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  1. Both brothers Jageera and Dal Singh are spot on here. Don't get me wrong sometimes i come on here for a rant and say random shit, but im also looking for reactions. The issue is pretty obvious for all to see but the response of the Sikh community is interesting and eye opening to say the least. Those Sikhs/Singhs who play this down are just those who do not want physical confrontation with an organisation which clearly out numbers us and are ruthless. For me personally it gives me a clear indication and reinforces what i always knew. We are all Sikhs but few are Singhs, and when i say 'Singhs', i mean the spirit of a Singh not the usual pagh daari amrit bullshit (pooran purkhs are so). Pooran purkhs like Baba Deep.Singh come to mind and the likes of Jarnail Singh who was in our era(somewhat).. Just to add, there's also responses like ' Sikh girls shouldn't have.dated etc with those sulleh'. My view is that even if an apney just wanted a shag and was lustfull, she still does not deserve to.be exploited and blackmailed etc... Put on drugs and prostituted out to dirty old pakis for those who are naive to what goes on.. For no UK phudus, im now hearing apnea admin cut sulleh in Vamcouver and Toronto, matter of time when this fun becomes a nightmare, learn from the UK Sikhs... time for unity and realistic.understanding of where.we are at...
  2. Just to add, id rather kick the shit of apne, including sikhs and amrithdharis, than the real sulleh...
  3. Also, cannot say too much, but i knew Gagan well.. South east london/kent/gravesend is a fuckin pend.. You boys from west midlands love a bit of physical ego.. fuckin pricks
  4. Yeh my mistake bro. When i was at his house the day after he died there was something circulating about the date/day of his old mans death and his..this maybe bollywood, agree.. But not to say the whole drama is false.. Did you go to his funeral??
  5. Try swimming, it actually helps with asthma. Goodluck with whatever you decide to do.
  6. Like i said same action same fate. The weird thing is Gagan died the exact day a year later from when his father was murdered.
  7. Wank that shit out. Lol. Deadlifts... heavy weight as many as you can every other day.. Put that energy into use. Look at sexual transmutation. Find a hobby- martial arts, weight training, any sport, reading, art, photography.. find something you enjoy and put your focus on it..
  8. This is a god example. Singhs need to become independent. What i mean by this is work on yourself, physically, mentally spiritually. Then when you see other like minded.people that becomes.sangat. The huddersfield sikhs are a bunch of pussies. Why the admin cut didnt they pull him up, admin cut his dad. No point in saying afterwards "we knew xyz" like some zee tv gossip.admin cut. I always thought once the old generation dies thing will get better from gurdwara runnings to culture backward mentality, but you know what, same shit different toilet.
  9. @Jageera Good on you with your detox. Raag keertan helped me alot. Especially Siri raag, as its a lot of vairaag and this is more associated with heart than mind. So this may help if you are getting mentally fatigued with reading/ listening to bani simran etc. Also physical exercise would help, simple brisk walks at night or just after you have done path/simran (which is where you find your self getting angry) Anyway, keep it up bro!!
  10. But you get the point of real Singhs not shying away from doing whats right to another regardless of their status etc.. Theres a video of a sikh groomer being jailed and Mohan Singh ripped into him, even to the point at the end said he should take his dastaar off. I dont want to go off topic but i think its important to recognize the fact how majority of our community are so fooled by religious personalities, i mean we take the piss out of pendus back home following pakandi babeh. They do this as the "see" a "religious" figure and automatically put him on a pedastall. How different is that from the people here putting sikh figures such as NKJ tattu Harry on a pedastall that they think his shit dont stink. Now for most we are talking about educated people with professional jobs. Anyone with half a pea brain would know there was some truth to it as Harry was on conditional bail with his passport detained. All the street minded people will know what that means. That was all my point. Sorry for little rant. Go to his local are. South east london/ kent area and gravesend area which is like a pend in itself where everyone knows each others business and you will hear different.
