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  1. Thanks a lot Kam veer ji for this SEWA , i love his kirtan so much !!! thanks a lot bhaji , u made my day!!
  2. amazing ! Thanks for sharing this article
  3. hmmm wow u guys r some next level man .lol so much knowledge
  4. thnax veer ji for ur seva , it really helps paapi manmukhs like me
  5. You are right veer ji , his kirtan is really really very charismatic . Apaar kirpa of Baba Nand Singh ji. And thank you very much for providing the online links to his kirtan . I have been looking for it so long Thanks waheguru...
  6. south africa and australia will be the favorites .. but i think australia will take the world cup home again
  7. waheguru waheguru .......GOD bless the technology when used for the right purposes ...i never thought i would have access to so much knowledge dil khush ho gya
  8. truly amazing pictures , thanks for bringing them up ...
  9. Freed bhaji thanks a lot for these pics , i have never seen guru jis shastars before .. waheguruuuuuuu maja aa gya
  10. ya the udasi baba is so funny man
  11. Hi everybody to all those bhagats , gursikhs , my brothers and sisters , i have a question for you guys . while sitting straight , i feel pain in my back , and my bottom dawar ( i dun wana say tht) and after a while my legs get numb . this starts happening after 30 minutes of sitting straight while meditating any of u guys have any experience about it . does the body become more tough after a while and get used to this pain ? does this pain go away ? thnx
  12. amazing pictures beyond description ... gives an insight into our history... waheguru...
  13. " Anek hain fir ek hain " HE is beyond counting , HE cannot be fathomed , HE is the ONE and only ONE in HIMSELF no one greater than HIM... Our poor brains cannot invent words to describe HIM Nanak Kathna Karda Saar ............... bas tuhi tuhi tuhi tuhi .....................ik tuhi nirankaarrrrrr.............
  14. well i don't meditate that much . but there were times when i used too a little bit . so i used have this back problem too . but i guess as i grew older my back became more strong. and the thing is that last summer i worked at FEDEX grounds where i had to do heavy lifting and bending . tht made my back strong and i realised i could sit in straight postures for longer periods. in the beginning back does hurt but as you get used to it will go away slowly but it takes time. no hurries the exercises as mentioned above will benefit for sure I cant sit straight if i sit after taking a huge meal lol i think that is obvious' what my problem is that I cannot sit still more than 30 minutes . after 30 minutes my back is fine but my legs start hurting . i feel as they have become numb . i dunt know abt tht. any advice about tht please ? Wjkk WJKF
  15. come on man who can beat hanuman he was one of those great brahmacharis...
  16. bibiyan santam da kheda nahi shad dian . pairan noo hath laa ke hi shadgian . fer kal noo lok van swaniyan gallan banaonge...
  17. I might be wrong but i believe that women are ten times stronger than men in controlling their sexual urges . I don't think lust is much of a problem for women, so men don't have to worry about their clothing .
  18. Bhai Randip Singh , Whether the sexual urges are normal or obsessive a person will attain mukti only when all kinds of urges and desires are eliminated and when there is only one desire for the love of God . Celibacy alone will not work wonders . Its of no use if a person has a lot of haumai just because he is celibate . Celibacy is not forbidden by Guru Ji . Otherwise why would great sikhs and saints in the past be celibate ? Its like an option . Those who chose to be celibate can do so but those who want to have families are also welcome . Celibates in sikhi are usually very very high chardikala hardcore sants such as baba nand singh , sant attar singh . sant ishar singh etc . its their powerhouse . because they are japping nam not only for them but for the udhar of millions of jeevs and srishtis . they are the nit avatars . they are the karaks . they come to this world only for the elimination of paaap and pakhand . Guru ji also know that not everyone can become a sant . so there is also an easy maarag . the gristh jeevan . But a couple can be a celibate in gristh jeevan also . by having no thoughts about other women or men , not looking at women , no desires for others except their own and moderating their acts in a way so that it doesn't affect their spirituality and strength . now how they do it is their own business . and if they are walking on bhagti maarag ultimately they will realise the importance of celibacy . celibacy is like a foundation on which buildings of naam and seva are built . prem for guru ji is a strong cement that keeps this building intact . this building is the persons jeevan . bhul chuk maaf
  19. I was just browsing the net and found this interesting potrait I heard that Sant Gurbachan Singh ji Khalsa said that this portrait resembles Guru ji a lot .
  20. Prasanta : When teacher sees that his student is doing his homework regularly and getting good marks in test and exams , and doing whatever he says , he is happy with his student . Similarly , in school of sikhi when we follow the teachings of our guru that means that our Guru is happy and doing kirpa on us . Tadna : it doesn't mean that Guru ji hates you or something but its in a different tone . For eg . Although a father may love his son very dearly but to stop him from going in wrong path he sometimes scold him . Similarly , our Guru is our father . I would interpret these hukams on two viewpoints . First , they would help me in recognising my performance in this school of sikhi . Spiritual Performance . Salvation Secondly , on the worldly basis , I would ask Guru ji whether to do certain tasks or make some decisions etc . There is no doubt that Spiritual performace is of utmost importance . But i wouldn't hesitate to take help from my father ( GURU JI) if I need to in these worldly tasks . It might sound selfish but for now thts how it goes for me . wjkk wjkf
  21. ya , ths right . i am myself not really clear abt how to know if a hukam is prasanta or tadna. becus i dun t have kamai . i guess true gursikhs should know the answer to this.
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