love and devotion , after some time depending on ur avastha you will feel the rass of Gurbani and then you will be addicted to Gurbani...probably thats you are getting a sweet taste... and that is a very good sign if you find it sweet... waheguru ji..
  4. i would also think tht if it happened to me, Aliens sucking up on my brain LOL
  5. Actually, one of my friends wanted to ask about this so I posted it here ... I will just tell him to enjoy this experience and with time he will know himself about it
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    What is rudra shakti ?
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    something interesting tht i found " DHUNI WALE BABA This refers to an incident which a man narrated to Ambar joshi about an Aghori Baba who lived in Burhanpur (near Khandwa,MP).This is what he narrated---There used to be an old Baba .People used to call him Dhuni wale baba.Now there is a samadhi of Dhune wale bab in Khandwa whre people still throng in large numbers to worship him.He used to stay ther and roamed the adjoining areas ,use to eat whatever came his way- rotten food or thrown away food .He used to utter obscenties if anyone talked to him or disturbed him even while he seemed to be doing nothing.He used to stare into the sky for hours and talk to himself.One day i saw a person come up to him and touch his feet and ask him to bless his daughter who had not been married inspite of their best efforts.The Baba uttered obscenities on him.Cursed his mother and family members and said that his daughter would go to hell.Then the man went away contented and after three days he came with some sweets and gave to the Baba who again uttered obscenities on him.I intercepted him on the way back and asked him why he respected a useless mad old man.The man remarked he is a great Baba and has cured many peoples problems.If he curses you then your problem is bound to get solved .Aghori Babas are like that he said and offered me a piece of burfi(An Indian sweet)which I gladly ate.Then I saw many other instances when the Baba uttered obscenities ,people used to still go behind him even while he used to answer the call of nature.He used to throw his faeces all over people who came behind him and they used to collect it and take home as prasad.(holy). Philosophy behind this: Aghoris are indifferent to everything.For them there is nothing good ,ideal or bad.Everything that exists in this world is essentially made up of same thing.Hence they utter obscenities,may take liqour,eat Dead human flesh and do other things which might appear to be 'uncivilised 'to us. " dhuni wale baba
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    lol ur friend is in trouble now...hes cursed lol
  9. Hi , Has anyone ever felt like something trying to push out through the crown chakra ? like a pressure being built in a pressure cooker and then something trying to come out What does it mean ? thnx everyone
  10. "I felt like a hot snake like thing rise from my lower spine and stop at a certain point. It actually FELT as if there was a snake in my spine and it was crawlind upwards and it felt hot. " This might be the awakening of kundalini energy, piercing your chakras and trying to rise up... I
  11. Veer, If you just feel or see negative entities then you should not be worried at all. I remember in one of Giani Thakur Singh Ji's katha that when a person starts doing simran, and as he progresses he starts feeling or seeing things that most people wont see, his dibdrishti begins to open . The Ghosts, spirits are the lowest beings from the spiritual realm, much higher are devtas etc and so on and even Higher are shaheed singhz. so you will start seeing ghosts first and as u spiritually develop you will start seeing more. Other reason might be tht these negative forces might want you to give up your simran thts y they r scaring you, no matter what don't give up your simran or nitnem, infact increase it even more. From the Life of Baba Nand Singh ji, one chardikala singh was going alone at night to meet Baba ji when some negative forces tried to stop him from going on his way. Baba ji appeared in his thoughts and told him to repeat "Nirbhao Jape Sagal Bhao Mite" I think this is a pangti from Sukhmani Sahib ji. If you feel scared you can start repeating this pankti and continue your simran. And as you mentioned someone might have done jadoo tona. Its also possible, people are very jealous and can do all sorts of things. After reading jeevans of mahapurakhs and listening to kathas I believe Sukhmani Sahib is the best way to fight against black magic. Even when kalyug came to scare or tempt Baba Nand Singh ji he couldnt do anything because of the power of Sukhmani sahib. And it will also help in taking care of Kaam.
  12. Get some chardikala singhs to get Chandi Di Var paths done for you...Its a very powerful path and I am sure it will help. I remember one of my relatives , my grandmother's sister got possessed by a Muslim Pir, and then by the advice of Baba Ishar Singh ji Kaeran wale, A singh did Chandi di Var paths for her, after a while that Pir just left. And she saw him going away
  13. I totally agree with you. We wouldnt be called Humans if we didnt mistakes. We should just ask for His Mehar and Kirpa.
  14. What to say to Guru Ji if you have an exam next day and you haven't studied for it but you still want a 100% in it , and the reason for not studying was not due to extreme circumstances but due to extreme procrastination and laziness ? and also if you have repeated it like 1000 times ...the act of not working hard and then after pleading to Guru ji for marks Solutions please ?
  15. I havent had the darshan of the two mahapurashs but I have heard from a mahapurash who was in close proximity with Baba Ishar Singh Ji. He told this sakhi : A premi offered a sarabloh mala made of very very heavy and large sarbloh beads. Baba Ishar Singh Ji jokingly said its gonna be very heavy for us to carry. Baba Ji went to Baba Chet Singh Ji. Now Baba Chet Singh Ji was very tall and baba Ishar singh Ji were of relatively low height, Baba Chet Singh ji ne sir neevan kar ditta , Baba Ishar Singh Ji ne sarbloh waali mala ohna de gall vich paa ditti , Baba Ishar Singh ji ne has ke keha hun isde naal peengh chootange, doven mahapurash hass paye , Baba Chet Singh ji kehnde jiven tuhadi marji mahapurasho.. I dont know much about the connection between Budha dal and nanaksar, all I know that both Mahapurash were very close. Baba Chet Singh Ji Baba Ishar Singh Ji
  16. Baba Ishar Singh Ji Kaleran Wale and Baba Chet Singh Ji from Budha Dal had very much pyaar for each other. Many of the maryada draws from the Nanaksar Maryada.
  17. http://www.gurmatveechar.org/audio/katha/0...rega.Khalsa.mp3 In the above mentioned Katha , Sant Kartar Singh Ji of Damdami Taksal clearly explains who is a Khalsa, here he also mentions the Shabad that I was talking about. And ya Bibi Jagir Kaur is not a khalsa , u will find out urself after listening to that Katha...
  18. Dear Amardeep and Kavita, The word "Khalsa " is a stage that all of us strive to reach or achieve. The Khalsa itself means the purest of the pure. By Becoming an Amritdhari and just avoiding the 4 Bajjar Kurejits one doesn't become a Khalsa. There are other qualities that He need to have. There is a shabad by Guru Gobind Singh Ji where he mentions all the prerequisites in order to be considered a Khalsa. Can please someone post that shabad ? Once you read that Shabad your queries will be answered.
  19. http://www.nanaksarkaleran.net/hbks/hbks.htm Baba Kehar singh ji came during the time of Dhan Dhan Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj and decided to spend the rest of his life @ Nanaksar Kaleran Jagraon He did nishkam sewa of Keertan for 52 years without any break. He always prayed that his body leaves while doing sewa of Keertan. One day in 1992, when he sat down on harmonium to start amritvela keertan , He put his head down and then he left his body and went to Sachkhand.. Waheguru...Dhan Guru ke Gursikh...
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