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  1. Soulfinder

    Seeing Aura

    Thats really interesting how did you do that veer ji ?
  2. Many of Bhai Randhir Singh Ji books are worth reading as well. Unditthi Duniya is a really good book as it talks about ghosts pretts dharam raj life after death. This book i have at home which i am gonna start reading at daytime cos its not a night time due to its nature. Many people would not be able handle this writting as it talks about their real life experinces with ghosts jamdhots. http://www.bsrstrust.org/store/english/ http://www.mahapurakh.com/bhai-randhir-singh-english http://sikhbookclub.com/Book/Unditthi-Duniya-Mystical-Invisible-World
  3. These books are really good as this is what really was the source roots of my life. They are based on Sant Niranjan Singh Ji as they had blessing by Sant Baba Nand Singh Ji , Baba Attar Singh Ji and had met Baba Jawla Singh Ji Harkowal. These books are a must as Sant Ji read Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji at the age of 5. I would recommend these to everyone as these pothis took me out of hell like lifestyle i had once. http://www.gurukhoj.com/SBNS1_DMROG1.html http://www.gurukhoj.com/SBNS2_DMROG2.html http://www.gurukhoj.com/SBNS7_GSC.html http://www.gurukhoj.com/SBNS3_MOA.html
  4. Soulfinder

    Seeing Aura

    True veer ji its not whaam lol. But yes its not important getting these pics taken compared to many needs a person has. Would you veer ji ever get a aura pic taken ?
  5. Veer ji for me it was like that i spoke fluent punjabi at home with my mum when being a kid but now i speak really good punjabi that people get confused if i am uk born lol. Yes how taught myself banis paaths was the same as i used roman english scripts of the banis paaths then using a Damdami Taksal paathi would listen to the words against the script to check spellings etc then i would repeat like copy the sounds heard as how the audio is. Thats how i learnt the banis i usually do at home. Also i used sundar gutka app and other places to get banis like Brahm Kavach and many more not common banis into large readable print size for my eyes as the roman english gutka i have at home is really small the text and i had difficulty reading it. So i made my own print outs of the banis so i won't have to use the gutka apps as its not good for my eyes.
  6. Soulfinder

    Namdhari Kirtan Jatha Required

    Veer ji there is a local namdhari gurdwara near my uncles home. Here is the contact details on the website link http://www.namdharisangat.co.uk/contact.html
  7. Soulfinder

    Seeing Aura

    Veer ji you are right the prices are really high for these pictures to be taken as i did a online search with the aura pic studio being in central london the prices were really expensive for a picture which who knows if its real or fake as this not cheap the prices. Also my mum said its whaam superstatius these things but i am not thinking too much about it at the moment as its not on my top list.
  8. Excellent thread veer ji i will add more titles as well as i do look for english religious books as i can't read and write in punjabi at the moment.
  9. Soulfinder

    Background to Sri Charitropakhyan Sahib jee

    @paapiman here is all the media posted on this thread that i have made a back up copy of. Charitropakhyan Katha - What is Bhog (ਭੋਗ) in Gurmat_ - 03 ( 128kbps ).mp3 Charittar kyo rache Maharaj ne __ Giani Thakur Singh ji (Damdami Taksaal) ( 128kbps ).mp3 489_Uthanika_for_the_Charitar_Pakhyan_and_the_Sri_Benti_Chaupai.mp3 Akhauti Vidwan Dasam Granth To Kyo Darde Han - Katha By Giani Kulwant Singh Ji ( 256kbps cbr ).mp3 Pathee Dee Aagya_ Charitropakhyaan - Sant Kartar Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale ( 128kbps ).mp3 क्या आप जानते है क्यों समझ से बाहर है _स्त्र ( 128kbps ).mp3
  10. Soulfinder

    Suraj Kavach Astotar

    Glad to share veer ji !!
  11. Yes veer ji you are right its really difficult to get any katha of the bani as it got removed. Baba Jarnail Singh Ji is the best for dasam bani katha. Also check on gurmatveechar site as it has loads of katha by different Taksali Sants as well.
  12. Here is a list of links i found veer ji so far on Gobind Gita online as its a really rare bani so its only basic so far https://sikhunity.wordpress.com/2014/01/16/sri-bhagwad-geeta-of-guru-gobind-singh-jee/amp/ http://www.sikhiwiki.org/index.php/Sri_Bhagwat_Gita_Bhakha_Sri_Gobind_Singh_Kirt http://www.sikhroots.com/downloads/books/254-gobind-gita
  13. Veer ji here is the mp3 of the recording. Charittar kyo rache Maharaj ne __ Giani Thakur Singh ji (Damdami Taksaal) ( 128kbps ).mp3
  14. Soulfinder

    Brahm kavach

    Very good news as Sri Brahm Kavach steek/teeka has been released this week. Here is a video by nihang dal mukhis during the release.
  15. Soulfinder

    What does Bhog (ਭੋਗ) mean?

    Veer ji here is the mp3 of the katha track. Bhog - Katha By - Giani Kulwant Singh Ji ( 128kbps ).mp3