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  1. Bring on history... and i want references .. Page numbers bitches .. Lets go
  2. Big up the jatt boys!!!....bare man stopping my post......jatt life!!!!
  3. Waiting for historical shit..lol.. "Like in 1755, its written jesus was blue.." .lol..page 154, para.2"...
  4. Seriously fix up you non jatts.... You could learn a thing or two from us kattar jatts...lol
  5. As we 'jatts' did so bad... What the admin cut were all you non 'jatts'.sikhs. doing??? What were you doing to improve and escalating sikh philosophy??
  6. A hip hop vibe going on now... Big shout to my sikh unit brothers.. https://youtu.be/7cqNYmE0Imw
  7. Not feeling the bruva but still support his movement Shows a lot that a east london bad man supporting his shit too..klash kills it....
  8. I dont know why us asian peeps love usa shit..lets keep it local man
  9. Just to add... jatts have fucked up in the past, not economically but political acuteness.. The 'tharkhans' now are fukin up also by sided and.being like the gorah from an academic prospective... ?? Time will tell
  10. Nah man... if its the right thing, who cares who says it??..(really??) boy man, coming from someone who cusses jatt for back in the day shit.. ain't we all one then (at that time)???.. NAH MAN!!.. we jatt taking credit for that above tune... you tarkans, chamaars, bedi(s) can bounce...
  11. Fucked up as Jatts are, we always show up.... Better know...
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