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  1. Hello I wanted to know & get some advice as I do not have many Sikh friends in person & most of them are 'not' practicing Sikhs (not to be judgemental). I would like to become a Sikh from the heart, but I'm afraid of my family finding out & being disowned. The friends & others I know, people will start hating & judging me of my current faith. I don't hate any religion, but I admire Sikhism lot & I can relate to the the Gurus. I love the fact Sikhs wear kirapan in the name of self defense & to protect others (regardless of their race, religion or color). To me Sikhism is the light.. Baba Guru Nanak Ji's message was for people of all faith. I also feel that Sikhism teaches others to be true to their faith whether they are a Hindu, Christian, Muslim or whatever their faith is.. I'm not afraid of wearing a turban, and I know will get called names or be treated differently. At his point what should I do? Please help me or any advice would help.. Thank u ji, ??
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