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  1. Nice to see the kirtain collection online finally they did something to preserve it.
  2. Veer ji i really like the points you have written as it does make sense about the dinosaurs and does sound confusing about their existance in older religious texts. But you are right all the theories about human coming from monkey is all wrong and i feel sorry for who ever believes in those stories and where ever they came from. As its not a tree growing experiment coming from monkey then becoming a human. The whole industry you mentioned veer ji is based on nastik people who don't believe in God at all. So i try to avoid that sort of stuff and influences.
  3. Baba Ji are visting UK for a limited time this week. https://m.facebook.com/tapobandhakkisahibaustralia/photos/a.1205407542862600/2831775593559112/?type=3&source=48
  4. Sometimes to remove our dirt flith from the soul a small amount like 1kg of washing powder won't work so we have to increase the number. Similary Waheguru Guru Sahib is making us connected with repeated messages of how bad the panj chor 5 vices are for a jeev aatma.
  5. Nowdays i usually like more punjabi comedy jokes as i have cut down a lot on english language media. But i still like the simpsons,south park,king of the hill as they still make me laugh.
  6. Very good thread veer ji and worth listening to hear about bhai sahib jis jeevan
  7. Thanks very much please do update as Sant Jagjit Singh Ji are very lucky to have had darshan of Baba Jawala Singh Ji and are one of the most knowledgeable gurmukhs i have listened to.
  8. Veer ji you are 100% right and its a lovely thread you have made. Baba Harnam Singh Ji Rampurkhera Wale always used to have partakh darshan of Guru Sahib Ji after taking doing ardas and hukamnama.
  9. Veer ji science says a lot of stuff that i find hard to believe especially things like the big bang theory or how humans came from monkey apes. So i usually avoid listening to that sort of topics. Also in Chandi Di Vaar in the 2nd pauri its written that kaal maya was the first thing created meaning the khanda. Here is 2 audio katha tracks by Sant Jarnail Singh Ji and Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji.
  10. Thanks very much veer ji for sharing. Daas is a really big premi of Harkowale Sahib
  11. Here is a new track i heard today by Baba Hari Singh about how namdharis came with rifles to see Sant Baba Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindrawale. 886_An_Incident_from_the_life_of_Sant_Jarnail_Singh_Bhindrawale.mp3
  12. Really good video veer ji. Here is a more detailed thread made on Kharag Singh with katha tracks i had added on it.
  13. Thanks veer ji for sharing here is a another similar track i found that i had posted a while ago by Baba Surjit Singh Ji.
  14. Thanks for sharing veer ji its really shocking seeing this.
  15. A really good saakhi i found today about Sant Ji
  16. Veer ji the app i use is videoder. Since i got my new phone samsung j4plus it doesn't let me download material from youtube. But on my other samsung s4 it works perfectly so i usually use the s4 for it then send it to the other phone using whatsapp or wifi direct. Here is the app homepage since this app is not published on the google play store page. https://www.videoder.com/
  17. Really sad to see especially with how many sikhs are nowdays in the police as well.
  18. My fellow veers its really sad that the links got taken down. However i have got a app that lets me download and convert youtube facebook videos into mp3 or mp4 for which i have made for myself over the years. If anyone wants any video or audio to be made a back up copy of and to be posted on the site page please let me know.
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