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  1. Wjkk wjkf ji You are right it is really hard to find a gutka pothi sahib without any mistakes printed. As dass doesn't know how to read or write in punjabi i have to use a roman english script. So all of my banis that i read is printed from online sources which i do paath from. As i had printed the banis the dasam banis as chandi chirtars ,shastar naam mala,ugardanti etc have so many wrong spelling and missing lines like rehras sahib,chaupai sahib etc, that i have was really shocked when i compared it to the audio tracks when trying to do paath of the banis. So i had to use a pencil to mark where the mistakes and i hoping to correct it one day for myself. Best thing thing you can is to print the banis from online sources,then copy & paste into microsoft word to the custom size you would like and the correct pronouncation of the paath with ms word. As many of my banis are not avilable in printed gutka sahibs.
  2. Why this bani should be read everyday and blessing of it
  3. Here is new information that dass found about ugardanti and how it should be read after chandi di vaar in this track. For more information about this bani please watch from the start.
  4. Veer ji sorry for the late reply i was a bit busy today. Thats really good that you have tried cbd oil from holland and barratt and there hasn't been any side effects. If it helps with pain relief than i am gonna buy it later on once the lockdown virus tension is better. I had dark chocalate cereal from dorests brand then straight away migraine triggered off in 3 days in a row and i got worried a lot so i have been avoiding chocolate cereals for a while now. Its hard avoiding chocolate so i use different types of sweet based stuff as peanut bars or anything that looks chocolate free. I will ask the doctor for a allergy test as it will help.
  5. True veer ji it is good to cut down on sugar as that can create problems in the long run as it will help keep my teeth healthy as well. Chocolate is another one i am trying to avoid and cut down as you are correct that sugar is kind of linked to the headaches as i have gotten headaches migraines with chocolates as kitkat chunky, smarties easter egg, snickers,m&ms which i love but cutting down lol. CBD oil is something i am thinking about at the moment but waiting for this lockdown to stop before i go out to the shops before i buy it. I am actually worried that i might get addicated to using it like a drug,smoking etc habbit and spend a lot of money on it lol. So i am gonna read a bit more about it before buying it.
  6. Thanks veer ji. It is addicitive these sugar drinks so i only have them if i eat fried heavy food to help with it or for anything spicy. Otherwise i do like a fizzy drink depending on the weather lol. True the sugar ammount is a lot in these drinks and i will need to work on cutting down as it will help in the long run. I also love kaju barfi that is the best along with rasmaali which is really nice lol.
  7. Veer ji yes i do take naps at day time and they do help a lot with the headaches and migraines. My sleep is ok. I have noticed that when i have distrubed sleep in the past that automatically i got migraines so i am keeping a diary note book of when these are happening the painkillers useage. I am drinking water as that does help with feeling thirsty along with other fluids like coca cola, ribena, rubicon mango, lemonade, lucozade orange etc which i like a lot lol
  8. Not at the moment veer ji as i did go to holland and barret shop. When i asked about the cbd oil if it works for migraine headaches the sales guy said "that he can't say and for me to do online research". So it does look like a good alternative to painkillers but i am also gonna read and look more into it before buying it.
  9. Veer ji thanks very much for posting this as it has got really good information which is truely good and am happy to read.
  10. Really nice video bhen ji thanks for sharing.
  11. Thanks veer ji for writting this as its really good information. I will try to do this and hopefully it will help the problem. The pain once it starts is horrible and unbearable. Its hard to get through the day once it starts so the pills are my source of help for it. I have heard a lot about pain specialists who do botox injections treatment which some people have had. I feel like asking my gp dr about this.
  12. Thanks veer ji that is 100% correct and spot on that our goal should be to meet Waheguru nothing more. I fully agree that everyone should be respected on here as equals and not find faults in them as humans we have our own countless flaws. Dass tries best to keep everyone happy on here but its all Guru Sahib Jis kirpa that have put me on this road.
  13. @Ragmaala veer ji thanks very much i am glad that you have made this excellent thread on my headaches migraines which is a really good effort. The medications that i have used so far is usually painkillers as i have used Codeine doses of 8,15,30mg along with paracetamol and anti sickness. The medication is called Migraleve as that is the brand name. I also use Sumatriptan 50mg which i take after using painkillers when after a hour or 2 they don't help the pain. I am currently taking Pizotifen 0.5mg twice a day by the gp doctor as i have been on that for a year as a beta blocker type medication for headaches. I tried amitriptyline 10mg but since it was a low dose it worked in the start but not much later on. I have tried Ibuprofen,Naproxen but they weren't helpful as they just upset my stomach and acid level. I have noticed that chocolate is a big trigger now so i am trying to avoid eating it along with chesse especially when its cooked on toast pizza etc that was not nice. I had my ct scan for the head and luckly my scan was normal nothing wrong as i had balance problem at the time as well. Sometimes i notice the tv laptop phone screen movie has triggered my migraines either the next day or during the week. Also travelling on the bus sunlight gives me headaches as well along with migraines. I have to wear ear plugs when going to gurdwara as the loud sound hurts my head and sinus area. Over 3 and a half years since this problem started now. And i hate it a lot but the painkillers help it.
  14. You are 100% correct and spot on veer ji as this is the best answer as everything you have written is lovely and well explained in ways i couldn't think of which i am glad you wrote veer ji.
  15. You are right veer ji but still you had way more kirpa as its a impossible jaap task for me if i would want to as i get headaches migraines which i want freedom from.
  16. True veer ji but you still have a lot of kirpa compared to a maha paapi like me as you have done a jaap that i only dream about.
  17. @Kaur. Sbhen ji you made a mistake forget it and move on. Its not like you have committed the worst crime in the world to be thinking like that as it will turn into early stages of stress depression which you don't want. Have you thought about doing ardas from guru sahib ji regarding this as guru sahib ji can forgive not humans. Try increasing your paaths simran will help.
  18. If meat was allowed in Sikhi. Then meat da bhog like karha parshad why is it not done if it was allowed ?
  19. @khalsapanth bhen ji how old are you ? 15 years is a hell of a long time to be friends with someone than falling in love with him now this rejection. Have you spoken to your parents about this ? Or the other side ? Its not nice bhen ji as its terrible what you must be going through right now. Have thought about moving on from this mess or you wish to resolve it ? Since you are deleted and blocked from him have you thought about writting a letter to his direct home address or explaining this to your parents ? Since you have mentioned not eating or sleeping sounds like you are getting early signs of depression (no offence) as 15 years is a big time mind screw up.
  20. Best wishes to everyone !!!
  21. Yes veer ji it was really good movie so was Laiye Je Yaarian which was another really good one. I also liked a lot was Love Punjab,Ashke which i liked a lot and it made me a fan of Amrinder Gill since last year. Chal mera putt was another good he made last year which i liked as well.
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