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  1. 🙏 Dhan Baba Deep Singh Ji Maharaj, Nov 15.





  2. 🙏 Dhan Guru Nanak Tuhi Nirankaar, November 12,



    Dhan Sri Hazrat Mohammed Sahib Ji, November 10,


  3. Bhagat-Namdev-Ji-640x305.jpg.74ca2b3630aaa5ff8baf00b957e76123.jpg🙏 Dhan Bhagat Namdev Ji Maharaj, Nov 6.




  5. "I am not bothered by the fact that I am unknown. I am bothered when I do not know others."
    - Confucius


    "It's so simple to be wise. Just think of something stupid to say and then don't say it."
    - Sam Levenson


    "What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us."
    - Walt Emerson

    Note: within us, lies the magnificent and wonder of wonders, Waheguru Akal Purukh Himself.

  6. Wanted to let everyone know here that a long time member (but not active for years) of this forum Vijaydeep Singh has passed away. I used to enjoy reading his posts. Very sad indeed!

  7. Dhan Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj Sache Patshah, Nov 1.


  8. "The thought manifests as the word. The word manifests as the deed. The deed develops into habit. And the habit hardens into character."
    - Buddha


    "By nature man hates change; seldom will he quit his old home till it has actually fallen around his ears."
    - Thomas Carlyle


    "At the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want."
    - Lao Tzu

    1. Soulfinder


      Really good quotes veer ji

  9. "Know, first, who you are, and then adorn yourself accordingly."
    - Epictetus

    Note: know that, you soul,are a drop of that Infinite Ocean of Purity,thus purify yoursdelf with Bhakti to return and become one with Him.

  10. "You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star."
    - Nietzsche

    "It's not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters."
    - Epictetus

    "Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration."
    - Thomas Edison


    "When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down ‘happy'. They told me I didn't understand the assignment, and I told them they didn't understand life."
    - John Lennon

    1. Soulfinder


      Very nice message veer ji

  11. "However many holy words you read, however many you speak, what good will they do you if you do not act on upon them?"
    - Buddha

    1. Soulfinder


      Very nice quote veer ji

  12. ਇਹ ਚੋਲਾ ਮੀਰੀ ਪੀਰੀ ਦੇ ਮਾਲਿਕ ਛੇਵੇਂ ਪਾਤਸ਼ਾਹ ਸ੍ਰੀ ਗੁਰੂ ਹਰਿਗੋਬਿੰਦ ਸਾਹਿਬ ਜੀ ਦਾ ਹੈ , ਜੋ ਕਿ ਬਰਨਾਲਾ ਦੇ ਪਿੰਡ ਸੁਖਪੁਰਾ ਮੌੜ ਦੇ ਚੋਲਾ ਸਾਹਿਬ ਗੁਰਦੁਆਰਾ ਸਾਹਿਬ ਵਿਖੇ ਸ਼ੁਸੋਭਿਤ ਹੈ । 
    ਦਰਸ਼ਨ ਕਰੋ ਜੀ । ਅਤੇ ਸ਼ੇਅਰ ਵੀ ਕਰੋ ਜੀ

    Darshan karo ji. This is the 'Chola of HarGobind Paatshaa


    1. Soulfinder


      Bandi Chhor Divas Diyan Vadhaiyan Many Best Wishes Of The Day

    2. (See 1 other reply to this status update)

  13. ਇਹ ਚੋਲਾ ਮੀਰੀ ਪੀਰੀ ਦੇ ਮਾਲਿਕ ਛੇਵੇਂ ਪਾਤਸ਼ਾਹ ਸ੍ਰੀ ਗੁਰੂ ਹਰਿਗੋਬਿੰਦ ਸਾਹਿਬ ਜੀ ਦਾ ਹੈ , ਜੋ ਕਿ ਬਰਨਾਲਾ ਦੇ ਪਿੰਡ ਸੁਖਪੁਰਾ ਮੌੜ ਦੇ ਚੋਲਾ ਸਾਹਿਬ ਗੁਰਦੁਆਰਾ ਸਾਹਿਬ ਵਿਖੇ ਸ਼ੁਸੋਭਿਤ ਹੈ । 
    ਦਰਸ਼ਨ ਕਰੋ ਜੀ । ਅਤੇ ਸ਼ੇਅਰ ਵੀ ਕਰੋ ਜੀ

    Darshan karo ji. This is the 'Chola of HarGobind Paatshaa


  14. 🙏  October 27.



