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  1. Sharmaji welcome to the forum. Have your favourite drink courtesy of us "khalistanis".
  2. https://www.thelocal.de/20191121/indian-couple-go-on-trial-in-frankfurt-for-spying-on-sikhs An Indian couple accused of spying on Sikh and Kashmiri communities in Germany went on trial Thursday on charges that carry a sentence of up to 10 years in prison. The suspects were charged in March and have been named only as Manmohan S., 50, and his wife Kanwal Jit K., 51, in keeping with German privacy rules for defendants. Their trial was being held in a court in Frankfurt. "Manmohan S. agreed... to provide information about Germany's Sikh community and Kashmir movement and their relatives to an employee of the Indian foreign intelligence service Research & Analysis Wing," prosecutors said in a statement earlier this year. His wife joined him in monthly meetings with the Indian intelligence officer between July and December 2017, and in total the couple were paid €7,200. Sikhs in Germany number between 10,000 and 20,000 -- their third biggest community in Europe after Britain and Italy, according to the religious rights group REMID.
  3. I will let other more qualified members here answer your question. Just curious how long have you been married? Were you amritdhari and she non amritdhari when you got married? If yes ,why did you marry a non amritdhari woman if you wanted someone that was amritdhari? That was the package you opted for so why try to change someone now? Whatever you do,don't force her or use violence/guilt on her as it will backfire on you and make her hate you.You don't want that. The best thing you can do is live and act in such a way that makes her look up to you and respect you.Be an example to her and it will surely have an effect in bringing her closer to Sikhi.
  4. Great answers like this come when the author has no agenda to push. So does it mean that brahma,vishnu,shiva are more like positions on the hierarchy rather than the name of an individual deva? Just like it's explained in Benti Chaupai Sahib, "Kal pae brahma bap dhara, kal pae shivju avtara, kal pae kar bisan parkasa, sakal kal ka kia tamasya".
  5. 1 year update. It's been a year and I haven't touched any alcohol or cigarettes during this past year by Maharaj's kirpa. Without a doubt I owe it all to a higher power that helped me to overcome an 18 year addiction. It all started on this forum and I would like to send my heartfelt gratitude to all members here that that helped me. Anyone else that comes across this thread and needs help feel free to pm me anytime. I learnt alot this past year and there's many tips I can give for those that seriously wish to kick their smoking and drinking habit. Gurfateh.
  6. Hahahahaha, as expected. Yeah join forces,lol hahaha. Looks like we've got a tough guy here. No need to show you anything,go find it yourself ,We're not your servants here.Your question tells alot about your understanding of Sikhi and the Panth.
  7. I don't know,why don't you tell me. You are the one so infatuated with "shredded muscular black men". These are the actual words you used. Stop projecting dally.
  8. Hahahaha lil dally the black meat lover trying had to change the topic as his wickedness and lies have been exposed.Pathetic. I know that stupid. But all over the world when you talk about Sikhs it generally refers to Punjabis. I'm sure you cant be that retarded not to ever notice that.But who knows,maybe you really are retarded that you betray your own and support others. Again lies and slander. Accusing with no evidence,the hallmark of lil dally. What issue? The issue that I made 1 comment about in a topic where we were talking about criminal behaviour of your beloved blackies?lol. Trying so hard to change the topic and play the victim so just maybe someone would support him. Pathetic. I did not obfuscate anything about the grooming issue. My comment was towards you using the issue for self promotion which itself is not the issue that you are stalking me like a jilted lover.The real issue is that I disagree with your love for blacks and portraying them as saints and you can't accept that. Your huge inflated ego just can't take it dally. Lol keep posting as many photos of black men as you want dally, I'm sure you wish it was you in a dress standing next to them. Hahahaha. Oh and wheres your apology for calling respected members of this forum 'dimwits'?Still waiting dally.
