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  1. exactly veer ji , u took the words right from my mouth
  2. before going to sachkhand he took the paaps of the whole world on his sareer . these paaps were seen by sangis as black clouds from the sky entering his sareer at one place . after few months his sareer got nirbal and ill due to all that bhar . ( obviously tht ws just a bahana to leave this world) they r not affected by anything . also the partition of india and the massacre was due in 1946 but he didn't want that to happen in his lifetime so he postponed it by 1 year ,tht is 1947
  3. before 1984 sant jarnail singh ji came to nanaksar and met baba kundan singh ji . baba ji said , " sama bahut bhyanak hai , tusi 101 akhand path saib karva lo . je nahi kara sakde taan asin paathi bhej devaange " sat ji said don't wry we will do it by ourself .
  4. don't read anand sarovar , it has lot of wrong things against the maryada of baba ji . even baba ishar singh ji got copies of anand sarovaaar burnt
  5. there is no inaccuracy in anand chamatkar . its 100% truth . i don't have tape recordings or video recordings to prove this . u don't need evidence( recordings) to prove itihaas .
  6. this is my belief , shardha , love and pyaar for Baba Nand Singh ji that makes me believe that maryada taught by him was 100% complete. Because a tyagi sant like Baba ji was never born before and will not be born again . SO much kamai and tapasya , even the king of this age kalyug had to bow before his kamai . i don't say he was reincarnation of guru nanak . but certainly his kamai made him one with guru nanak . "tohi mohi mohi tohi " thhts y people had darshan of him as guru nanak . there r many examples from our history when certain sikhs beacme one with guru , and doing their darshan was equal to doing darshan of guru ji . its nothing new baba jis maryada , i like it very much , i don't know y , but i just do i just like it . other sampardas are good too , no prob , they r all good but i like this one better . bhul chuk maaf
  7. i m not a follower of ranjit singh . the point i am trying to prove here is that before you have a right to improve others you should have the power inside urself ( kamai) , ur life should be pure . thts how i think . Guru ji had the power . do u have the power ? don't think i m saying that we should let nakli sants to do beadbi of sikh religion . they should be punished . but what pisses me off the most is that people start coming to forums , start bashing eac other . but they are able to do nothing . r u capable of doing something with ranjit singh ? probably no i know awareness of current events is good but bashing not good . i m tired of sant bashing on tapoban . i thought sa is best since there is nothing of that sort . but now this post comes out . i know ranjit singh told lies . ths all i know . i don't wanna analyze his beahvior or character . just leave tht to guru sahib.
  8. first of all who told you that u start building mud huts ? If anyone wanted to live with Baba Nand Singh ji , he had to live according to his maryada . If any one don't like this maryada , who cares ? just keep following wtever u like .anything u think is right go ahead with that . if u like akj no prob , if u like sgpc no prob , ddt no problem . just do wtever u like . did i tell you to start following nanaksar . and by the way nanaksar u see today is not wt it was in baba jis time . so stop comparing them . i know a lot of evils have crept in today . and i don't care abt tht . just follow the main hukam of baba ji . to do paths , naam abhyaas , guru darshan , seva , dassan nohan do kamai . i can't explain the personal life of a Brahmgyani . y he didn't like money . y he didn't like pakke houses etc etc .. i don't care abt these things . acc. to me the quintessesnce of everything (gurbani , maryadas . sampardas etc. etc . ) is to start japping naam and achieve our goal .
  9. lets forget about these issues , they r gonna exist forever and have been there since universe was born focus on the main issue : improving ourself by naam and gurbani "hum nahi changge bura nahi koi"
  10. it is true that there is a picture exists that was the previous janam of baba ji . but since i haven't seen that picture i don't know if its the same one . i read about it in anand chamtkar . everybody else( other nawabs ) have their kes cut except baba ji . he is wearing a tilledar juti . fateh
  11. waheguru waheguru ......a good way of doing seva and reading and learning gurbani at the same time ....wah ji wah ...
  12. i have been up there at baba atal tower and the view is beautiful . you can see the whole amritsar city from up there . its fantastic.
  13. today is 12 bhadon and the barsi of Dhan Dhan Baba Nand Singh ji Maharaj kaleran wale . this is the day when he left his panj bhootak chola and went to sachkhand . Its impossible to write the mahima of a brahmmgyani because "brahmgyani ki gat brahmgyani jaane " "brahmgyani ka ant na paar nanak brahmgyani ko sada namaskar " baba ji taught nimrata , prema bhagti , upasana of guru nanak , the true maryada of doing seva of guru granth sahib ji , practically followed the bachan of "guru granth ji maanyo pragat guran ki deh " he brought the true picture of guru nanak by himself giving darshan to a painter he never went to a private house , meeting or function he never touched money , never signed anywhere , never talked to a woman alone , never kept any materialistic possessions with him he never made a pukka house , hut , thaath or any pukki building whenever he left from one place to another the kachhi hut or kutiya was broken down . and all the extra materials were either burnt down or drowned in the river there was no property in his name he was a tyagi mahapurash his guru ji , baba mahaharnamsingh ji bhucho wale used to say that world wouldn't see a another face of such a tyaagi mahapurakh in the future guru gobind singh ji mentions in sau sakhi "nand singh garja singh aadi jin laaj panth ki saaji " he did udhar of 84 lakh joon includinh humans , various animals and even bhoot prets . he was in control of the whole sristhi or uninverse at that time underr the hukam of guru nanak he used to make guru nanak ji ( guru granth sahib) eat with his own hands in pratakh form like bhai lalo did . and even bathe him with his surti . once when baba ji were bathing Guru nanak with his surti suddenly guru granth sahib came in his dhyaan ,and in the morning paathi singhs told baba ji that some angs of guru granth sahib got wet .and then baba ji told them wt happened . he taught how to do akhand paths , sampat paths and other maryadas as told by guru gobind singh ji im mukat maarg . he was one of the 72 avtars who will give pehra in kalyug under the hukam of guru nanak . all the sants , mahapurakh , brahmgyanis are not gone any where . they are all in guru granth sahib his mahima is aprampaar and cannot be written or stated , its infinite ................ waheguru .............
