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  1. Happy Vasakhi to all members and admin of Sikhawareness.
  2. That was awesome.I'm gonna watch more of this guy.
  3. Always liked Putin. Even more once he started bombing the sh*t out of ISIS in Syria.
  4. Not sure Veerji,haven't started reading Anand Sahib. What you said does make a lot of sense,didn't think of it that way.I'm taking it very slow now.Just 5-10 mins daily.
  5. Another update.Doing minimal simran these days.Just focusing on Japji Sahib and Benti Chaupai. Had about 3 days where I did breathing simran,verbal simran and mental simran alternatively within 1 hour.On the 4th day when I sat down and started simran,within 5 mins I stopped and had this terrible revolting feeling inside.Suddenly felt like as if I was in extreme agony and the Simran was the cause of it and I had to stop it.A lot of anger too like I was angry at myself for doing this simran.Once I stopped and left the room,all was well and good again.From then it is just minimal breathing simran 5-10 mins before reading Japji Sahib. Now sometimes I do 1 slow mala of Mool Mantar.That always works well for me. I did it mentally 1 mala,took me about 50mins to complete.I can always feel the top of my head pulsating or vibrating when I go slow.I seem to like it and will do more of this.I get a feeling of steam released out of my head once I'm done. Will update more if anything new.So far everything seems stagnant and no significant change in mindset and emotions.Maybe I can say I have better control now.
  6. Veerji I had to google what 'surreptitious' meant but I understand the message you are trying to convey.Do you think it could be possible that in some deep dusty archive somewhere there could be detailed documents of all measures taken against Sikhs and the Sikh faith during the colonial period?I'm very sure that the highly bureaucratic British Government kept meticulous records of all policies made and decisions taken. But even if such documents are found,knowing the ego problem of our "community leaders" worldwide,it will still be sidelined and they would still do whatever they wished or 'felt' is right.
  7. Thanks for the vid veerji. I've watched another one of Bhai Jagraj Singh on youtube,it was like some debate going on regarding colonialism and on the other side you could clearly see a "Kala Engrej" in it's full glory supporting his colonial masters. I'm all for free speech but at the same time we should free our minds too and remove this mental shackles of servitude.
  8. Yes very useful as it motivates us to follow the teachings of the Gurus more closely and get closer to our own culture and traditions as many these days speak english and have deluded themselves that they are 'White'.They walk,talk and behave like Engrejs and are suffering from Internalized Racism that makes them hate people of their own race and they undermine and mock their own people while being extremely loyal to their masters of other races whichever race that might be. Browsing through Sikh history and some old sources have opened my eyes that there is an active agenda to undermine the teachings and Hukams of the Guru especially of Guru Gobind Singh Ji.In his 52 hukams Guruji mentions "Raajniti parhni - Study politics." On Wikipedia this is the translation given "Raajnitee parhnee — Study and learn about governmental policies." Notice the difference? Another one."Sutantar Vicharna. Raaj Kaaj dian kamaan tae doosrae mutaa dia purshaan noo huk nahi daenaa - Rule Independently. In the affairs of government, do not give people of other religions authority or power."On Wikipedia the translation is "Sutantar vicharna. Raaj Kaaj dian kamaan tae doosrae mutaa dia purshaan noo huk nahee daenaa — Maintain independent rule. In the affairs of governing, do not give the power of religious authority to those of other faiths". Again notice the difference in translation?One talks about political power while the Wikipedia version only mentions religious authority. This is yet another reason to read up on old sources to prevent hostile forces who pretend to be benevolent and friendly from pulling wool over our eyes.
  9. Pure evil.Recorded the whole shooting.He strongly identifies as a Christian in his manifesto.RIP to the victims.
  10. Yes I have to start asap.Thanks for the advice.
  11. Thank you.I am putting on weight and have to start serious physical activity soon as since I stopped smoking I've been eating a lot for comfort but still under control. I hope I get to notice it's powerful effects.That would help me a lot.
  12. Funny you mention it since I had the longest simran session few days back for about 30minutes and it was awesome. I just sat on a chair and started breathing in and out.Lights all off.Kept on doing it as long as I could and then on the lights and realized its been 30mins.
  13. Just did some search online.They even have their own youtube channel.Thousands of people go there and are followers,so it's not a small shrine.
  14. You have my E-support for what it's worth. Please take care since you mentioned murder etc. Why not telling anyone? Maybe they could assist you. You are worried they might prevent you from doing this? So what is the plan exactly?
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