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  1. Where did I support Pakistan show me? I don't have to show you anything.Everything you type is in line with Hindutva extremism/ pseudo Nationalism ideology that rests on murder and rape of those who voice up. Currently Kashmiris are voicing up and are being brutally oppressed so I support them 100%. I support Democracy and the right to self determination. The same right that is denied to Sikhs in Punjab till today.Punjab loses more than it gains by being in "india",this alone is proof that it is being oppressed and put down economically,socially,culturally,religiously by the ruling elite based in Delhi. Come to "india" and fight? LOL are you 6 years old? All the hate and venom in you comes out when you type here. The moment you cant argue or valid points have been brought up and you can't counter them you resort to your third world shenanigans by threatening violence and running amok.Please have some of this refreshing drink below loved by your kind and relax.
  2. It's because @chatanga1is not a rape and murder apologist like you who supports mass murder and rape in the name of 'nationalism' aka hindutva reigning supreme over all others.. If you are talking about Kashmir,then there is nothing for "india" to surrender. The majority of the people there don't want anything to do with "india" and want self determination. It's up to them what type of country they wish to be. Isn't that the basic tenets of Democracy? Or does "india" practices selective democracy that only serves the wishes of it's elites and damns everyone else? Before you point fingers at others and label them as barbarians, just look at what you degenerates did to Punjab,Gujarat and many other places. Look at how you treat the dalits and minorities in your own country before accusing others.Look at how you treat women and young girls.Look, if you dare to,but i doubt you have the courage to do so as the images you see will shock you.
  3. Agree. Shoot when you have to shoot.Not talk,negotiate or be diplomatic. These are all excuses by the weak and by people who have too much to lose that they prefer the status quo. Everyone makes mistakes. So many have come back from the wrong path to the right one. We have no right to damn anyone from the panth unless they themselves are a dangerous threat to the panth and have turned against it.Problem is there is no longer a panth.We are all individuals now who have to rely on ourselves to be successful in this world.We no longer want to share the 'sukh-dukh' of our fellow Sikhs. This is covert warfare.Some even get paid to convert Sikh girls.Why target the girls?Because they are the future of the Religion/Race since only they can give birth to the next generation.Destroy Sikh women and you destroy Sikhi.Get them all on alcohol and drugs and their fertility rate goes down astronomically.Abuse them and get them depressed so instead of marrying and having kids they continue using alcohol,drugs and free sex to numb their pain.The cycle continues.
  4. You are the one attacking me and cursing at me because of something that happened in another thread. You decided to stop replying to that thread so I did not run anywhere. I will post in whichever thread I wish as your father does not own this forum. I leave it to all other members of this forum to decide themselves whether I am Sikh or not through my posts and pm's here with the respected members. Dalsingh the black criminal apologist is not an authority on whos Sikh or not. 10K posts on an online forum does not make you an expert on anything.
  5. Yes, anything good thats said for our race and religion is crap according to Dalsingh, but we should never dare criticize black criminals,if not Lil Dal will start smashing his keyboard and start throwing a hissy fit.
  6. Samurai ji , here is the answer to all of your questions on the sick state of Sikhs in the UK. You have people like these who attack their own while glorifying others. Why should others fear/respect us when our biggest enemies are in our own community.
  7. Wow seems like someones still sore about what was said in another thread. It was 100% referring towards you Mr.Keyboard warrior that betrays his own race to support others and even condemns his own to make others look good. For a 40plus ex teacher you do seem to have a lot of anger issues Dalsingh. Why don't you just stick to the topic since I was replying to Samurai and not a black wakandan wannabe like you.
  8. Whats the point of wearing bana carrying kirpan and swords in gurudwaras while Sikh girls are getting f'ed left and right in the same community we live in by hostile elements who get a lot of racial and religious pride by these acts.Women usually get mass raped after a nation gets defeated.Here without firing a bullet they are reaping the booty of war.I got this from an anti war rape site online as to why women are raped in war : As a trophy of triumph/ victory; Especially among communities that are rebel strongholds, to crush a male rebel’s pride, his wife, mother, sister, or daughter would be raped, a mindset of “to destroy a warrior, debase his woman”; and Women and girls are considered as part of the soldiers’ rest and recreation.
