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  1. Veer ji just a quick scroll i found on the subject about how the avtars are subject to death in sri dasam granth sahib ji bani like akal ustat and bachitar natak
  2. Just shows that these people are false prophets.
  3. Veer ji this is 100% correct the post as i am feeling after hearing about Baba Prem Singh Jis sudden passing today
  4. Daas saw this on facebook today and was very feeling sad that Baba Ji have passed away in a car accident today whilst travelling such a sad loss for the Sikh Panth. https://m.facebook.com/100010368526031/posts/pcb.974465602909048/?photo_id=974472102908398&mds=%2Fphotos%2Fviewer%2F%3Fphotoset_token%3Dpcb.974465602909048%26photo%3D974472102908398%26profileid%3D100001857327195%26source%3D48%26refid%3D52%26_ft_%3Dmf_story_key.974465602909048%3Atop_level_post_id.974465602909048%3Atl_objid.974465602909048%3Acontent_owner_id_new.100010368526031%3Athrowback_story_fbid.974465602909048%3Aphoto_attachments_list.[974465516242390%2C974465569575718%2C974472022908406%2C974472066241735%2C974472102908398]%3Astory_location.9%3Astory_attachment_style.album%26__tn__%3DEH-R%26cached_data%3Dfalse%26ftid%3D&mdp=1&mdf=1
  5. Posted in wrong section please deleted admin benti
  6. Also veer ji i remember another time when i was at a outdoor event for a samgam in London as there were quite a lot of Sikh stalls selling dharamic stuff i wanted a large size english roman gutka with panj banis as that one at the time was small to read and my eyes would hurt. So anyway i am asking a few people if they sell any gutkas in english. One of the guys who met i found him unpleasent at the time as i asked him about the gutka pothis. He said "oh have you thought about learning gurmuki punjabi ?" I was shocked by this remark and got annoyed a lot so i questioned that does he know these banis and that what he do his paath from. I properly put him down and he had no answer nor his other stall guy as he questioned him which made me feel happy.
  7. First of all veer ji its really terrible that what you have been feeling especially the way you have written the post its really vile disguisting behaviour by that jatha as how it has effected you. There is a old saying "beware of the false prophet" which totally applies to these people who are parcharaks and the impact that it has on you. That guy is not even a small ant who walks under Sant Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindrawale and who does he think he is saying the comment about understanding Sukhmani Sahib when Baba Jis mind brain is way bigger than his peanut size brain. Here is a link with Sukhmani Sahib Katha from Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji that Baba Ji did and its got more knowledge then any of these jathas you will see or hear in the gurdwara. I myself was in a same situation once where i didn't know japji sahib or even half of the banis that i do nowdays. But its all Wahegurus kirpa. This guy i remember one time says to me a few years before i had gotten into nitnem banis. He said "oh roman english is not the same as gurmuki punjabi gutka". I ignored that guy cos he was a very ego proudy person at that time. As i don't let these stuff get to me. But its not a nice moment though to remember cos i can see how it has effected you in the same way when i remember those words i get annoyed and its not a nice feeling. http://www.gurmatveechar.com/audio.php?q=f&f=/Katha/01_Puratan_Katha/Sant_Gurbachan_Singh_(Bhindran_wale)/Guru_Granth_Sahib_Larivaar_Katha/Volume_04_Ang_0250-0346
  8. @dalsingh101veer ji here is another site i found which has lots of saakhis and information about mahapurshs http://www.mahapurakh.com/
  9. @dalsingh101 veer ji i found this saakhi from Baba Harnam Singh Ji Rampurkhera wale which reminded me from your experince with the cat and doing simran. https://www.sikhnet.com/gurbani/audio/guru-nanak-dev-jis-darshan-022
  10. Veer ji here a few quick results i have found so far but i will add more when i get new information http://www.dsgharkhowal.com/?page_id=84 https://www.santisharsinghji.com/product/thirteen-diamonds-the-treasures-of-bhai-daya-singh-ji/ https://www.sikhiwiki.org/index.php/Daya_Singh_Samparda
  11. Veer ji you have got a lot of kirpa as you met baba ji as a child. Their lineage was very blessed as a lot of mahapurshs like Baba Karam Singh Ji Hoti Mardan, Baba Jawala Singh Ji Harkowale belonged to that line. Interesting information was that both Baba Jawala Singh Ji and Baba Isher Singh Ji were the 10th on the lineage from Bhai Daya Singh Ji. I have got a family friend who had darshan of Baba Isher Singh Ji as Sant ji put their hand on his head for 20/25 mins as he had a lot of problems as the doctors couldn't help him as he falled on Baba Jis charan crying.
  12. Veer ji my dad,grandma and his brother saw Baba Jis deewans back in the 70s. And yes i do remember hearing about those days a lot even though these years before my birth. Also during this decade Sant Baba Puran Singh Ji,Sant Mihan Singh Ji were in the uk as well and played a big part for parchaar and sikhi. Also i got family friends who mention those times as well and my mama ji as he came to uk in early 70s
  13. Here is Sant Waryam Singh Ji Ratwara Sahib Wale Ji talking about when they had met the Suleman possessed Sikh when they were a sevadar of Sant Baba Isher Singh Ji Rara Sahib VID-20191010-WA0000.mp4
  14. This is the best thing i have heard veer ji you are 100% correct of how you have described it.
  15. @dalsingh101veer ji these articles with all these sicko pictures are terrible and since they are wearing suits it reminds of a pharse "snakes in suits".
  16. Veer ji i agree 100% with you that its shocking and sad how they are treated at gurdwara its disguisting behaviour. Here is a video i found on social media which shows even in public the police won't leave them alone either VID-20190808-WA0013.mp4
  17. Very good find veer ji here is a few more related videos i have found which shows waheguru can do kirpa on anyone regardless of colour,caste,religion etc
  18. Veer ji you are 100% correct just when you think they couldn't sink any lower now this. Made me lost for words seeing this.
  19. Daas found this on youtube about sangat offering "toy aeroplanes" to get UK citizenship. It has left me puzzled and also amazed that is this against gurmat as i would love to hear sangats view on this. https://curlytales.com/this-aeroplane-gurudwara-may-just-be-your-ticket-to-hollywood/
  20. Its sad for both the family and the victim being stuck in a cage for this long and with no hope for light in the tunnel.
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