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  1. These days they infiltrate Sikhi and after raping and murdering us,now they provoke us to go kill Muslims. Watch that degeneracy of a movie "Kesari" that these idiots made to influence simple minded Sikhs.
  2. Never thought of it Veer as I have within the last year quit intoxicants and I dont wish to quit anything in the near future as I might implode and go mad,lol.Maybe somewhere in the distant future,who knows,but if I ever go veg it would be because of health reasons and simplicity of preparation etc.
  3. me too, yay! But when I went to India many years back and ate Veg food there,wow it tasted so good.Food at roadside thaabas was awesome. And I think jhatka is the most humane way to consume meat.
  4. The sun is going to rise from the west tomorrow as this is the first time i think i have ever agreed with kdsinghs post. Not taking any sides in this debated to death meat topic but just wanted to say that in my life experience some of the biggest b*st*rds,untrustworthy lowlife pieces of shit that I have come across were lifelong 100% vegetarian.And the most honest stand up people who helped me in life were non veg. This has convinced me that being veg has Nothing to do with spirituality or morality. This is what I strongly believe in as it is what I personally experienced. Gurfateh.
  5. Tathastu you are on a different universe then babu...as this is a political topic and you are trying so hard to derail it and change the topic. arre bhaiya stick to one position yar. You keep on changing your stance its so confusing. First you were krodh,then you call me veer and said no krodh, and now again krodh and you say im in a different world?
  6. haha as expected...twist the story and provoke others against me. never mentioned about Dasam Bani. I'm talking about the ram syam stories you telling me here.But whwtever babu,provoke and twist the truth as much as you want. Kutte di push kede sidhi nehi hondi. From Hindu terrorism story now you try to twist it to something else, so typical.Why don't you just stick to the topic and quit the drama. Ha me karuga...teri permission nehi chahidi. Tu na darr,main jaroor keruga jo kuch karna. Main kithe nehi pajhan lega.
  7. OP kidnapped by aliens? Or has she run away from home and joined the circus?
  8. I have no interest for ram syam stories. Lets not change the topic. My issue is those who call themselves "Sikhs" and yet support murder & rape in the name of nationalism.There is no justification for this mentality. Anyways I will keep on posting and exposing whatever I think needs attention. Tu jinna gussa karna tu karla, main nehi hattan wala veer.
  9. Changa ji. Chal tu vi manla main musalmaan hoon. ISI da agent hoon main. Kush hoja manke. Main kise naal krodh nehi kita. Gussa aya si par fir samaj ageya kay eho je political topics che propaganda te cover up normal honda. Sanu kise ram ya syam da kuch lena dena nehi. Tusi jo kuch mann na twadi marji ji. Koi log sach de dushmaan haan eh gall vi sanu samaj aagi ji. Sat Sri Akaal ji.
  10. Hahaha..I knew posting this truth will bring out the saffron brigade on this forum. I plan to carry on with this. Carry on with your propaganda and protecting your tyrant so called 'state'. Jai shree ram babu !
  11. Haha as usual,when called out for their hate and bullshit,I get accused as being a Muslim,lol.Typical tactic. I was expecting either kd or you and boom,here you are.I am not the one quoting you and posting in your thread.You came to me. Why so much fire in you to defend evil and bigoted hate when you claim to be a 'Sikh'? 2 posts to be exact.One with a link and then you copy pasted the whole thing just so noone misses it.Who is the one with an agenda here now? My point was what you posted is not relevant.Doesn't matter whether he was BJP or not. I did not even mention any political party in my post.I don't know why you are trying to divert this to be political.My point was towards the Hindutva agenda that creates terrorists like this and also people like you,rape and murder apologists.You can claim whatever religion you wish but your birth genetics and hindutva indoctrination betrays you. I am not selling anything so there's nothing for you to buy. By dismissing the truth you can't make it go away.Of course,by nature your kind are allergic to the truth. And nothing wrong with eating briyani.Taste so good.You and your fellow saffron cyber troopers should eat some too when you people are taking a break from beating up Dalits,murdering & raping Muslims and oppressing Sikhs and other minorities.
  12. Sat Sri Akaal Kirny and welcome to this forum. I am not an expert on this subject or Sikhi for that matter but since you asked for thoughts I'll give you my 2cents. It seems like you have crossed the Rubicon by taking the decision to cut your hair knowing very well the consequences.On a psychological level you wanted to test your husband and gauge his reaction to you disobeying him. No one here can tell you whether you did the right or wrong thing. It just seems like guilt has taken over and you are looking for others to legitimize your actions. Only you can decide what you did was right or wrong according to your circumstances. I disagree with this mentality. Picking and choosing when it comes to religion.Just because you don't do it or don't follow it,doesn't mean it has no value.I don't think we have the right to change Sikhi to fit our lifestyle,instead it should be the other way around.If you don't wish to keep it, fine, but you now don't have the right to demean and re-interpret Sikhi to fit your view and lifestyle.I agree that Sikhi is not all about hair,but hair has been a very big part of Sikhi,our ancestors and great martyrs were willing to die rather than cut their hair. And not to forget,It was Guruji Dasmesh Paatshahs Hukam that we keep our hair.I think thats enough for me. Well beauty is subjective.Everyone wishes to look good.I think I've found the gist of your problem here. You don't feel pretty with uncut hair.You have decided to stop pleasing people.But you want others to accept you.So basically you want to impose your will on others and this whole post is just a lot of justifications for your actions.But you don't accept it when they impose their will on you.You don't like it.You feel trapped right?So it's a battle of egos.Only 1 will win if no compromise is made.Worst case scenario,one party gets fed up and walks away. Welcome to reality,totally different from Bollywood "reality" eh? This is your family's fault for filling your head with nonsense.What does "you can do whatever you want after marriage mean"?Where does it end this you can do "anything"?If you got married in an Indian household it would be much the same as yours,same rules & regulations.You decided to get married.This is what an Indian marriage is as far as I am aware of. Conclusion. What happened to this?Any LOVE left? If there is then you should keep on going trying to mend things.What do you really want now? You can't force others. You don't want others to force you.You want to be free and Stop pleasing people. So either you suck it up and listen to your husband or they suck it up and listen to you or worst case scenario both of you can suck it up and listen to a Divorce Attorney.The choice is yours.I wish you and your Husband all the best and hopefully things work out for you guys.Again,I'm not an expert but since you asked and I have some spare time,here you go.
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