  9. I'm not in the UK but through my experience in my country I would like to list some opinions and attempt to answer Veerji Samurai2s Q's. 1)It leads the question as to why certain girls fall for the mirpuru (predominantly) pricks... drugs sex alcohol.??.. A)Media(Western&Indian/Punjabi) these days glorifying drunkenness and debauchery encouraging youths to live hedonistic lifestyle and abandon traditionalism. B)Lack of male role model at home. Father/brothers also abuse alcohol/drugs/sex. C) Domestic violence at home that is prevalent in many Punjabi/Sikh homes so the child looks out of the house for safety&protection and loses respect for the father figure and ends up addicted to alcohol and drugs to numb the pain their mind and souls are going through. D) Sikh boys being brought up as complete weaklings and coward mummys boys.They are just told to excel at studies/business/job/prayers/gurudwara and nothing else. Sikh girls notice this and look elsewhere to satisfy their need for safety and a manly man.E) The girls are not totally innocent either.They want to drink,get high and have sex as long as no one finds out about it.By no one I mean no one in the Sikh community.So they date out of the race to satisfy their needs and other race/religion guys(mostly) just use them as a sex toy and pass them around.When the girl decides she is getting old and needs someone to pay for her shit she goes all Satti Savitri Angel Fairy Virgin and finds a Sikh boy aka "Balli da Bakra" to get married to.Have seen this happen so many times it no longer surprises me.F) Failure of the Parents& Sikh community to create the institutions needed to give religious/social education from young to children.G)Self-Hating mentality in the Punjabi Sikh community where we look down upon our own and idol worship others hence the females lust and fantasize for other men.Even the males are the same,they would choose a white woman over a punjabi woman,no doubt about it.H)Taboo and hypocrisy in the Sikh community for our young to date and be in relationships hence causing the youth to look elsewhere to satisfy kaam.Through my observation I've noticed that Punjabis generally have a high sex drive,my grandparents were married in their teens while today we are getting married in our 30's and 40's so during the younger unmarried age it is obvious that sex would be sought one way or another.And we must acknowledge that our youth are not yogis or Older generation Sikhs that had their senses under control through strenous Naam Simran and Paath. I have got many other reasons but they just are not coming to mind at this moment and I do not wish to type too much and create a wall of text.I will answer more of Samurai2 jis question in another post later. "let there be no holds barred for this topic, let it flow man.." I concur.
  10. Thank you Penji.Mool Mantar I only understand the single line english translation in my Gutka. But I don't understand Point No. 2. In reality the wicked,rich and mighty are striving and living the life of lords while the weak and righteous are poor and suffering.The poor that are very religious end up being workers in the factories and businesses of the Godless rich. How can this be a mirror? Look at Communist Atheist China,look at their wealth,strength and technological advance.So advanced that even western superpowers shiver with fear of them.How can the Godless be so powerful yet countries and people that are highly religious are still Third world slums filled with disease and hunger.I have been wondering this for a long time.No logical explanation found yet.
  11. Thanks for the answer Veerji. But to be honest I still don't understand. Maybe some day I will
  12. What does this mean? The true Guru is inaccessible, without rancour and extraordinary.
  13. We do not need any "prophets" or Devi devtay. The Guru is more than enough for us SIkhs. I don't know what so great about their "prophet" or why any faith needs one. I do not accept the Abrahamic faiths views and theology as binding to everyone and absolute. They can keep and enjoy their "prophets". How much they try to promote their "prophet" it looks like a huge failure since he couldn't even rehabilitate his own followers behavior as so many bloodthirsty butchers and rapists came from this faith and are still coming from this faith today. The fool that wrote the original article was trying to place Muhammad higher than the Gurus hence trying to fish for converts from the simpletons among us. If this is all their "prophet" thought them, then I'm seriously not impressed or amused. Again, What the hell is these people's obsession with conversion? Just lets us be. It seems like their belief is more political than spiritual. LOL. So pathetic.
  14. A rape denier and apologist is a rapist himself. What else can you expect from these piss drinkers. "One soldier kept guard on the door and two of them raped me. They said, "We have orders from our officers to rape you." I said, "You can shoot me but don't rape me." They were there about half an hour. Two raped me and two raped [her sister-in-law] H. Then they left." G. stated that three soldiers entered her house and took her husband outside. Only one came into her room. He told me, "I have to search you." I told him women are not searched, but he said, "I have orders," and he tore off my clothes and raped me. S.B. stated that three soldiers came into her room and told her to take off her clothes. When she protested that she was an old woman, one of them kicked her in the chest and she fell. Then he put one hand over her mouth pulled off her salwar (loose trousers), and raped her. INDIA935.PDF
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