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  1. Mate you have studied me, if only you gave your own bhuddi that much attention... Tell me the success of grooming issues?..its gonna take a large scale revolt.. your dumb fukin arse dont get it...the 'main jatt ah' is coming straight outta you.. Probably same as your niece/nephew who call you thaiya/chacha...actually not so bad as i did not do the bad karm..your conscious if defo not clean there, prick...hope you didn't pay to abort 'jatt ah' prick.. Teach yourself a lesson before coming here like a phudu jatt talking fudhu shit.me an my bros shit, bet your the youngest, admin cut runt..
  2. Mate you are a dumb motherfucker man.. serious.. Aint got time to sit around the internet, yet you got some quick arse responses to my posts.. and read all.my shit.. man you have some issues.. Fudhu jatt more looking at past and next gen.... what have you done??.. admin cut all... taking credit for shit your boys have done.. sellout prick, go to white man and hindus for unionship....prick.. Cool, im also done with some fudhu jatt acting like a man when hes probably the father to his nephew, and his chacha is his real dad..lol... so im also done with you the guy did shit with his bros and is a real jatt..you're a joke..... good luck old boy who aint done shit
  3. So you are a fan boy?.. reading all my posts..lol.. dickhead..get a life man you admin cut prick... Im glad you had your time when you was young and having fist fights.. times changed, no wander you and your bros did a tuck tail and run, modern times too lethal for you mate..giddar
  4. Haha.. playing my game??.. man.. come up with something better you confused fudhu 'jatt'... You defo have mental issues... first accusing me of using psychology shit then do the same yourself?? Serious man, sort it out.. Insecure etc??.. ok maybe so... but what does that make you with the fake indirect shit like you some big jatt tackling sulleh issues with your bad boy brothers??.. you live in some fantasy world,.
  5. You defo are a phudu jatt for sure..a little success in battling grooming and you think we all get together and will change the world..mate get out of tellytubby land The only reason 'christians' or as i say white ppl are paying attention is because shits hit their doorstep.. where were those fuckers in late 80s 90s era when sikh fought this shis when even the 5'0 were turning a blind eye.. even to the point of setting some our boys up.. mate you dont know shit.. just a pendu fudhu jatt.. You naive admin cut.. join forces??? Lmao.. Here we go again... 'main jatt ah'.. prick.. so you and your bros did great seva man, big your self up with the subtle indirect quotes to say you did shit... don't bother with the fake nimrita response... but i suppose you will to massage your jatt ego.. also look into the philosophy of the tenth master, he wanted his Singhs to be just like him and independent...not phudus calling for help and union ship. But i get where you are coming from, a lot of pricks like you out there with a slave mentality.. Lol.. again your fudhu jatt over poweres your bhuddi.. now i also admin cut about making rash comments here for a laugh but you seem like what you write is how you actually are.. i get that as you are a class A lund. Yoda pretty much means warrior so its fair for someone to give an english translation of that... where as samurai has different meanings, go study little boy, or do you want 'evidence' to spoon feed your lazy arse...your dumb ass still wont get it... and i wont start on your family..ie mum dad etc, its not their fault they gave birth to a giddar...having said that the apple.does not fall far from the tree.. Mate your intuition is fooling you.. as they say you get wiser with age, in your case its the admin cut opposite. Mate have you even read or studied about sikhi?? You really are coming out as a phudu pendu jatt.. the "main jatt ah" kind of pussy..
  6. Brilliant... The pussy that talks about caste equality!!.. What a fuckin prick
  7. You are defo showing your lack of intelligence..supporting and joining are 2 different things.. advice, get a admin cut dictionary and learn the difference, better yet- we have google baba. Calling me a choora at the same time talking about cast equality.. boy you are a phudu pendu jatt, say one shit and act another. In regards to sikh independence, ill ask you... when have we as sikhs ever looked to join forces? When we have we got fucked over.. and i aint gonna provide 'evidence' and fukin references, if you dont know by now you probably will never know. Slave mentality. I get how i come across to you, fair enough as you are entitled to your opinion. You come across as a phudu white man pleaser. More concerned with joining forces and pleasing your master white man.. you admin cut sell out. Its cos of your mentality our pa th is in the fucked up state it is. Its obvious someone like you aint done shit but maybe have a mate or cousin who has done shit and your using their knowledge to 'indirectly' say your some yodah, your name should be 'giddar'. We can all lie in life or on this internet shit but maharaj knows whos legit and whos fake, you my brother are defo the latter.
  8. Heartbreaking?.. ahh bless your cottons.. Joining forces? Why?? admin cut pussy aint got a clue... what about sikh independency ..
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