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  1. @dalsingh101 veer ji i found this saakhi from Baba Harnam Singh Ji Rampurkhera wale which reminded me from your experince with the cat and doing simran. https://www.sikhnet.com/gurbani/audio/guru-nanak-dev-jis-darshan-022
  2. Veer ji here a few quick results i have found so far but i will add more when i get new information http://www.dsgharkhowal.com/?page_id=84 https://www.santisharsinghji.com/product/thirteen-diamonds-the-treasures-of-bhai-daya-singh-ji/ https://www.sikhiwiki.org/index.php/Daya_Singh_Samparda
  3. Veer ji you have got a lot of kirpa as you met baba ji as a child. Their lineage was very blessed as a lot of mahapurshs like Baba Karam Singh Ji Hoti Mardan, Baba Jawala Singh Ji Harkowale belonged to that line. Interesting information was that both Baba Jawala Singh Ji and Baba Isher Singh Ji were the 10th on the lineage from Bhai Daya Singh Ji. I have got a family friend who had darshan of Baba Isher Singh Ji as Sant ji put their hand on his head for 20/25 mins as he had a lot of problems as the doctors couldn't help him as he falled on Baba Jis charan crying.
  4. Veer ji my dad,grandma and his brother saw Baba Jis deewans back in the 70s. And yes i do remember hearing about those days a lot even though these years before my birth. Also during this decade Sant Baba Puran Singh Ji,Sant Mihan Singh Ji were in the uk as well and played a big part for parchaar and sikhi. Also i got family friends who mention those times as well and my mama ji as he came to uk in early 70s
  5. Here is Sant Waryam Singh Ji Ratwara Sahib Wale Ji talking about when they had met the Suleman possessed Sikh when they were a sevadar of Sant Baba Isher Singh Ji Rara Sahib VID-20191010-WA0000.mp4
  6. This is the best thing i have heard veer ji you are 100% correct of how you have described it.
  7. @dalsingh101veer ji these articles with all these sicko pictures are terrible and since they are wearing suits it reminds of a pharse "snakes in suits".
  8. Veer ji i agree 100% with you that its shocking and sad how they are treated at gurdwara its disguisting behaviour. Here is a video i found on social media which shows even in public the police won't leave them alone either VID-20190808-WA0013.mp4
  9. Very good find veer ji here is a few more related videos i have found which shows waheguru can do kirpa on anyone regardless of colour,caste,religion etc
  10. Veer ji you are 100% correct just when you think they couldn't sink any lower now this. Made me lost for words seeing this.
  11. Daas found this on youtube about sangat offering "toy aeroplanes" to get UK citizenship. It has left me puzzled and also amazed that is this against gurmat as i would love to hear sangats view on this. https://curlytales.com/this-aeroplane-gurudwara-may-just-be-your-ticket-to-hollywood/
  12. Its sad for both the family and the victim being stuck in a cage for this long and with no hope for light in the tunnel.
  13. Veer ji you are right opiates are addicative as they fo have side effects for long term. I saw on google that cbd oil is also good for toothaches so it does sound like a good alternative compared to using opiates. I am going to start looking at where and how to buy the product like shops like Holland And Barrett & other health shops etc.
  14. Veer ji thanks i will try this and hopefully it help the migraine headaches. I always do ardas everyday for these migraine headaches to stop as their annoying so i am hoping guru sahib ji will do kirpa one day for it. The cannabis oil stuff sounds addicative like a drug so thats something i wouldn't want to get into as i already use codeine in co codomal. But this method veer ji sounds a lot easier compared to taking cbd oil. Like i know that for toothache i have used salt water and garlic cloves to numb it down but for headaches migraines its hard to work out natural remedies for it but i will try the way you have described it veer ji and thanks for writting it.
  15. Here is a short katha clip daas found on whether Guru Sahib Jis picture photos should be used for doing simran when a Sikh asked Sant Kartar Singh Ji Bhindrawale
  16. Thanks veer ji its not nice the migraine headache problems as it does cause me to miss my nitnem banis due to the weakness. Thanks for sharing the video veer ji. I do hope it helps my problems as its not nice having it.
  17. Veer ji i have hit 30 a few months ago. What triggered them off the migraine problem was after having a cheese baked pasta dish. After eating it i remember finishing off the 2nd half of Sukhmani Sahib via samsung tablet. Then as soon as i had finished i had nasty pain in my right eye and a like a water tap i started to throw up and it wouldn't stop at all and it went on for hours. So i went to A&E and they gave me a injection to stop it along with a drip and blood tests. So i spent the night there in hospital. And was discharged in the morning and given anti sickness pills. So thats where all of my problems started with acid reflux build up and frequent headaches. When the migraine does happen it doesn't stop until i take codeine based painkillers with antisickness &antisickness and sumatriptan. I usually wait a hour or 2 for the codeine to help it then triptan. Simran no offence hasn't helped i know it should it help it but the medication numbs it down the the pain.
  18. They are helping and it does feel better than before when i was on amtriptyline 10mg which didn't help much. The gp did say to see him after 4 weeks when starting this dose so i am gonna try to see him this week.
  19. Veer ji well so far all they have done is that they did a ct scan of my head last year which came out normal. They said its just migraines i am getting but no proper cause answer is given. One of the gps really annoyed me as he said to me not to take anything for the headaches migraines which was the most stupid thing i have ever heard. He kept saying its overuse medication headache but the symptoms are different to that and my headaches that i am getting are different as i know nowdays what triggers off my migraines as it was chocolate cereal last few weeks ago and yesterday it was a film i watched on tv on sunday as my eyes and head felt heavy. They have given me migraine pills like sumatriptan and migraleve. Also painkillers like Co Codomal,Naproxen(which i hate as it didn't help at all). Currently i am taking Pizotifen 0.5mg twice a day for my problems. Last year i had balance mechanism problem as my ears were heating up. But that got back to normal after a few weeks with medication and the ct scan came out ok. It was quite scary as everything was closing in around me especially when i looked up and down lol.
  20. Men it would be great if it could help with migraine headaches i would love to try for that.
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