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  1. It is a historical fact that in 1858, Satguru Ram Singh Ji or Baba Ram Singh was the initiator of the Amrit Ceremony to be performed for the women-folk, thus giving them equal rights and standing without any discrimination.
  2. Hey take a look at this article I found at the the Tribune India news paper. What do you think of this article? Tributes paid to Satguru Ram Singh From Our Correspondent RAYIAN (Ludhiana), Feb 10 — The research-based study project undertaken by Guru Nanak Dev University on the life and contribution of Sat Guru Ram Singh, founder of the Namdhari sect, would be given further impetus. The Baba Ram Singh Chair has already been set up for this purpose. This was stated by the Information and Public Relations Minister, Mr Natha Singh Dalam, while presiding over a state-level function organised by the state government on the parkash utsav of Sat Guru Ram Singh here today. He said Sat Guru Ram Singh launched a crusade against the British rule and the non-cooperation concept given by him had shaken the British raj. He continued the struggle for India’s independence peacefully and through non-violence. Lauding the contribution of Sat Guru Ram Singh for eradication of social evils and bringing awakening among the people Mr Dalam said it had contributed in a big way for social transformation. The real tribute to Baba Ram Singh would be to follow his ideals and make this universe an abode of peace, progress and prosperity, he said. Mr Dalam said that 80 per cent of the warriors who made supreme sacrifices for the noble cause belonged to Punjab. He said movements like Kuka movement had their origin in Punjab and Punjabis fought bravely against the British raj. Mr Dalam said the Punjab Government had taken various steps for perpetuating the memory of Sat Guru Ram Singh and other Kuka warriors by setting up memorials. The state government had already approached the Central Government for installing a life size portrait of Sat Guru Ram Singh in the Central Hall of Parliament. The Minister said the village middle school would be upgraded to the high school level and the birth place of Sat Guru Ram Singh Ji would be developed. Mr Dalam presented a draft for Rs 5.59 lakh to the Namdhari trust on behalf of the Punjab Government for setting up Rs 10 lakh night soil based bio-gas plant by the Punjab Energy Development Agency under national bio-gas development programme of the Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources. The Speaker of the Punjab Vidhan Sabha, Mr Charanjit Singh Atwal, also paid rich tributes to Sat Guru Ram Singh. Sat Guru Jagjit Singh Ji, head of the Namdhari sect, and various leaders of different political parties and social groups participated in the function and paid their rich tributes to Sat Guru Ram Singh.
  3. I feel that everyone has their own ideology of the manifestation where they feel more at home and close to Sikhi. My True home would be wherever god makes it to be. I think in reality my home would India evn though I live in Canada. I think that North America is going to become fercious in the future. When worst comes to worst, I think I will be safe in a place where great sages and our gurus lived.
  4. Is this a Hypothetical Question? Is Gabbar really serious about this? Gabbar sometimes our destines are predetermined. Are you destined to become a Sant? Read the following quotes of the Granth Sahib above. In the grath sahib it says asaNkh jog man rahahi udaas. Countless Yogis, whose minds remain detached from the world. akhree naam akhree saalaah. From the Word, comes the Naam; from the Word, comes Your Praise. akhraa sir sanjog vakhaan. From the Word, comes destiny, written on one's forehead. Perhaps you should think of these 3 things I wrote above.
  5. I would like to address an important issue about state of punjab. Several sources indicate that the Sikh's want a seperate state from India which will be called Khalistan. I do not understand what these Sikhs are thinking of. There really is not much of a difference between hindu and sikh's. Is this some sort of Media propaganda or are the Sikh's actually thinking of sovereignty. Our great Guru's kept India as a whole and what right does it give us ask for seperation. Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji travelled to many places in India and helped the suffering humanity and to show them the path of righteousness. Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji fought the mughal empire for the sake of religion for everyone in India not just for Sikh's but Hindus as well. Sri Guru Ram Singh Ji stood up against the British Empire and their sikhs sacrificed their lives for the freedom of India. Anyone who thinks of Khalistan should think twice before making any wrongful decision that they might regret later on. I do not think the Sikh's as a whole would survive. The economy and the society would take a huge downfall. Will our Guru's be happy if we take these kinds of actions? What is even sad is, our Sikhi panth is divided as well. We have various Sikhi sects like KALI's (ones who believe in the granth sahib as their guru), Radaswani's (believing in sants) and Namdhari's ( believe in a living guru). The question if the Sikh's cannot live together as a whole, then how can you live in a independent state together???? The Sikh's cannot even agree on what or who is a true Guru. Sikhs fight against each others point of view yet they achieve nothing. The bottom line, Khalistan will not be achieved and if it was achieved, it would not even last that long. I do not think that our Guru's would allow such a thing. As a Namdhari Sikh, i am better off following the orders of my Guru where i can live in peace and in harmony. Anyone who supports Khalistan, I wish them all the best! Sat Sri Akal (Dhan Guru Gobind Singh Ji Sahai and Dhan Guru Ram Singh Ji Sahai)
