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  1. Fateh Sangat ji! Can anyone recommend good books which go into detail about the Sikh contribution and additional details during ' world war I' ?
  2. Bhaiji did a search and it was published in 4 parts at the turn of the last century. They did the same thing with twarikh Guru Khalsa, released it in volumes. Read this http://www.learnpunjabi.org/eos/GUR PUR PRAKASH.html
  3. @Soulfinder that's the one. Gurpur prakash Granth by Sant Renn Singh (descendent of Guru Angad Sahib) so looks like this Granth was printed in 4 parts. Does anyone if its still available?
  4. Fateh Sangat! I was wondering is anyone has any nuggets of info about this Granth, sadly it's missing now( an on going trend) . What kinda stuff was in it? When roughly did it go missing? Did anyone make notes on it ? Is there parts which were copied or preserved by scholars or vidyatees?
  5. Fateh Sangat! Wondering if anyone knows the background of this bani? It appears in the namdhari nitnem. But I've never encountered it the Dasam Saroop and it does appear to be from Sarbloh Granth ji. Any pointers ?
  6. @paapiman so my Q is jn ref.to a comment sikhkhoji left (on this thread i think) regarding the diary kepy by Bhai Natha Singh Patna about Dasam 10....
  7. @paapiman ref. Natha Singh not sure which one. Is there only that produced a diary recounting Gurus activities? Bhai Natha Singh of Patna....
  8. Gurfateh, Does anyone have any knowledge of markings on shastar which indicate whether they belonged to the Guru, I recall some years ago, I was told of certain markings which Dasam Patishah had on certain shastar.
  9. @paapiman Giani Pardaman Singh ji https://www.thesikhencyclopedia.com/sikh-mystics-and-traditional-scholars/parduman-singh-giani-bhai
  10. Also does anyone know whether the orginal Tharra Sahib(plinth) which Guru Hargobind raised still remains in tact? I hear it may have been damaged during the rebuilding in 1984....
  11. @chatanga1 thanks for your feedback, do you of any other traditions associated with the Takht? Is there a manual in how it should be maintained as there is one for Sri Darbar Sahib (Dastoor e amal Sri Darbar Sahib) ?
  12. Hi All, Of late or rather I heard instances whereby the customs of the Akal Takht were different in contrast to today. These include; A) When the Takht Sahib was under custody of Dal Panth, Panth Patishah (Jathedar) would hold court as patishah would, apparently this was the maryada passed down from 6th Patishah and continued from Dasam Patishah onto his heir Guru Khalsa. B) Only Amritdharis were allowed to enter the Takht. C) You were expected to remain in Bir Asan as oppose to chaunkri as per norms. Can anyonr expand on the above or add/historical accounts? Thanks, Khoji
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