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  1. Just an update.Today marks 100 days since I quit Alcohol and Cigarettes.Still think about it once in a while but the strong urges have gone. Social life took a hit as I rarely go out any longer but no problem.It is better this way.Now is a time I get to know who my real friends are. Been doing daily some Mool mantar jaap,Japji Sahib,Chaupai Sahib,some breathing simran and I believe it is powering me to carry on. I will update again here in another 100 days.Thanks to all members here who helped me in this journey to clean up my act.
  2. You are welcome ji. Not really necessary since many of your fellow 'intellectuals' and 'scientists' regularly make a yatra here from SPN to enlighten us heathens.I doubt you can shock us with anything new.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I have a clearer picture now.Will carry on and update in a week.
  4. Ok understood.Yes I use a standard bucket.Thank you Veerji.
  5. Hello Veerji.Tried to pm you but you can't receive.Wanted to ask about the breathing naam jap.When I touch the tip of the tongue to the roof,do I need to apply pressure and push towards the roof or just a slight touch? You mentioned concentrate on each syllable separately but when I do that I notice I take 2 short breaths in instead of 1 long one. And do I take long breaths in and out slowly or just short ones faster? Thanks.
  6. Ok will do.I use hot water thats cooled down a bit,when I put my feet in its very hot and I have to go in and out of the water a few times until my feet can remain in the water with no burning sensation.I also do some visualization that black negative energy is draining out of my feet and mixing into the water. 3 tablespoons of salt in how much water(liters) do you recommend?
  7. I believe that I have been numbing my mind with intoxicants to escape harsh realities and bad life decisions.Now without it as a crutch,I am experiencing the full effect and regrets of past actions and situations making my emotions volatile.Another issue is my memory is getting clearer now since I stopped drinking and smoking.Before this my memory was always hazy.Now it's getting clear and I am getting flashbacks of old memories,some 20 years old.The problem is I am mostly remembering negative memories that trigger anger,depression and extreme regret.
  8. Ok.Will do. All the best.
  9. 1st update. So far no visible changes in how I feel.I still had 1 anger outburst recently.I daily do the breathing naam jap.5-15minutes.Before that I will soak feet in the salt water.I notice it dehydrates my skin,especially my palms that turn all wrinkly,but after a while it goes back to normal.Plan to carry on the feet soak till that bottle of Himalayan salt is finished.Will update again.
  10. You mean sing the shabad?Here's a link I found that could help you.
  11. Started today.Will update experience in a week.
  12. Thanks for the links Veerji.Always helpful.
  13. Will do.Downloaded the Punjabi primer from your thread months back.All I need to do now is to open it and start.
  14. What do you see in the dream?Is it the same woman every dream?
  15. Got this today.Gonna start using tomorrow as Veer ji Das prescribed.
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