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  1. I think some forget the definition of Sikh. A Sikh is one who is willing to learn from the Guru. Calling yourself a Sikh doesn't make you one, especially for monay people who break the primary rule that Sri Guru Gobind Singh jee set out for us. So to be a Sikh, you must at least TRY to to follow the rules of our Guru.
  2. Well, my name is Rattanjeet literally, that means "Jewel of Victory" symbolically (referring to the encylopaedia Maha_Pavitar) the Victory is obtaining Waheguroo's jewel... ie: the blessings and bakshish to unite with Paramathma himself
  3. Haha, nahh man. I'm not that smart. Never skipped a grade or nothing. I just never failed one either
  4. I have just graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Microbiology... and now I hope to be going into Graduate Studies (Research) Hope that helps
  5. Yeah, just ask Maha_Pavitar the meaning to your name.... she'll send you a little 5-pg essay lol
  6. uber = super (german) But I agree... its amazing!! Its a perfect balance... shastar in one hand, and music in the other
  7. Waheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa! Waheguroo Jee Kee Fateh! I'm 21 from Western Canada, and I hope that this moorakh can learn from the online Sadh Sangat community!!!
  8. Cherish their memory, but don't obsess over it. I've seen it happen many times where people basically go crazy remembering someone who has passed away, only resulting in their own lives in shambles. Remember, Gurbani says that our family and friends do not go with us in the next world, only our faith in Waheguroo!
  9. Well there are different ways of looking at this. First, It COULD be some conspiracy by both of them, but the likely chance is that sometimes there are forces that we cannot easily explain. But the bottom line is who KNOWS what they were talking about? For all you know they could be talking about two marriages: one to your Guru, and one to your wife
  10. Wow. Good question!! I think its a matter of getting one's priorities straight. If you want to ascend up the corporate ladder, do so with your own hard work, not by pushing others down. If you want to love someone, LOVE them, not LUST for them as Sukhi_v mentioned. And wanting a good life is not desire, so long as you do work hard for it. Your sweat and your blood and most importantly your LOVE for what you gives you the greatest reward. So long as you remember and believe that, the evils of kaam, krodth, lobh, and moh won't affect you Bhul Chook Maph!
  11. Na ko Hindu, Na ko Musulman. Enough said.
  12. As for as I am concerned, the sacredness of the cow is STRICTLY something picked up from old times as a Hindu ritual thing, NOT somethign stated in Gurbani.
  13. Well I agree with some of the posts here in the prevention of electricity..,. but I think the truth is that we keep forgetting that the KANGA is a COMB... and back then, COMBS were made of WOOD. Very simple They didn't have plastic, metal would have been VERY difficult to create!!
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