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  1. @BhagatSinghwhat are your views on the above, this goes for you/vishnu and both collectively (or as you put it, vishnu guiding you- you speak as he says)
  2. Thanks, its like a nickname of the all pr-evading energy..just like vishnu siva etc ok so now hindu is a country. with you. irrelevant, its more of an understanding of where one is coming from ie you. Again, need to understand your question.. if it is an analogy and hindu is a country then answer is yes. That's the question.. still awaiting Again to reiterate, for one who claims he is blessed by the guidance of "Hari" and speaks/acts/studies accordingly and he is your "guru" i really have to question the above statement. I dont mind playing ignorance as long as you can answer questions not dodge them.
  3. As is allah mahakall shiva smelly socks etc... you are going to have to expand on this.. geographic meaning in areas where sikhi arose was predominantly hindu ( hindu as in lay terms)....more the vaishnav way of thought?... religion is a more structured way of practice?? the do's and don'ts?? this being the distinct identity?.. im just trying to understand your vague answer. that's the serious comment next will be deleted. @sarabatam you will be w*nking over this comment.. no swear words and will get your fav members to express their sh*t forgive me for my mistakes and take my paap on your heads.. pls do this ardas
  4. Defo agree... Guru granth sahib is actually telling us how to meditate on hari/har (vishnu)...
  5. "It took a few years but I have finally figured out how to read Guru Granth Sahib correctly" who is " Vishnu?? we sikhs are defo hindu
  6. This is getting a little personal..but point is the mentality.. members need to put pressure on mods.. or lets call this site limited sikh awareness.. or sikh limited practice, as we need to get sikh as primary word for results on google...
  7. Also reason for this is, when one speaks the truth ppl hide it. These are so called sikhs/khalsa.. i put a comment on the dandriwalel topic.. got deleted straight away..why??.. That neosingh now sarbat woteva.. needs to check himself..if he wants to live in rainbow land all good.. he can call himself the turban tellytubby....using baba Jagjit Singh's name then takes out my post..
  8. Bhagat- you have some big time ego issues. ppl on this site are just pumping you up as they love your art , which is very good but i prefer/appreciate Kanwar Dhillon's expression. One thing i do not get, if vishnu/bism etc is guiding you/talking to you/is your inner guru, how the hell did it take you so long to read gurbani when according to your mat the adi granth is all based on Hari/vishnu?? the sihari's etc is actually comical to me, just surprised other members haven't circled you, lets call it Vaheguru's khed.
  9. Mate, it's never going to stop only get worse, as the "new" sulleh are either the mirpuri's doing such scum shit or the pataans shaggings sikh girls and putting that shit on the net. I was a little surprised (i don't know why) when i heard a lot of sikh girls getting abortions from their paki lovers from b'ham. No point going into all this as you know the score with SP back in the day. It's just pappus in charge now. It goes back to your point of the topic you started in regards to Rai Singh, its spiritual type of people trying to be warriors. Advising on worldly politics which is what they are trying to get away from in the first place as its connected with maya.. they doing more damage then good.
  10. samurai2

    The Tale of Kharag Singh

    @sarabatam about time to close the topic.
  11. samurai2

    The Tale of Kharag Singh

    yes according to your mat.. you cannot fathom such things hence asking for physical evidence all the time..when you get to a certain avastah, certain things manifest themselves..(circle of arguments surrounding this...so cannot be bothered.) I could ask such stupid questions...was there a guru nank,?? if so then where is the birth certificate? i could go on for ages in regards to physical evidence.
  12. samurai2

    The Tale of Kharag Singh

    just cont take the fact his admin cut got man handled by a Singh. Also used deceit form a deva to distract Kharag Singh before he cowardly chopped his head behind his back. Then his ass got handed back to him. Nah not going to provide evidence, use your own tools to get to the truth rather than getting spoon fed and also use that as an excuse to prove you are "right".
  13. samurai2

    Death of the Nihangs

    @Singh123456777 Nah bro not worried at all, just cannot stand people who talk as if their word is gospel, when they don't know sh*t. Don't waste your energy on that phuddu niddar the giddar, he sh*t his pants when he went to Hazur Sahib. In nanded the sikhs have big time respect for Nihangs, who themselves are proud and tyar bar tyar themselves, even though they are ghrist. They also understand firmly who is a sikh and who is khalsa. Which is another justifiable reason why Baba Prem Singh Akali is the Jatherdar of Bhudda dal. i keep saying its my last comment then i read something that i feel i need to reply..lol. but Going back to the oringal topic, Nihangs are dead. Not in a million years, the philosophy of the nihangs is out in numbers with a different form/expression. Many thakareh sants/akalis will take birth in the west, our generation is paving the way for them, or paving the way for ourselves in the future.. One last thing, people really need to get this... there are people who want mukhti, as they see maya as an illusion and no point getting involved. Brilliant, beautiful and respect for their desire.However, their are also those who see that maya will always be here and want to fight for righteous.The nihangs want to take birth again and again as long as their guru is Guru Gobind Singh Ji. is this such a hard concept to understand..
  14. samurai2

    Death of the Nihangs

    So the one threatening to close this topic due to the industrial language used, is himself indulging in such practices. This is so typical, fuking hypocrite. Mate you were never polite, you wanted to pick up this dead forum so you needed characters like me. Well good luck and all the best brave man.