  14. because he ws the kirtanaia of baba nand singh ji
  15. no problem ji , its our duty to help each other
  16. Four Bajar Kurehits should not be done 1) Hukka( all types of drugs :charas , ganja , tobacco , smoke , liquour , etc.) Haram( having relationship with another woman without ur wife) Hajamat Halal par triya roop na pekhe netar ( don't look at women , girls or opposite sex ) akhin sootak vekhna par dhan par triya roop karan na sune kaahoo ki ninda theres much more, which i dunno and can't think of any becus of my tuch buddhi i will tell you a very easy way read carefully sukhmani sahib and asa di var , every code of conduct is right there , no need to ask any body . furthermore go to www.gurmatveechar.com and listen to katha of muktnama , sukhmani sahib , asa di vaar by giani thakur singh ji , if u reallly wanna know abt code of conduct . also try katha of rehitnama by bhai hardeep singh . thats all u need .
  17. After having bairag , baba ji left everything and he started doing nirol tapasya . he had the company of another saint sant jawand singh ji . they used to offer prashada to Guru Granth Sahib ji . they had lot of prem and used to do bhagtui together . once they had furna in mind that it would be great pleasure if guru nanak sahib ate prashada in pratakh form . so then they decided that its not easy to have pratakh darshan but still they will try . they did ardas that they would n't eat prashad themselves until guru nanak sahib himself eat prashada from their hands . so then they started doing ardase , But no one came .This went on 6 for days . They used to prepare fresh food every day. they didn't even drink water for 6 days . on 7 th day they became so weak due to hunger and tapasya that they became unconscious fell on the ground and while falling down this shabad came out from their mouth " eh janam tumhare lekhe madho eh janam tumahe lekhe " then guru granth sahib ji transformed into pratakh guru nanak sahib and woke them up and then he ate prashda from them . This was the first time Baba Nand Singh ji had pratakh darshan of Guru Nanak Sahib . Then Guru ji asked him what do you want ? Baba ji said kuch nahi bas aap ji de darshan chahide hun . Guru Nanak ji did this bachan twice but baba didn't ask for anything . When Guru ji did third bachan Baba ji thought this wouldn't be right if he didn't obey the bachan of Guru ji and then finally Baba ji asked that jiven vi hove aapda bana lo .( by any means make me yours ). Then guru ji said tathastu . Then some time i think 13 years after this incident , with the hukam of bhuco wale babaji , he did a sampat path at harappa . after the bhog of sampat path guru granth sahib became Guru Nanak and said rikhi ji certificate dikahyo ;meaning who is your guru or murshad ? Baba ji said you are my only guru who else i need . Then Guru Nanak ji explained that it is the maryaada or kanoon that Nirankar gives vadyayi to his bhagats . so other people can reach God only through his bhagats . that's why a guru or murshad is needed . " koi aisa sant mo ko pirhe milaave " so then Baba Nand singh ji went to his murshad bhuch wale baba ji . then Baba maha harnam singh ji bhucho wale called baba ji around 12 a.m , took his hands in his hands , became the roop of Guru Nanak and recited this shabad " tohi mohi mohi tohi kanik kot antar kaisa " with this there was prakash all around and BAba nand singh ji got abedta with Guru Nanak . Guru NAnak was now in his heart , after that he could do pratakh darshan of Guru nanak whenever he wanted . waheguru ...
  18. First of all I would like to say that having pratakh darshan of Guru Nanak Dev ji is not an ordinary thing . A lot of tapsaya , kamai , shardha , pyaar of many janams is needed to have the pratakh darshan of Guru Nanak . Charitar and supan darshan are still easy to have but pratakh darshan is very rare . Santokh rishi had to do tapasya for 2 yugs to have the darshan of Guru Arjan Dev ji . So who knows how many janams kamai Baba Nand Singh ji had . Baba Harnam Singh ji bhucho kalan wale used to say that Nand singh had come for 100 janams with us ,did kamai and seva and never asked for anything .i.e. nishkam seva . This is the bachan from mukhar bind of Baba Nand Singh ji . He used to say that bhagti marg te chaldean sat janam ho gaye hun par jo anand is janam vich aaya hai hor kise janam vich nahi aaya . During the treta jug Baba ji had the janam of Bharat (younger brother of sri ramchandra ji) . He also had the janam of Shekh Brahm ji ( grandson of Baba farid ji ) the bani of farid ji in Guru Granth Sahib was written by shekh brahm . And who knows what else kamai he had . This is the sakhi of Pratkh darshan of Guru Nanak sahib cont...
  19. waheguru ........................................................
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