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  1. Whats all the buzz about year 2012 ? http://ca.dir.yahoo.com/Science/Alternativ.../Doomsday_2012/ http://ca.dir.yahoo.com/Government/Militar...Doomsday_Clock/ http://ca.dir.yahoo.com/Science/Alternativ...nd_Predictions/ http://www.tapoban.org/forum/read.php?1,2420 Just Curious
  2. No veer ji , unfortunately don't have a scope. I tried to take pictures but they just came out hazy lol I guess I needed a bigger powerful cam with correct exposure settings. I guess the pictures will be up on internet soon. So the moon got a little bit brownish. I was expecting something bright red lol. Its funny how in India, pundits and brahmins make such a big deal of Lunar Eclipse, asking for donations and money, and all that Rahu Ketu Mythology lol
  3. luckily over here the sky is clear so I should be able to watch it around 10 PM. They are saying its going to be a total eclipse.Lets see how it comes out.
  4. http://www.space.com/scienceastronomy/0802...lipse-news.html
  5. I don't know if Baba ji said this or not. But I do know that he said doing naam abhyaas/ sewa.during month of magh will give you phal of whole year. wtever simran u do in month of magh gets times X 12.
  6. these r beautiful............
  7. sadly there is no pic of baba mahaharnam singh ji available.
  8. I believe that all the true sants that come on earth know each other well even though they don't meet each other physically. Since they are all connected with God they can connect with each other too. One thing that I noticed from reading biographies of some sants is that they greatly respect each other. The prem, humility and love they show for each other is immense and immeasurable. Whenever a some sant used to come Baba Nand Singh ji himslef would get up and get the asan ready for the guest. I know that Baba Nand Singh ji had once visited Sant Ishar Singh Ji rare sahib wale and they did many bachans with each other. Sant Ishar Singh ji and Baba Ishar Singh ji kaleran wale can be seen sitting together with each other in photographs. Baba Ishar Singh ji kaleran wale were the sewak of Baba Nand Singh ji. He did sewa for 24/7 without breaks and rest for like 13 years continuosly. And when Baba Nand Singh ji left their body, it is said that Baba Ishar Singh Ji did gupt naam abhyaas/tapasya for 7 years . Then he came back and took charge of Nanaksar Thaath at Jagraon. Sant Maha Harnam Singh ji were the Murshid of Baba Nand Singh Ji. One bachan that Sant Attar singh ji mastuane wale used to do was that there is a sant who is " rab da noor" himself in a certain village (referring to Sant Maha Harnam Singh ji) Maryada of Sant Maha Harnam singh ji was very weird and it was for a purpose to scare away the kache manmukh people. For eg. Baba ji always used to cover his face and his eyes. Once some naughty youth removed the cloth on his face, as a result the pile of hay that was lying around got burnt, the whole village was about to get burnt and the village people came and ask for forgiveness. There was no prakash of Guru Granth Sahib ji in his dera. He used to say a mahan rishi will come (referring to Baba Nand Singh ji) and teach the maryada of doing the sewa of Guru Granth Sahib ji. Once a group of thieves came to Baba ji , baba ji got impressed with their truth and blessed them with a rule of some kingdom. sometimes in his mauj , he would wear kingly clothes. he would cover himself in blanket even during the summer and people would think this baba is weird. People in the village would often call him " sher wala baba", because in his mauj sant ji would sometime take the form of Narsingh Avtar who saved prahlad and roar louldy. there was no fire used in his langar, they would mix the raw ingredients and it would cook by itself, and no salt mirch was supposed to be added in the langar. he used to have a "khazana", a room which always remained full of wealth, he would keep the devotees with him , teach them to do sewa and jap naam, and if they were gristhi he would pay them for the equivalent of 40 days work. whenever a new devotee would He would ask them to write their ancestors name, often people didn't know the names more than their great-grandparents, rest of the ancestors names Baba ji would get written with his anubhav, those registers are still kept at bhucho kalan. Baba ji used to say a day will come when these will be required. Baba MahaHarnam Singh jis khedan, and maryadas were different such as normal people wouldn't recognize Him. just imagine how great that Sant would be who is the murshid of the greatest of all Baba Nand Singh Ji maharaj. All the sants are dhan!! waheguru
  9. So is it the emptyness or the void that Buddhist talk about when they attain Nirvana ? Because Buddhists don't believe in the permanence of the soul, neither do they believe in a higher power/God. They believe ones goal is to extinguish the karmic energies that are reborn, and attain Nirvana, emptiness.
