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  1. Mehar

    Mann tikah da mutlubb

    This is real good can anyone tell who is he
  2. I will be great help if u can share dat post again abt sant harnam singh ji ... as i m doing it till gurparsad as i heard it in sant maskeen ji katha but i m confused as many gursikh do it til nanak hose bhi sach
  3. Mehar

    Mala And Touf

    Beautifully explained thnx for sharing
  4. Sorry i can not connect to this link ... can u post it again
  5. Can i do a combine ardass for bhog n arambh of next path
  6. I mean path sampuran ho gya now i will do bhog of sehaj path by going to gurudwara sahib but can i arambh my next sehaj path at same time
  7. Wjkk wjkf i m confused tomorrow i m planning to do bhog of sehaj path can i arambh sehaj path at same time plz guide bhul chuk maf
  8. This is very nice thnx for sharing
  9. Mehar

    Suleman da ghost

    Wjkk wjkf i m unable to open any of above link... can anybodyvsuggest any other link to suleman audio
  10. This video is amazing ... thanku for sharing ..
  11. Wjk wjf i jus got curious to read all this ... i heard a katha about moolmantar of sant maskin singh ji oh kehne a moolmantar sirf gurparsad tak hai jap bani da nam hai .... please can u xplain
  12. Vjkk vjkf i m a begginer with simran , during amritvela i find it really conected but due to some problems i m not able to get up at amritvela i fell very demotivated these days because there is no one in my lyf in my family who can inspire me to do path simran , i belog to sikh family but koi path ni krda parties n drinks i have to attend all these bcoz after marraige tusi na ni kr sakde .. my husband is supporting but koi sath ni hai motivate karan li i do sehaj path , gurbani really helped me a lot n i feel strong since mai sehaj path krna start kita from 3 yrs but i want to do more n want to do simran but surroundings nal i m going back please share sm kind thougts how to stay motivated n how to carry on amritvella abhyas....