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  1. I hope you are aware of the fact that in Punjab they are using lethal amounts of pesticides and fertilisers which affect a person’s brain. A person’s thinking is distorted in such a way they can’t discern what is real from unreal. They live in the past and think it’s okay to do what they do. Brains or no brains, blame it on the food they eat containing dangerous amounts of oestrogens and bacteria.
  2. Dairy and meat products contain high levels of oestrogens because animals are injected with them regularly to produce more milk and meat. Pulses and legumes contain high levels of oestrogens too through fertilisers and GM seeds. Anything packaged in plastics are very high in free oests/rads which circulate in the bloodstream and causes damage to our sexual orientation, we start thinking we are not who we are and associate with the opposite sex accordingly. So, say, if you were born as a boy your judgement will be affected in such a way that will convince you that you are really a girl in a boy’s body, even though you look like a boy from every angle. This can shock your parents in a very serious way which can almost drive them to kick you out of their house, believe you me! So, watch what you eat and don’t let these unnecessary hormones enter in your food chain if you can help it. Grow your own vegetables, lentils and legumes and rear your own cattle for good quality meat and dairy. I would stay clear of chickens for their meat or eggs because they can infect humans with bird flu!
  3. It’s a well known fact that female hormones make women more feminine, isn’t it? Then just imagine what these hormones can do to men, make’em feminine, simple as that!
  4. https://amp.theguardian.com/world/2006/jan/22/india.uk
  5. https://www.thehindu.com/news/national/Female-infanticide-affects-sex-ratio-in-Punjab/article16366778.ece/amp/
  6. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/asia/india/8532190/Millions-of-female-foetuses-aborted-in-India.html
  7. Men have changed all over the globe. It’s nothing to do with media programming but everything to do with food and diet containing high levels of oestogens.
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