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  1. to add, its not the fact who can these girls turn to, you wern't their in the first place. Singhs?? lets at least get an interpretation/definition?
  2. @amardeep Mate you live in some fantasy land. Live in reality. Jagraj was all good, but who currently is Khalsa?? you've got moneh doing the ground work, where are the Singhs? Mate listen to Dal Singhs indirect words, we are facing mafia esk operation.. wake up and smell it..smh
  3. Just saw his work. Very good. I like it. Look at art of punjab by Kanwar. Then you get sikhi art. Look at Kanwar's display pic and now bhagatee has copied. its soo obvious. Mate, if pricks on this site dont get it by now, all i can say is they are very naive...and that's me being polite
  4. ,Well if anyone associated my name with a paki name, i will run riot. Yes i'm not polite. But why did you not say 'Samurai Ji like Bhagat Ji' Bhagat is really taking you for a ride...lol I really feel i need to go from this site .lol, simply cos you do not even get the banter.lol
  5. So you are from India? Are you a sullah (muslim)..If you're takin the piss with your comment then fair play. if not then unless you are a sullah, i cont see why you are proud of that title.. Khan Bahadur.. I was about to give a sakhi from the oral tradition of Nihangs. But now i realise, unlike books, this tradition is only for those who have personal contact with that tradition. ( having said that, there have been phudus saying this shit openly for ego purposes).. Any way please refer to my name as Samurai Ji.. please...as you have lovingly done to your fantasy boyfriend Bhagati JI.. . You need to join the dhandri lot, they like abit of arse..
  6. @MrDoaba Just wait for the response, which will be in a few days. This gives the perception he has pondered over your comments and gave a thoughtful response. I bet it will be twice as long as your reply..lol i said it to @Reader and i'll say it to you too, you will be going round in circles with bhagat. Because his fan boys admire his art, they automatically take his words for gospel.(they being people on this site)
  7. also mods take me off 'this content needs to be approved ' mode. its annoying. Just want to say, for all those I've offended or made any hurtful comments to.. i would like to take this opportunity to sincerely apologise for........ ABSOLUTELY NUTTINK...hahaha as per Conor McGregor..lol
  8. @Reader Mate you will be going round in circles with this fella. Plus his fanboys on this site keep pumping him up.
  9. 1. Would love to see that. Have you been in unpredictable violent situations? if not how do you know you will be ready for battle. This may not be the romantic battle on the field it may be a civil riot. 2. Aint got issue with those meditate if i did i wouldn't claim to be a sikh. You have sant and yodeh meditating, i have an issue with pappus who do the flowery meditation then act like they yodeh when they aint gonna do sh1te. 3. If your blood is boiling from my posts and your not doing f'all about real sikh issues out there then you are defo a phudu. 4. my display name should give you an indication as to which weapon i am training with. do you even train? or are you a pot belly meditating how brave you will be in battle when in reality you will avoid confrontation.
  10. samurai2

    Dhadrianwala Vs Great Sikhs

    In general, he is pretty much giving the basic philosophical veechar on any dharam. Am i the only one finding this hilarious. Mate i need to dress up and make some serious money.. ****on this site are very much oblivious
  11. samurai2

    Dhadrianwala Vs Great Sikhs

    If you observe kids, they are very much energy sensitive. You may notice a pattern that young kids at the age of 2-7/8 they only go to those who are good in nature and reluctant to those who are not.( you know what i mean, the jealous aggitated aunty compared to the caring one) Tav prasad held that at an age where he could independently judge. His judgement is something that is shared by many sikhs/singhs.
  12. When Thakur Singh says they get a 'cold' or 'thand' feeling in baba jis presence, at same time total peace/shant.... this is a big hint of shaheedi phera.
  13. samurai2

    Black James Bond - Paul Chowdry

    Cool, didn't know that. I'll look into that. The only thing i was aware of was the black panthers..
  14. samurai2

    Tea And Meditation

    Indeed he was and still is. In regards to tea and diet in general, it depends on your practice and what you want to achieve. That will in itself decide whether a food product or liquid is beneficial to you or not.