    1. Soulfinder


      Best wishes to everyone !!!

  15. ਦੁਆਰਹਿ ਦੁਆਰਿ ਸੁਆਨ ਜਿਉ ਡੋਲਤ ਨਹ ਸੁਧ ਰਾਮ ਭਜਨ ਕੀ ॥੧

    Dhuaarehi Dhuaar Suaan Jio Ddolath Neh Sudhh Raam Bhajan Kee ||1||

    You wander from door to door like a dog, unconscious of the Lord's meditation.

    ਮਾਨਸ ਜਨਮ ਅਕਾਰਥ ਖੋਵਤ ਲਾਜ ਨ ਲੋਕ ਹਸਨ ਕੀ ॥

    Maanas Janam Akaarathh Khovath Laaj N Lok Hasan Kee ||

    You lose this human life in vain, and You are not even ashamed when others laugh at you


    ਨਾਨਕ ਹਰਿ ਜਸੁ ਕਿਉ ਨਹੀ ਗਾਵਤ ਕੁਮਤਿ ਬਿਨਾਸੈ ਤਨ ਕੀ ॥੨॥੧॥੨੩੩॥

    Naanak Har Jas Kio Nehee Gaavath Kumath Binaasai Than Kee ||2||1||233||

    O Nanak, why not sing the Lord's Praises, so that you may be rid of the body's evil disposition?

    Raag Asa Guru Teg Bahadur

  16. "It is more important to know where you are going than to get there quickly. Do not mistake activity for achievement."
    - Mabel Newcomber


    "Turn your face toward the sun and the shadows will fall behind you."
    - Maori proverb

    *Note: we too, if we face towards Waheguru, all pains and discomforts due to ignorance, will fall behind us.


    "Change your thoughts, change your life!"
    - Unknown


    "Four steps to achievement: Plan purposefully. Prepare prayerfully. Proceed positively. Pursue persistently."
    - William Arthur Ward

    *Note: these tips may very well help us to have His Darshan.


    1. Soulfinder


      Very nice quotes veer ji

  17. "Wisdom is knowing what to do next; Skill is knowing how ot do it, and Virtue is doing it."
    - David Jordan


    "The greatest remedy for anger is delay."
    - Seneca


    "The road leading to a goal does not separate you from the destination; it is essentially a part of it."
    - Charles DeLint

    *Note : This line above in the Light of Gurbani, does also mean, Nam japna leading to Shabad or Anhad Naad, is nothing separate, is the begining of our goal of Shabad Guru.

    1. Soulfinder


      Very nice quotes

  18. 🙏 Dhan Sri Guru Har Rai Sahib Ji Maharaj & Dhan Sri Guru Harkrishan Sahib Ji Maharaj, Oct 22.


  19. "Write your plans in pencil and give God the eraser."

    - Paulo Coelho


    "If you correct your mind, the rest of your life will fall into place."
    - Lao Tzu


    "Who sows virtue reaps honour."
    - Leonardo da Vinci

    *Note: seeing this line in the Light of Gurbani, it means that we have to sow the  virtue of His bhakti, to achieve the honor of acceptance in His  Darbar


    1. Soulfinder


      Very nice quotes veer ji

  20. "Some come to the spiritual life because of suffering, some in order to understand life; some come through a desire to achieve life’s purpose, and some come who are men and women of wisdom. Unwavering in devotion, always united with me, the man or woman of wisdom surpasses all the others."
    ~ Bhagavad Gital

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