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  1. EkUtamPanthSunyoGurSangat

    Sva lakh moolmantar jaap

    Thank you guys sincerely, I will try ardaas and sleeping earlier, and eating a lighter dinner.
  2. EkUtamPanthSunyoGurSangat

    Sva lakh moolmantar jaap

    I was in a smiliar situation with waking up at amritvela. It was going smoothly for a month and a half, but one day my mind started getting lazy. 5 minutes more in bed. I would get up most times after 5 mins, but I was losing discipline. One day, I just slept, didn't rise at amritvela. After that my routine broke and I haven't been able to wake up at amritvela for the past few months. I think it was a grace period with maharaj ji doing kirpa on my lazy unworthy self. I am trying to get back on track, so please help me too if you or the sangat find anything.
  3. EkUtamPanthSunyoGurSangat

    Sva lakh moolmantar jaap

    Listen to this katha series about vaade sahibzade shaheedi if you have not already.
  4. EkUtamPanthSunyoGurSangat

    Interesting Article about pineal gland

    https://www.consciouslifestylemag.com/pineal-gland-activation-third-eye/ The article covers a lot of topics
  5. EkUtamPanthSunyoGurSangat

    Can you change the world?

    It is good advice. The guy talks some sense, my chem teacher respects this guy a lot. But on another note, doesn't this guy sound like the guy from sesame street.
  6. EkUtamPanthSunyoGurSangat


    Kirtan starts at 3:30
  7. EkUtamPanthSunyoGurSangat


    Pritham Madh Kait Madh (1).mp3 Raag Kanra Partaal Shabad [Songsx.Pk].mp3 Sun Yaar Hamaray Sajjan - Bhai Dharam Singh Zakhmi.mp3 I just posted some of my favorites.
  8. EkUtamPanthSunyoGurSangat


    Kavan Gun Pran Pat.mp3 Jin Prem Kiyo -Puratan Hazoori Ragi Bhai Bakshish Singh.mp3 Nirjur Niroop Ho (Dasam).mp3 Ra(n)gaa Ra(n)g Ra(n)gan Kae Ra(n)gaa - Dr.Gurinder Singh Ji Batala Wale.mp3 I have a full usb of kirtan I want to share here but the upload size is too small so is there anything that could be done so I could share the whole kirtan playlist.
  9. EkUtamPanthSunyoGurSangat

    Sarbloh Granth kirtan

    This is amazing thanks a lot.
  10. EkUtamPanthSunyoGurSangat

    Sharda Pooran Granth

    Thanks again
  11. EkUtamPanthSunyoGurSangat

    Shabads to increase intelligence

    I think sharda is really important in determining how effective the jaap is
  12. EkUtamPanthSunyoGurSangat

    Sharda Pooran Granth

    Thanks again a lot
  13. EkUtamPanthSunyoGurSangat

    Shabads to increase intelligence

    Is pratakal the same as amritvela or like near sunrise
  14. EkUtamPanthSunyoGurSangat

    Sharda Pooran Granth

    Also should the jaap be done out loud or can we quietly do it
  15. EkUtamPanthSunyoGurSangat

    Sharda Pooran Granth

    For step number 3, would it apply for me as I do not earn money. The daswand I can give is of time which I give so is that okay? For step 9 also, do you drink the jal after the jaap for the day and what is a mankay mala. I have a plastic kind of one and not a loha one so is that okay? Also, I was reading some jaaps in sharda pooran granth ji and some of them had requirements to complete a certain number of jaaps within a certain number of days. My question was is it okay to finish earlier than the prescribed number of days or must you pace yourself to finish after the number of days given. Thank you in advance