  11. In the time I knew him, he was not amritdhari. Last time we met in person was about 6 months before he died. He didn't say anything about having taken Pahul then. I do remember him wearing the 5 kakaars, but.not sure.. either way he was representing the Guru, especially with the gol pagh and all.. I think this is important.. let me sum it up.. Mona= what a prick should have know better Samosa pagh wala.. probably trim singh or singh who was.forced by his parents to follow sikhi.. therefore what prick and he needs to get a number 1 on the sides and shave his beard. Gol pagh, now this becomes different. Ones knows the path they are walking as soon as you have that image, hence why i feel he should be held.more accountable for his checking actions etc. But hes.just getting people to back him because he was "religious" and made.sikh tv.. I Know for sure he was.pestering her when he had his gol pagh on.. no doubt about that.. Malech has always been there but Singhs weren't so sensitive and emotional to the point where they would let a Sikh/Singh get away with shit cos of their outer identity.. Maharaja Ranjit got lashed a few time by the Akalis.. Same action, same fate. Apple does not fall too far from the tree as the old gora would say.
  12. The thing is he was checking this girl for ages and imo got obsessed when a women paid him a bit of attention.. He defo tried to quench his lust by forcing himself on her or pressuring her into having sex.. but i dont think either he raped her... What i find a little annoying (not surprising) is why peoppe are not questioning his actions with him being an amritdhari.. Why was he checking this girl with him being on this spiritual path of controlling his mind and defeating the panj chor.. Now if he was a mona etc i would still think its wrong but they are not representing Gurus roop. The standards of a "Singh" nowadays is an absolute joke, from their spiritual avastha to their physical training.
  13. Been deleted again.. im sorry for my bad comments.. maybe gagan was innocent as he was amritdhari.... i feel like crying now.. he had a pagh...he is the best..oh my days...
  14. admin cut knows bro we can make a whole zee tv drama out of this shit. All i know is that he was checking her.. She after a bit told him its over. Gagan could not take it and showered her with calls/messages etc, you know the score.. Now if he did rape her.. now theres different types of rape ie, forced raped deceived rape pressured rape etc.. if thats the case then admin cut good on her.. but just the fact that a phudu looking patka sikh boy and his gora mate hit him on the head with a baseball bat, rolled him up in a carpet and burnt a car at a petrol station..lol.. i mean the boys were amateur/naive, for them to do that, patka singh was defo in love with this bird.. She defo did her charitra for a pappu to baseball bat Gaggan.. Mate dont want to be writing a whole essay as theres much init but what i would say is they all fucked up, big deal only made as Gagan was an amritdhari. The whole Sikh/panjabi/amritdhari community need to wake up. We've had enough of this shit.. from Sukha Singh to NKJ Harinder batty man and many other gay pricks. If you want to be batty etc then stop presenting yourself as a religious person. And the only way sangat can make a difference it to boycott there kirtan shows and stop putting these phudus on a pedestal..
  15. Flip side of being attracted to rich dastaar wearing men could also be as follows. ..she was kaami and knew having relations with pagh wearing men would not be so bad if "family" found out. .. she played with fire, so to speak, but it was a safe haven ( again, to being caught), - this is all sexual shit .. she loved the money and or status side of things, but mans wanted pussy-she didnt want to play that game, so things got.out of control..rest is history.. "amritdhari gagan was sexually frustrated and wanted to bang her, ( in process pestered her) she was pissed off so wanted to teach him a lesson... death was not meditated so to speak... ( gagan should have done an NKJ harinder stlye thing and start buming his boys).. oh well Mr Singh with her now is counting his sexual blessings as he is one ugly admin cut, and she an alright sort of piece.. so all parties involved may be happy. Generally not much to get excited.about this article, just the fact its happened in our time so to speak... for the lunds out there, charitropakiyan aint so inaccurate now is it.. also shits gonna get worse..
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