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  1. We do not need any "prophets" or Devi devtay. The Guru is more than enough for us SIkhs. I don't know what so great about their "prophet" or why any faith needs one. I do not accept the Abrahamic faiths views and theology as binding to everyone and absolute. They can keep and enjoy their "prophets". How much they try to promote their "prophet" it looks like a huge failure since he couldn't even rehabilitate his own followers behavior as so many bloodthirsty butchers and rapists came from this faith and are still coming from this faith today. The fool that wrote the original article was trying to place Muhammad higher than the Gurus hence trying to fish for converts from the simpletons among us. If this is all their "prophet" thought them, then I'm seriously not impressed or amused. Again, What the hell is these people's obsession with conversion? Just lets us be. It seems like their belief is more political than spiritual. LOL. So pathetic.
  2. A rape denier and apologist is a rapist himself. What else can you expect from these piss drinkers. "One soldier kept guard on the door and two of them raped me. They said, "We have orders from our officers to rape you." I said, "You can shoot me but don't rape me." They were there about half an hour. Two raped me and two raped [her sister-in-law] H. Then they left." G. stated that three soldiers entered her house and took her husband outside. Only one came into her room. He told me, "I have to search you." I told him women are not searched, but he said, "I have orders," and he tore off my clothes and raped me. S.B. stated that three soldiers came into her room and told her to take off her clothes. When she protested that she was an old woman, one of them kicked her in the chest and she fell. Then he put one hand over her mouth pulled off her salwar (loose trousers), and raped her. INDIA935.PDF
  3. https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/politics-and-nation/now-we-can-bring-kashmiri-girls-ml-khattar/articleshow/70616644.cms?from=mdr Hindu leaders openly encouraging Hindu extremist mobs to have their way with Kashmiri women. Operation Shuddhikaran 2.0 has already begun.It seems Hindu extremists are posting photos through facebook and whatsapp of ethnic Kashmiri girls who are studying/working in the other states to encourage gang rape and violence against them.
  4. I am witness to the power of Naam Simran. To me at my level it is like a pressure cooker releasing steam.
  5. Beautiful. I am confident that if The Sikh Martys and Warriors of past years were here in the flesh today, without a doubt they would be on the Kashmiri side fighting the tyranny of the indian state. https://indianexpress.com/article/india/kashmiri-girls-article-akal-takht-jathedar-370-5893819/
  6. I rest my case. This individuals posts validates everything I have talked about before. It is so surprising that these radical fanatics are on a Sikh forum, a Religion that has in recent years been the target of Genocide and Rape by the Hindu Deep State and Hindu extremists. Yet here they are,pretending to practice Sikhi yet condone mass rape and murder all in the name of a "country". The same "country" that they can't even keep clean,the same country where hundreds of millions are oppressed by the caste system, where it abuses and bullies its religious minorities,where women are treated worse than dog shit and 40,000 reported rape cases every year which I believe is just the tip of the iceberg. All these are irrelevant to the Hindu extremist. It's only goal is hate,rape,murder and the hegemony of the Hindu religion over all others. This is no different than what Aurangzeb envisioned.
  7. Maybe they plan to use it only on some site of theirs or something that's coming soon.Probably commercialize it. Just speculating.
  8. The worst part Veerji is some people who claim to adopt the Sikh faith, are doing Simran and looking for a spiritual experience are still capable of justifying mass rape and murder.They make justifications that you usually see made by RSS fanatics and the Glorified Indian Rape Brigade AKA the Indian "Army" and "Police".The reason the Government gets away with murder and rape is that the Hindu population is by nature hateful and sanctimonious. After centuries they have power back in their hands and they are drunk with it.They people encourage the government to use brutal tactics against innocents as we can see by the comments of some on this thread.They pretend to be playing realpolitik, but what they are actually practicing is the subjugation and hegemony of hindus and hinduism over all others. Thats why I always say, "Sapp da baccha, Sapp hi honda". Some peoples birth race,characteristics and loyalty don't change by whatever religion they practice. Again and again I see examples of blood having a stronger effect than religious beliefs. I don't blame them. It's their nature. They will defend what they believe to be right. The part that irritates me is that they will never allow you to have a differing view or respect your right to have a different opinion and will immediately label you as hateful and a traitor.They will bark and squeal like mad dogs and hungry pigs when comments like this are made, but it's ok.I have a lot of experience dealing with these type of Indian "Nationalists" all over the net and the poisonous vitriol that comes out of their forked tongues doesn't affect me one bit. The more of these type infiltrate Sikhi, the weaker and vulnerable the whole Sikh body becomes.Thats why it's best we focus our efforts on Punjabi Sikhs by birth,open their eyes and educate them with religion and history.So many have gone astray and It will be much fruitful bringing them back home.No point wasting time with hostile parasites that come near us just to hurt and weaken us.Just my 0.2. Id really love to end with 'bhul chuk maaf karna', but that would be a lie since I really don't give a damn if anyone is offended. It's high time we stop bending over for others and stand up for ourselves and our collective interest. Gurfateh ji.
  9. The goal is to dilute the majority Kashmiri population with outsiders who have no connection to Kashmir and will be loyal to New Delhi and allowing these new residents to vote and ultimately denying the Kashmiri people self determination which they have 100% have the right to demand. Now without a doubt all the rape and murder in Kashmir by the Indian "Army", Indian "Police" and Radical Hindu Fanatics is going to quadruple. I predict dark days ahead for the average Kashmiri. This move will without a doubt drive many impressionable young Kashmiri boys to pick up arms and join militant groups.How to blame them,we ourselves would do the same if put in that situation. Our Ancestors did the same when oppressed by tyrants. Now they have evacuated outsiders from Kashmir and to me,this is a signal for a bloodbath of innocents to soon happen there courtesy of the Indian Government, the Deep State and Hindu extremist Organizations.