  6. Pictures of Sri Bani Sahib in the District of Luiadana Punjab India 2004.
  7. according to sikh history he is consider to be the 12th guru of sikism who is still alive today. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Moderator Note: He is 12th Guru as per Namdhari belief not as per Sikh history.
  8. check out this picture of 1860 of satguru ram singh ji.
  9. sant/guru ram singh ji picture in the time of the british raj.
  10. check out this 19th century picture of sant/guru ram singh ji.
  11. 1st of all i would like say that I am glad that everyone liked the Namdhari Sangeet. 1st of I all I would like to appoin that guru ram singh ji did not go to burma on holidays. secondly guru rams singh ji was exiled in in 1872 and disappeared from prision in 1885. The reaons why the namdhari sikhs were executed was that the fact that they saved the holy cow from being salughtered by the butchers. Few of the the Namdhari sikhs killed butchers and released the defenceless animals. When the British found out the truth about this, they executed the namdhari sikhs with out a fair trial. The British accused Satguru Ram Singh Ji for encouraging the namdhari sikhs for the slaying of the Butchers without any proof. The ironic thing about this history was that, Satguru Ram Singh Ji was ready for his exiled before an arrest warrant was issued. Because of Satguru Partap Singh ji and Satguru Jagjit Singh ji's kirpa that the Namdhari's have become masters of classical music. Without their blessings none of this could have happened. If you would like to listen to namdhari classical music. please visit the following sites. 1. www.namdhari-world.com Click on Sangeet. 2. www.namdhari.faithweb.com Click on Namdhari Radio.
  12. pardan veer ji, no guru in the history claimed themselves to be guru. sadu or sants asked guru nanak dev ji who their guru was. guru ji replied, the guru is shabad. how can you contradict that to guru ram singh jis situation? go to www.sikh-heritage.co.uk and click on the section of research. once you click on research, read some facts on guru gobind singh jis death. whoever wrote the facts of guru gobind singh ji has evidence to support his arguments.
  13. hey guys i found some interesting sakhi of this saint or guru ram singh ji. read this sakhi. Goray Sergeant Nu Jungle Vich Darshan Dittay ([He] Gave Audience To The White Sergeant In A Jungle) Bhagat Singh and Sukhdev Singh were two brothers. Bhagat Singh was the president of Namdhari Sangat at the time this happened. One day he was driving Satguruji's car towards Kampala when suddenly he was ordered to make a stop. [satguruji] got down and started walking into the jungle, where a small but clean, livable place was found. In that place lived one Caucasian in the Namdhari Bana (Uniform). This white Englishman was a sergeant in the British army. When the lawless British arrested and deported Satguru Ram Singh Ji to Ilahabad in 1872, the mentioned sergeant was on duty there. There Satguru Ram Singh Ji stayed for almost a month. The English chief, lord Wable had then given an order that all those imprisoned there be hanged. With the Satguru was one Mangal Singh, who had bestowed one Chini (White horse) upon Satguru Ram Singh Ji. Upon hearing lord Wable's order, Mangal Singh became discontent. He became very worried about his family and especially his children. The all-knowing Satguru, to console Mangal Singh, said: "Mangal Siha Ghabra Na, Sanu Phansi Dayn Vala Aap Nahi Rehna|" [Fear Not Mangal Singh, The Person Who Wants To Hang Us Will Be No More Himself."]. Lord Wable went to see the site at the Andaman cellular jail. He wanted to know how many more people could be accommodated there. There, imprisoned, was one Sher Muhammad. He was sentenced to die there even though he was innocent. Life in the Andaman cellular jail was no different than putting a live person through hell. The place was crawling with pests, and the prisoners there were put to do all sorts of vigorous laboring tasks. Going through the hardship made Sher Muhammad hopeless and he thought it would be better to die than live under such circumstances. The omniscient Satguru had then, with His grace, planted in Sher Muhammad's mind the idea that since he was ready to give up his life, that he should finish off lord Wable