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  1. Nirvair khalsa controversy

    NKJ's hype has died somewhat but still draws a crowd. But i think he will do a sukha singh and go abroad, no disrespect but Canada is a generation behind and US is doing catch up. Again in regards to Ranjit, his core following will always be loyal. Which are in numbers. But taksalis/nihangs/akj/clued up sikhs regard him as garfield.
  2. Nirvair khalsa controversy

    The only reason i feel he is let off is because he is the student of bhramgyani ranjit singh tattuvala...
  3. Bad Ankle sprain

    pure pink Himalayan salt.. soak it in hot water (hot enough to tolerate not burn) for roughly 15-30 mins, then run cold water on the ankle..hope this helps
  4. The Tale of Kharag Singh

    I'm actually interested in this. I know the story of Kharag Singh and Krishan maharaj, but that was not in this jug, and from my understanding islam was manifested in kaliyug. I stand to be corrected.
  5. Death of the Nihangs

    I'd rather be around someone who loves his degh and is a sadhu yodha than someone who walks around with a rusty screwdriver,..who's the crackhead? haha, niddar is a true soorma, next thing to bruce lee..just needs to get balbiro bhabis bum fluff out his mouth, maybe then he can communicate properly..lol Ahh yes, the obligatory, "lets blame nihangs for innocent lives taken at harimandhir sahib (which could have been avoided)" cliche when their hero is questioned.
  6. Nirvair khalsa controversy

    This person is a sexual predator, the so called panth do not want to admit it as he generates soo much money to any gurdwara, as his basic emotional sikhi touches other g*ys.
  7. Nirvair khalsa controversy

    Look at that g*y touching..real singhs yeh??
  8. Death of the Nihangs

    mate you need to shut your noise, cos you aint got a clue. Did you meet joginder singh? have you ever? if not why? please dont tell me your one of those keyboard warriors and then bricks it..if not, so what are you doing? you in uk? you fighting grooming? what you doing bro? what you doing for your panth?
  9. Death of the Nihangs

    Very articulately put. I'm very impressed. Akaal thatkt jathedar was always the jatherdar of buddha dal up until sgpc was formed.. I was waiting for the niddar/kamalroop connection.. can only lol at that. "Thirdly on one hand you assert that the Sant and Indra were one and then yourself dismiss your contention by claiming the contrary- at least the Sant (if your tale is to be accepted) turned against Indra unlike the Nihangs who bowed down to her. "....mate you really need to start reading what i have put up and stop with the quick fundamentalist khalistani/defensive response. one thing you fail to fathom is that, only because one is a thakarah bhagat/tapasvi etc that they cannot make a mistake (intentionally or not) ok, Why did Jarail singh base himself at akaal thakt? (dont want a fairy tale- we can all play that game) Why did he not move to another location when he knew on guru arjun dev ji's shaheedi day there will be mass sangat prseent, and the india govt was to invade. (they were coming for him) one thing im very personally interested in is, where did bhindrewale and his yodhe get arms from?? (please put your answer in lay terms so we don't have to pull out a dictionary every time you respond)
  10. Honor Killings

    well there is 2 types of honour kiling... 1)one to take a life to protect honour/dignity (all those involved are in consent ) 2) to take life to guards ones ego..(victim is not in consent) figure it out.. from a personal point, sikhs are becoming thick f**ing idiots, cont read behind the lines and want to be spoon fed.. grow some.. seriously..
  11. Honor Killings

    It is well known, that sikh men in 1947 would give their daughters tablets of poison to take if muslims men took over the trains going from now pakiland to now panjab. rather than getting raped by these scums, is this considered honour killing? There is a recent case in the old baily (only serious crimes) in london where a paki father got his daughter raped and killed as a honour killing..
  12. Nirvair khalsa controversy

    Agree Crystal.. This was blatantly guilty as shit, the charges were only dropped as there was not enough substantial evidence to prosecute.. but enough so to put him on bail... bail means enough evidence to investigate...th euk sytem do not think like us, they think expense v conviction probability.
  13. Death of the Nihangs

    Well, if you paid attention to my first few posts, i did mention santa singh could be connected to congress..but i stand by his main motive was to gain power of akkal takth..which rightfully belongs to the jathedar of buddha dal.. (this could be for many reasons including money) Jarnail singh was working with indra gandhi and was going to be a representative of congress in punjab, until he realised that his motive of gaining sikh rights will be squashed, hence him starting a movement. Amarjeet Singh, understand raaj neeti, and understand an approach to ultimately gain a desire. Its soo not black and white, and i can assure you im looking things from many angles, hence i believe santa singh wrong to not join forces with jarnail singh and getting the whole fauj together. But to totally vilify santa singh, well in my opinion is wrong. he probably was, but lets not start with grooming, sexual exploitation. this includes everyone even rara sahib, nanaksar etc.. kaljug phera.. yes he does take pheem, and degh aswell daily.. whats your point?.. what is your diet.. please tell me you have no meat/eggs/onions/ginger/garlic/caffeine..
  14. Judaism Origins From Hinduism?

    experience of god, merges you back to the lingham experience is also duality