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  1. Kalpu


    Satta Balvaad De Vaar Ramkali Ki Vaar ? What is this, i dont have any info?
  2. Kalpu


    Is it okay if we do wrong Oochaar of any word of nitnem by mistake? I mean there are many contexts have fear that if you do wrong ouchar u will b punished... U know i am new, so it happens alot of time, kindly plz guide me
  3. Kalpu


    Yeah this is what... Just hoping Guru Nanak bless me with his Nam & Simran...
  4. Kalpu


    Exactly what... I am new so i need time to say corect words, i still use audio file & context written together to do right Oochaar... Of every single lafz... I do listen Gubani videos daily too... It takes alot of time... To do everything together... So just trying... I dont want to leave anything.... Just want to make my habit of daily life... Nitnem! Conection to Guru Naanak
  5. Kalpu


    Dhan Guru Nanak I have a question... Is it is necesary to do jap All the context of Japji Sahib, Jap Sahib, & Anand Sahin daily? Tav Parsad & choupai are of 7 8 mins. But these three are of 25 to 35 mins... It takes 1 hour & 45 mins to complete this 5... Can we jap them short?? Or is it okay to jap them one by one on diffrent time... I am not able to wake up at Amrit waila... This happens rare... But i want to do nitnem daily but it takes long time... So what can i do? Even i want to make Rehras Sahib & kirtan sohaila also part of evning & night... But All together needs long time, And also mol mantar jap! Please guide better ways so i can be a better Gurmukh Waheguru Ji Ka Khalisa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!
  6. Maybe somenot... But sentances... Every sentance... Very clearly!!
  7. I guess he is saying that raise ur character + raise your aatmic level... Raise ur conection with God, but also raise ur habits.... God has gifted us 10 duwar, 9 are duniyavik, and the last one is aatmik, if we never visited inner one, never find ourself and God inside, then 9 are meaningless... He is simply telling that, maryada is neccesary + dharam is actually observed, when we have changed ourself by inside outside too... Not just by hypocrisy a lil
  8. Never published Only english sindhi urdu version... As bieng a Hindu... I know, Do u want to try english one?
  9. I will start, i do understand punjabi a lilttle... Actually i am a bit scared
  10. What happens if someone not cover head while reading gurbani?
  11. You just made my life easy ❤ which prayer i can give uh? Guru Nanak bless you with bestest best thankyou so much for true guidance... Now i am more comfortable with my aim
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