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  1. how does one actually conquer these tats? Just curious
  2. hello daas has a question. how does one conquer these tats? just curious.
  3. Sarbloh Granth

    yes guru gobind singh ji created the sarbloh granth in the form of dusht daman in satyug and was buried by him. It was then rediscovered again in kalyug.
  4. babaji02_157.jpg

    thank you very much for this picture of dhan dhan baba nand singh ji. ive been finding these for a long time.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    This file is a pdf and tells several glimpses of Sant Attar Singh jis jeevan.
  6. veer ji can you please tell me the name of this book. i will greatly appreciate it.
  7. Brahamgyanis and Avtaars

    @paapiman thank you veer ji. bahut dhan vaad ji.
  8. Health Miracles by Gurbani

    Yes paapiman, can i please read the rest of the sakhi of the brahmin and baba ji?
  9. Ajaapa / Simran Saas Gras

    Ah thank you very much for this advice das ji and sat1176 ji. this helped greatly. wjkk wjkf
  10. Ajaapa / Simran Saas Gras

    Im sorry but I have a question. I am heard that if the mind does not behave, you must beat it. So how does one beat the mind when it does bad things? Thank you
  11. Daas translates it to: To break down the wall of falsehood and to realize yourself.
  12. Chalisa 125,000 Mool Mantar

    I can do this seva with you. Please accept my request. I am upto it.