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  1. Sant Attar Singh Ji bringing rain katha by Sant Waryam Singh Ji Ratwara Sahib Wale explains an incident where Sant Attar Singh Ji Mastuana Wale bringing rain 795_Sant_Attar_Singh_Ji_bringing_rain.mp3
  2. Baba Ji's Mata's story of taking amrit very good track
  3. Well from personal experince veer ji i can say that i have seen the effects of bir ras so thats why i usually use to keep a balance of dasam bani with either panj banis or sukhmani sahib as they go hand in hand being shant ras and bir ras. There shouldn't be any bad effects reading more dasam bani unless you don't make any mistakes. Cos i did hear 2 cases of how 2 singhs read chandi di vaar 25 times. One got darshan of shaheed fauj. The other one made a mistake (don't know which but i have the link of katha tracks) then a kirpan started spinning in the room very fast and shaheed fauj came and said read brahm kavach then it became shant the kirpan. As long as you read the banis after a shower or kesi ishaan is fine. Also best to do 1 hour simran especially if you spend 1 hour reading dasam bani.
  4. ਢਡਰੀ ਦੇ ਚੇਲਿਆਂ ਦੀ ਠੋਕੀ ਮੰਜੀ ਤੇ ਔਕਾਤ ਵੇਖੋ ਢਡਰੀ ਦੀ ਨੇਕੀ ਡੰਗਰਗ੍ਰੇਡ ਨੂੰ ਵੀ ਠੋਕਵੇ ਜਵਾਬ
  5. Really worth listening as 2 mentions are given of how a akhand paath sahib didn't get accepted cos of 1 mistake of a paathi singh and another starting example of how paathis fall asleep when performing akhand paath.
  6. Very nice veer ji thanks for sharing. It was from Way Of The Dragon aka Return Of The Dragon. All of Bruce Lee's movie were the best.
  7. Bhen ji you are right a lot of people don't have any strength to listen to the practical bhagati kutaks especially the ones mentioned as people label paath karan wale people crazy or lies is probably best why these things are best kept gupt and a secert as no many can digest the happenings.
  8. Yes veer ji you are 100% right as it shows how important Brij Bhasha is especially as Suraj Parkash is also written in Brij Basha as well which has all of our itihaas written in. Waheguru Dhan Guru Gobind Singh Ji
  9. Waheguru veer ji its really sad as we don't when its written in Sri Bavan Akhree
  10. Bhen ji you are right all 3 of these banis are the same with the battle mentioned of Durga with the demons. I usually like reading Chandi Di Vaar,Shastar Naam Mala,Brahm Kavach alongside with these banis as they are new to me so i have to use audio tracks to repeat the pronouncation of the words. So far i have read Ugardanti which is another bir ras bani but in the same style as Shastar Naam Mala. Akal Ustat i read once in 9 days step by step. Bhaguti Astotar i used to read before but stopped recently as it has be read before sunrise amritvela. Its also best bhen ji to read Sukhmani Sahib after these banis as it helps keep the bir ras and shant ras hand in hand. I also heard in katha if you do 1 hour of dasam bani its best to do 1 hour Waheguru Simran to balance it out.
  11. Veer ji you are right they all have the same battle story of Durga but its just Chandi Di Vaar thats in Punjabi and the Chandi Chirtars 1&2 are in Brij Bhasha.
  12. Bhen ji thats really good as you have posted recording of Chandi Chirtar 2 as i read this bani last weekend. Very happy to hear this bani's paath as not many people read this bani. I myself am using audio tracks for this bani and hopefuly when Waheguru does kirpa i will be able to do Chandi Chirtar 1 as thats one bani i really want to read as well.
  13. Baba Deep Singh Ji's Sri Dasam Granth Sahib is mentioned in this katha track just found today.
  14. I didn't know that veer ji thanks for letting me know. But it was quite a lot of censorship that was placed on our religion itihaas and maryada as well since they made panth maryada which nobody believes as it has many wrong ideas in.
  15. Yes veer ji also Sri Dasam Granth Sahib was done parkash at many gurdwaras in punjab including Sri Darbar Sahib but it was removed during the colonial time. Its good that we are getting information now about what has been lost about our history. Also i remember hearing was that the size of sri sahibs kirpans was changed as well along with the beard tying trend as well was started during this time.
  16. Yes veer ji i do feel that our history was changed during the colonial period. Cos it was during this time that banis were shortend such as Sri Rehras Sahib,Chupai Sahib etc. Also banis as Ugardanti,Bramh Kavach and many more banis was taken out of the Sri Dasam Granth Sahib only Sri Hazur Sahib and Budha Dal kept these banis preserved.
  17. Veer ji its really important to learn our itihaas cos it helps us identify who we are and what our history is. Also by learning more about our history culture we will pass the knowledge onto our families as well.
  18. ਢਡਰੀ ਕਈ ਵਾਰੀ 20-22 ਲੱਖ 2 ਦਿਨਾਂ ਵਿੱਚ ਹੀ ਉੱਡਾ ਦਿੰਦਾਂ ਸੀ
  19. You are right veer ji we do need more Brij dictionaries in Gurmukhi cos i had to use roman english along with a audio track of the bani for Chandi Chirtar 2. Also it would be helpful and benfetional for the panth to learn from as well.
  20. Veer ji its in Brij language the bani of Chandi Chirtar and Chandi Di Vaar is in punbai as i read both of them this weekend gone. The words are a lot harder in Chandi Chirtar 2 than Chandi Di Vaar.
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