  9. Stop trying to change the topic dally,our whole topic and disagreement was about black criminality,not grooming gangs. I just made 1 comment about you using the grooming scandal to pretend to be some big activist using other peoples suffering to further your own interests when you yourself are a race traitor scumbag. But thats not the main issue. The main issue is that you betray your own to support others. Maybe you should reread that thread before typing.You are the one with ego issues that you couldn't accept that I have a different opinion than yours and you have been attacking me like a jilted lover in many threads since then. Maybe I should pay you rent since I occupy so much real estate in your mind dally. Again you just prove your low upbringing and vulgar personality. You are even worse than the desi pendus you hate so much.How the hell did you ever end up as a 'teacher'? I was talking about lil dally,the fake black wannabe who betrays his own people to lick black balls, not goriyan or anyone else,just you dally. And there again,you bringing up info I myself posted to shame me. Doesn't affect me at all.Simran did help me dally,why do you keep on lying oh little one? I got the solution I was looking for my anger but looks like dally is still stuck living in his own misery and fiery outbursts. I don't think anyone should go near you.Without a doubt you are another Lee Rigby terrorist murderer waiting to happen with all that racial hatred you have towards people of another ethnicity.Uk's security services should seriously look into this lunatic before he brings the whole panth to shame and dishonour. Again dally, you seem to be off your meds so let me remind you again. I was talking about YOU dally,you race traitor piece of shit! Don't try to run away now by changing the topic. I also have what you posted. You threw your own under the bus to protect your beloved black criminals. You even support murder and rape against other human beings,what a sick and wicked creature you are. Most of the people on here are adults dally,they don't need a vulgar lying race-traitor with anger issues and lust for black men to tell them how to think.Let them judge for themselves. I don't know why are you involving others in this ego trip of yours which started by YOU not willing to accept that others have their own opinion that could be different than yours.You wanted to impose your own prejudices unto me and I fought back,something that has irked you so much that for months it has been dwelling in your psyche. I take offense with you calling some respected members here as "dimwits". Your problem is with me dally, keep your verbal diarrhea to yourself and don't go around threatening and mocking other members here. The members I know here by conversations in threads or messaging through pm are of the upmost character,much more higher than you could ever be dally.Keep that dirty black tongue of yours to yourself dally.Keep it for your black boyfriends. Dally you accuse me of being a non sikh which is totally slander just because i have issues with black criminality, but what about you dally? I can turn around and say the same about you as you have virulent hate for ALL whites and wish rape and murder upon them just like whats going on in south africa. But I won't stoop so low as you to call a Sikh as non-Sikh dally. From here we all know what a lying scum you are that you accuse and slander me without a shred of evidence. I have never deleted comments,just edited them because I thought I went too far with some words I used and wanted to offer an olive branch and not drag things further, but YOU ran away from that thread and after a MONTH started attacking me in another thread just because your huge ego couldn't accept that someone refuses to bow down to your stupid ideology. Oh,and carry on fantasizing and lusting after shredded muscular black men dally. Don't worry veerji,it's 2019, I'm sure your family will understand.
  10. Nope. I learned how to slander others and make baseless statements with no evidence from you veeerji. I just changed 1 word in a sentence you typed. Only a hateful self hating idiot that throws his own people under the bus to glorify others could come up with these rubbish statements. Oh,and if ethnic minority girls do elope with goreys,it's most probably because they prefer them and do so voluntarily.Looks like it hurts your fragile ego since you are obsessed with it. I am not an expert on the sexual preference of goriyan or kaleys,got better issues to focus upon. I'll leave you lil dally to ponder on these issues. You seem to be the expert on black men and their muscular bodies on this forum.Who knows what other body part of black men you fantasize upon dally. Only a duffer or someone seriously mentally retarded would assume my display pic is my real photo.I think you are projecting your ugliness on me veerji.No worries dally,I'm always prepared to help a brotha out.Send me your address and i'll mail you a whole box of Fair&Lovely. Hmmm, but come to think of it you are a wannabe black,i'm sure you would wanna look darker, would black shoe polish work? While we are on this subject,Im curious since they call whites who act black "wiggers", what do they call Punjabis who act black? "Piggers"? p/s: you can screenshot this post too and use it to launch a bitchy sneak attack on me in some other thread after a couple of months.
  11. https://www.businesstimes.com.sg/government-economy/gold-and-diamonds-are-an-indian-gurus-best-friend
  12. Unis is where a lot of the gundh takes place, and at work, kaleys have a long standing culture of isolating vulnerable attractive ethnic females, to groom them for themselves and if that doesn't work they just rape them just like what they are doing all over Europe,America,Canada and other western countries.
  13. Where did I support Pakistan show me? I don't have to show you anything.Everything you type is in line with Hindutva extremism/ pseudo Nationalism ideology that rests on murder and rape of those who voice up. Currently Kashmiris are voicing up and are being brutally oppressed so I support them 100%. I support Democracy and the right to self determination. The same right that is denied to Sikhs in Punjab till today.Punjab loses more than it gains by being in "india",this alone is proof that it is being oppressed and put down economically,socially,culturally,religiously by the ruling elite based in Delhi. Come to "india" and fight? LOL are you 6 years old? All the hate and venom in you comes out when you type here. The moment you cant argue or valid points have been brought up and you can't counter them you resort to your third world shenanigans by threatening violence and running amok.Please have some of this refreshing drink below loved by your kind and relax.
  14. It's because @chatanga1is not a rape and murder apologist like you who supports mass murder and rape in the name of 'nationalism' aka hindutva reigning supreme over all others.. If you are talking about Kashmir,then there is nothing for "india" to surrender. The majority of the people there don't want anything to do with "india" and want self determination. It's up to them what type of country they wish to be. Isn't that the basic tenets of Democracy? Or does "india" practices selective democracy that only serves the wishes of it's elites and damns everyone else? Before you point fingers at others and label them as barbarians, just look at what you degenerates did to Punjab,Gujarat and many other places. Look at how you treat the dalits and minorities in your own country before accusing others.Look at how you treat women and young girls.Look, if you dare to,but i doubt you have the courage to do so as the images you see will shock you.
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