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  1. EkUtamPanthSunyoGurSangat

    Meditation - My Experiance, Am I Allowed To Share?

    I am trying to become a doctor too. I am in grade 11 and planning to apply to mcmaster health science next year.It's the most competitive program in Canada. I want to use my time this summer wisely and do some bhagti hopefully with maharaj's grace to walk on this path.
  2. EkUtamPanthSunyoGurSangat

    Alcohol in mouthwash?

    I was using some crest mouthwash and out of curiosity read the ingredients. There was alcohol. I am amritdharee so should i do japji sahib and ardas or ask panj pyare or is this a different kind of alcohol like rubbing alcohol
  3. EkUtamPanthSunyoGurSangat

    Dhadrianwale is coming to canada

    From the little I know right now, I think it is just dixie but perhaps other major gurduaras may invite him later.
  4. EkUtamPanthSunyoGurSangat

    Dhadrianwale is coming to canada

    For all sangat in canada dhadrianwale is coming on june 8-10 at dixie gurduara. I hope most of us on here realize that dhadrianwale is against gurmat and we should do something like protest his arrival.
  5. EkUtamPanthSunyoGurSangat

    Need help with School essay-uni level

    Some Background Info which could be skipped Sangat Ji I am in grade 11 and in the IB programme in Ontario, Canada. It is basically a program meant to prepare one for university. An important part of finishing the IB program and getting the special diploma they give is writing this extended essay(EE). It is a 4,000 word essay, and is supposed to be professional like at unversity kind of level. They gave us access to many online databases that maybe some of you in university use like JSTOR, which we are supposed to find research on our topic to use to write it. You also need a supervisor who specializes in your topic or subject who can help you write a good essay. The big problem is, I cannot narrow down to a good topic. I found a conditional supervisor. Basically, they agreed to supervise my essay if I can find more research on a topic and make more personal to me as a Sikh. My current topic which I proposed to this conditional supervisor was basically: How does asian culture influence modern american television? (I kept the question here short and simple but the actual one is just more wordy and detailed).My supervisor is a religion and human sciences or social sciences kind of specialist. The Supervisor asked which tv shows I would look at. I said Avatar the Last Airbender, and the Simpsons as these shows have asian culture influence. However she asked me how does it relate to Sikhi, and how does it relate to me? It does not really, not from what I can think even now and now I am thinking of changing my topic to a more Sikhi or personal based one. I wanted to make a sikhi based one before, but I thought it would be awkard trying to explain to my supervisor and writing an essay on the whole struggle and events of 1984 as that is something sikhi based and personal that I could definitely talk about. However, the problem is that it is difficult to find sources on this. Also, I can't think of an essay question or point to prove or something to show by writing this essay which relates to the subjects the supervisor specialiszes in like religion or human science or social anthropolgy. The problem and questoin I was thinking of writing something about Sant Jarnail singhJji Khalsa Bhindranwale and sikhs in that time. Something to throw in the face of the kind of people who say sant ji is a terrorist or that the movement was violent and was a terrorist movement with Kharku singhs, or Khalistanis speratists etc. and the list goes on. However, i don't how I would put this into some kind of question or something that could e investigated, along the subjects of human sciences religion anthropolgy or social sciences as stated above let alone how awkard it would be trying to explain to the catholic supervisor at my catholic school about the government of India and terrorism. Then I also have to find "reputable" research from these databases and the information and journals that come up when looking for this kind of information is usually written by the real extremists associated with Indian govt, as most of you know. If i go on jstor or academic one file and type operation bluestar these are the kinds of things that show up: From academic one file full link http://go.galegroup.com.ezproxy.torontopubliclibrary.ca/ps/retrieve.do?tabID=T003&resultListType=RESULT_LIST&searchResultsType=SingleTab&searchType=BasicSearchForm&currentPosition=2&docId=GALE|A6515194&docType=Article&sort=Relevance&contentSegment=&prodId=AONE&contentSet=GALE|A6515194&searchId=R1&userGroupName=tplmain&inPS=true Short para from there- HOLY WAR AGAINST INDIA It is one of the grimmer and more ironic developments of the late twentieth century: religion, which is on the whole a benign force in Western societies, often combines combustibly with nationalism to fuel political murder in the Third World. In India, for example, the teachings of a militant guru are used to justify the atrocities committed by Sikh terrorists in their campaign to dismember the nation and establish "Khalistan" Continued Benti from here I cannot find academic sources that this essay requires me to base my facts on like how the army trained to invade Darbar sahib before sant ji lived on the complex, or how out of the 6000 people who gathered during the week of the attack, only a handfew survived, despite the government claiming otherwise, and etc. and the list goes on as to so many evidences against the government which are somehow magically hidden on these "reputable" sources. I could write a b.s essay on asian culture influence in tv shows like avatar the last airbender to argue that success from tv shows can arise from different cultures and dont neccessarily have to be "white" culture. I was also considering writing an essay in my opinion that Sikhi is the greatest religion and comparing it to other religions and I think it would be easier to find reputable evidence for this. However, I am not sure whether my supervisor would approve of this topic as it is my opinon and is obviously biased as I am a sikh, but I dont think she would have a problem specializing in it as it all about religion. But again, how would I put in a question form or as a thesis, that sikhi is the greatest religion in a "professional manner" as this essay should have. I am sorry, this a longer topic but i am completely lost with this and I am going to India soon and need to get this cleared with my supervisor before I do which is in about 2 weeks after all my final exams coming next week and final assignments from TOK which is basically a philoshophy class in IB. Thanks for your time and patience. Time spent writing this that could have been spent studying for exams: 1h45min
  6. do you think something similar like this happens in simran, to the point where one can hear naam in his mind
  7. EkUtamPanthSunyoGurSangat


    I am confused about this thing. At nightime I want to do path all night(or atleast try to) in attempts to activate simran to continue 24/7 by engraining it within the subconscious and making use of youth. However, after 1 hour or 2, mind will say go to sleep and wake up at amirtvela and do more simran then. This way I have sleep for school and still maintain amritvela. However, my sleep schedule gets all messed up as a result, as I start determined to try to go all night, but end up sleeping at like 11pm hoping to wake up by 3-4 am with maharaj's kirpa. Most of the time if I sleep that late, i will wake up at 4, but go back to sleep. I feel that my life is passing away especially youth and I am not doing enough work on the inside. What would the sangat here reccomend in this situation?
  8. EkUtamPanthSunyoGurSangat

    How does one tackle lust

    Lust or more specifically masturbation and pornography are problems which are difficult to overcome. Can someone please recommend some techniques to stop these thieves from corrupting the mind more? I have stayed away from this garbage for the past 4 months, before giving in once, and have stayed away from it another 4 months before that, and another 4 months before that.But within this past week, all of that changed. I am giving into this filth almost everyday within this past week. I feel so horrible and disappointed afterwards but continue again later. I am doing ardas and amritvela, so I am not sure what to do? I am afraid that I may change ways back to how I used to be 3-4 years ago. With maharaj's kirpa now, within this past year, I have progressed a lot as a sikh, however I do not want to fall off track. What do you guys advise, any certain banis to read that help or something. I was thinking of adding more dasam bani to my nitnem.