  10. Maha Kharag Singh , Your statement that nanaksar = no bir rass is completely false and invalid. I will mainly refer to Baba Nand Singh Ji and Baba Ishar Singh Ji when referring to true maryada of Nanaksar. Baba Ji never said that don't keep shastras in front of Guru ji. I have seen shastars in many Nanaksar Gurdwaras. In fact, in our home and the homes of various nanaksar devouts I have seen swords and shastars. In various pictures , you can see Baba Ishar Singh ji carrying a big Khanda in his hand. He himslef was very fond of shastars. I would like to mention one anecdote over here : Once a devotee prepared a "naagni" ( a weapon /spear shaped such as having a corkscrew motion when inserted inside). He prepared it such so that it could be dismantled into 3 parts for easy transportation. He brought it with great devotion for Baba Ishar Singh ji. Baba ji assembled the naagni , took it in his hand and looked at it with a serious gaze. As told by devotees present there , Baba ji's avastha changed into a Bir Rassi Yodha. He started playing gatka with it and did several paintras and finally shoved into the ground with a great force. Upon taking it out , the wind started to blow and took the form of a mini tornado .It blew away and it is said that some loss of property took place.No body knew what was the reason behind it. Mahapurkhan dian mahapurkh hi jaanan. Then he narrated the saakhi of Bhai Bachittar singh ji and how he killed the elephant with naagni barchi. During the war between China and India, some soldiers had seen Baba Ishar Singh ji fighting along with them. Once Baba Ishar singh ji locked himself in a room and when he came out he was seen with a sword dripping with blood and his clothes full of dirt. When Baba Ishar Singh Ji went to Hazoor Sahib , Baba ji himself asked the pujaari ji to do the seva of Weapons kept there. The pujari ji refused because he was not allowed to allow outer people to do the seva. Baba ji went there around midnight , the locks that the pujari had put opened by themselves, Baba ji did the seva of Weapons, upon coming out Pujari ji saw Baba ji , both exchanged fatehs with each other, after exchanging faeths the Bachan of Guru Gobind Singh ji that when 2 singhz will say fateh to each other will have darshan of me manifested itself, and Pujari ji had darshan of Guru Gobind Singh ji . To show his respect to Baba Ishar Singh ji he presented him with a Katar of Guru Ji that is now kept in Nanaksar Jagraon. There are several other incidents in lives of Baba Ishar Singh ji and Baba Nand Singh ji in which Bir Rass is greatly evident. I How can you say that Nanaksar= No Bir Rass. I dont know where you got this idea from . You must yourself be living in a fairy world where you cannot see beyond the white chole. The Amrit of Guru Gobind Singh ji is the same. Whoever practises Gurbani and Naam will attain Bir Rass for sure. http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0PgA!DgQSNSN...539585369918345 Baba Ji with panj pyaare. http://groups.msn.com/nanaksar/photoalbum....amp;PhotoID=410 The Panj Pyaare . Who can be more bir rasi than the panj pyaare ? http://groups.msn.com/nanaksar/photoalbum....amp;PhotoID=412 Baba Ishar Singh Ji with Sant Ishar Singh ji Maharaj http://groups.msn.com/nanaksar/photoalbum....amp;PhotoID=506 Baba Ishar Singh ji and other sants from various sampardas. Baba Ji with Khanda
  11. I think its a really good news. It would be really great if all the Gurudwaras imply the maryada of doing the seva of Guru Granth Sahib ji as taught by Dhan Dhan Baba Nand Singh ji maharaj himself. In Nanaksar maryada, " seva of Guru Granth Sahib ji" is a major component .If all the paramparas come together to form a unified maryada, panth would be in great chardikala.
  12. The reason i said 'sitting 3 hrs continuously' was because I read somewhere that if you are able to sit 3 hrs continuously then you get 'asan siddhi' (anyone can elaborate on that please?) Speaking from the viewpoint of some yogic practitioners , it is believed that in order to keep the mind still keeping your body still is very important in the initial stage and if you are able to attain 'asan sidhi' then you can stay still for as long as you want without any distraction in your practice. and yup I agree with antinang that bhagats of Rab are not bound by any asanas or restrictions. But filthy human beings like me who have reached nowhere do need to discipline their bodies.
  13. if u do tht then according to the article you have just expelled ur energy downwards rather than taking up .
  14. i doubt that these techniques will work without the supervision of an advanced yogi who are rare to find
  15. Maha Kharag Singh, You might be familiar with this one, I know Tantrics look for the bones of the deceased ones, But I have also heard that they especially look for those who died young or died unmarried. What might be the reason for this one ? Also this incident happened with my Nani ji. She was a great abhyaasi of Gurbani and Naam. The place where my naanke are (village Kutbinangal) it is said the area was mainly occupied by Muslims before the partition of India and Pakistan. And there was a Muslim lady who died in her shila or chalisa and her shila was broken, she was trying to acquire dark powers. Now her soul or something must have been attached to that place or roaming there. My Nani ji had shifted to that place from pakistan after the partition in 1947. One day when she was doing ishnaan at amritvela that a powerful force threw her and attacked her and even caused bruises on her body. Nani ji had seen her .Maybe she wanted noone to be occupying that house , who knows what was the reason. My Nani ji then started doing even more path and nitnem , and after a while it was said that no such incident ever happened after.This incident again emphasizes the importance of Gurbani and Naam.
  16. very interesting I remember my Mama ji was interested in learning this Kala Ilam from some Pir in our village in Batala city, He went to him a couple of times but when my Nana ji found out about this the Pir was asked to leave the village and to stop teaching these things to the villagers...No body knew what happened to that Pir after.
  17. All my courses this semester involve Historical studies, and just after 1 week of attending these classes I have realized how I have to weigh things on an intellectual or scholarly level, and there are so many factors that have to be considered while writing an academic paper. Its just maddening lol I am definitely gonna need you lol Now I get what have you been trying to say all along.
  18. It is said that whoever are the abhyaasis of Naam and Gurbani, their faces will glow and radiate...It was very difficult to look into the eyes of some mahapurakhs... I dont know what is it tht stops people from looking directly into mahapurashs...they say its like trying to look at sun but u cant...Basically they have a strong influence/presence and power in their look. Not only sukhmani sahib but the whole gurbani will have the same effect... now tht i reflect back on this topic some of the points may sound like compulsion. bottom line i think is just read gurbani with prem and jap naam with pyar waheguru
  19. shaheediyan bhaji , you are right . If parents are able to show their kids the in depth essence of Sikhi then I don't think there would be as many problems as we are encountering today with kids born in Sikh family. Most of the parents themselves don't know about sikhi and when their kids have doubts they are unable to satisfy them.
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