as well. One day a dagger came into Sher Muhammad's possession. Since then he started waiting for the right opportunity to attack. One day as lord Wable was getting off a ship to get on a small boat, Sher Muhammad saw it to be his chance and at once seized the opportunity and stabbed lord Wable twice in the back. He was badly injured and consequently died at the hospital. Sher Muhammad was put to trial. In the filled courtroom, he announced to the judge: "My Khuda (God) has given me this order. I was going to die anyway, but it is better to follow God's Words and finish off a criminal before dying." Sher Muhammad was later found guilty and consequently hanged. On the other side, other than Satguru Ram Singh Ji, ten Suba Sahibs, Sant Mangal Singh and Bhai Nanu Singh were detained at Ilahabad. It was not much later when the Maharaja of Patiala gave an order that to free Mangal Singh, whom he insisted on being innocent of all charges. Satguruji's Words were thus fulfilled. Mangal Singh was not only not hanged but even returned home. There (in Ilahabad) whenever Satguruji would give discourse to the Suba Sahibs, the mentioned sergeant would be carefully listening. The sergeant knew the Indian language and hence he paid considerable attention to Satguruji's Words. One day he heard Satguruji say that "Gori Sarkar Bohuti Dayr Nahi Rehni." ["The White (English) Government Would Not Last For Too Long."]. The Satguru's Words cleansed the white sergeant's heart. Keeping faith in the Satguru's Words, one day he made a request saying, "Babaji, the Naam that you recite, can I recite it too?" Realizing the sergeant's faith and commitment, Satguruji also gave him the Bhajan (Naam). When the order was issued for Satguruji to be transported else where, the sergeant followed Him until He reached the sea port at Calcutta. There he inquired, "Babaji, what is your order for me now?" Satguruji ordered that he was already given the Bhajan and that he should do Bhajan with his family and drink water obtained from natural sources only. After his retirement, the sergeant evidently traveled to the jungle in Africa where he spent his life meditating. Giani Teja Singhji said that he told me all about this white sergeant because Sri Satguru Partap Singh Ji had walked through the jungle just to meet the mentioned white sergeant. Once a few teenagers, wood collectors by profession, traveled through the jungle in Uganda. They were not Namdharis. They went and saw this white person who had constructed a small but spotless place to live in. Upon seeing him doing Bhagti (Meditating) and wearing Namdhari attire several times, one day they decided to ask him "From where did you get these clothes?" The sergeant told them his entire story from meeting with Satguru Ram Singh Ji to how he received the Bhajan. The boys then went on to ask "Have you had Darshan of Satguru Ram Singh Ji ever since?" to which he replied "At first, for about two years I did not have His Darshan, but then one day as I thought of the Satguru in great anguish, Babaji came and while placing His Hand on my shoulder, He said that he was no longer under the custody of the whites and that He would travel to several other countries before returning to His own Land. Now whenever I think of Him, I am blessed with His audience. Because of that person's level of spirituality, Satguru Partap Singh Ji Himself traveled through the jungle to give him His Darshan and bless him with happiness. He then told everything to the driver, Bhagat Singh, who told Giani Teja Singh about it. Giani Teja Singh had told me this entire Sakhi so I am now putting it forward to the Sadh Sangat. -Harishchandra Arora
  14. in one of guru gobind singh ji's hukham it says to believe in granth sahib as the guru. if you go to www.namdhari-world.com and read guru ram singh jis history, it says to believe in granth sahib as the holy book. how could both guru differernate two hukham's. some people believe in guru ram singh ji as their guru; does that mean those people are wrong. so who is right or wrong here? i am disorented can anyone explain? i have visited this site; the site is called http://www.sikh-heritage.co.uk/. if anyone visit that site, read the section about guru gobind singh ji's death.
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