  10. Ok good. You want to get personal? No problemo. So You're holding my past against me. I came here VOLUNTARILY and asked help from my fellow SIKHS. I did not come to you and I dont owe you anything. I dont feel ashamed. I feel great actually. And where the hell did I claim Simran to be "woo woo nonsense" ? I practice it daily so why the hell would I mock it? Now you're just making up shit dally, just like your fellow lefties who start going apeshit mad when losing an argument. Bring evidence that I said Simran is "woo woo nonsense" or admit you're a liar and apologize. I doubt you are man enough to do that though. And stop using the Grooming Scandal to virtue signal here. You haven't done shit for the victims. You are just using their blood and tears to self promote. When you get on the streets and in the homes of the victims to change their lives then come and talk about it. Until then no need to mention them in every post of yours.You did nothing to help them or prevent anything! And then you come online and scream and cry as if that's gonna change anything. Between here and the other forum you have more than 10,000 posts. You practically spend all your free time online and you talk about doing things for the community? LOL. Go change your profile photo with a keyboards photo because thats just what you are,a keyboard warrior. https://www.nst.com.my/news/crime-courts/2019/07/507699/cop-injured-after-being-attacked-group-african-men Look what I came across today, YOUR fellow Wakandans spreading love,hope and peace worldwide.
  11. Of course there are wealthy people in africa. What are you trying to prove? Talk to me about the majority. And these rich africans, ever heard of Political corruption,drugs,money laundering,diamonds,illegal trade in animals,weapons trade, and most of all the world infamous NIGERIAN 401 SCAM?
  12. Look who's talking. Are you delusional? You are the bleeding heart who;s willing to go against your own to protect and apologize for blacks and you blame me? Typical commie tactic,blame others for what you are responsible. If you spend even 1/10th of the time you spend thinking about blacks you might be able to bring some change to the Sikh community in the UK. I don't understand what you mean here. I am familiar with everything you say too - usually from hardcore atheist lefty communist types. The worst type of racists on the planet. Make the black into a Holy Grail and attack everyone else.What a farce.
  13. And you have very strong anti-white sentiment too,all whites around the globe for that matter.Calm down Veerji you are/were a teacher. Being so hateful and vengeful towards the majority race in your country who ALLOWED you to live amongst them and enjoy First world facilities sounds a tad hypocritical on your part doesn't it? How do you sleep at night. Im sure you have sleep problems with all these negative thoughts you have Veerji. Are you still doing the breathing Simran? Please do more Veerji.. I'm genuinely worried for your well being now Veerji. Please get some rest. And it's my right to hold whatever view I find legitimate. You can't accept it that my view differs from yours hence you bringing up this topic. I am here to learn my religion. Not to get lectured on race relations and other communist manufactured bullshit. I wonder why all the sympathy for blacks? Why not talk about native americans,or aboriginees or eskimos for that matter?Heck,the Chinese got F'ed by the British too,why have they managed to rise up so far and strong now while africans still live in mud huts and run around with machetes slicing womens breasts and raping babies?
  14. "And just to clarify, I don't give a toss about race. If it is so important to you, you should be affiliating with those across the border from us in our homel´╗┐and. That's where most of the members of 'our race' Panjabis reside. " Without the Punjabi race there would be no Sikhi,mind you. No Gurgaddi was given to Madrasis,Gujratis or Bengolis. It was only Punjabis. So if you don't believe in race you have no problem with Girls in your family marrying blacks?And you will happily encourage them to do so? This is the problem. Once we stop believing in race and preserving it,we implode. No need for anyone to attack from outside. And whats wrong with affiliating with Pakistanis? What happened to your 'equality" lecture now? There are bastards among them but the majority are normal people like you and me. It's great that they keep the Punjabi blood and language alive in their country. At least they had the brains to get their own country unlike some who are just experts at licking the arse of others. Veerji I already told you I was here just to make the arms trade comments. You are the one who grabbed my South Africa comment(I was specifically talking about the Boers,who were the worst enemies of the British) . I feel so sorry about this poor Boer race, raped and murdered by savages yet the world stays silent. May they get justice some day. I wont change my mind Veerji. I don't see any point of this discussion as I wasn't the one who started it. I agree with you that blacks are the least of our concerns but at the same time I disagree with everything you say about them and all the justifications you've made for them.
  15. Yes very much different as this is not a norm is EVERY country the SIKH goes to.You are making the exception into the rule here Veerji. I am genuinely shocked that you try to equate some Sikh criminals with black criminality that prevalent throughout the globe. I really hope you are not suffering from Internalized Racism where you look down on your own race and champion others. They way you talk about whites now,Im afraid one day they might all also talk about us the same way with full of hatred. Its sad that you had to research so much online to spit and kick sand on Sikhs just to protect your favorite blacks. Race traitors are a bane to our community and god knows we have many traitors in our midst. https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/entertainment/hindi/bollywood/news/Taapsee-Pannu-I-have-dated-a-South-Indian-but-can-never-date-a-Sikh/articleshow/45967663.cms This whore would be proud of you Veerji.
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