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  1. Pure evil.Recorded the whole shooting.He strongly identifies as a Christian in his manifesto.RIP to the victims.
  2. Yes I have to start asap.Thanks for the advice.
  3. Thank you.I am putting on weight and have to start serious physical activity soon as since I stopped smoking I've been eating a lot for comfort but still under control. I hope I get to notice it's powerful effects.That would help me a lot.
  4. Funny you mention it since I had the longest simran session few days back for about 30minutes and it was awesome. I just sat on a chair and started breathing in and out.Lights all off.Kept on doing it as long as I could and then on the lights and realized its been 30mins.
  5. Just did some search online.They even have their own youtube channel.Thousands of people go there and are followers,so it's not a small shrine.
  6. You have my E-support for what it's worth. Please take care since you mentioned murder etc. Why not telling anyone? Maybe they could assist you. You are worried they might prevent you from doing this? So what is the plan exactly?
  7. What does it say?I can't copy paste into google translate
  8. Thanks for the suggestion.Will try it out.
  9. Will do.Thanks for the support veerji
  10. Ok thanks for the explanation.Will push on and do as much as I can.
  11. Yup makes sense.The powers that be prefer no one does anything as it challenges them and makes them look incompetent.I wish this veer all the best and hopefully they have good arrangements to protect themselves.
  12. Thank you for the support.I am reading old threads here and that helps a lot in understanding my situation.I am also trying to stop worrying and controlling events and accepting them as Hukam.
  13. Thanks.I trying to do this as much as I can although some thoughts do get through and I start getting lost in the stories and fantasies. Another thing wanted to ask you.When I do the breathing simran I tend to alternate it with either verbal simran or mental simran without the breathing.Is this OK? When you lose interest and focus do you still push yourself to do simran or do you stop and do it another time?
  14. Don't be sorry veerji.I haven't finished the experiment.Ran out of H.salt.Only tried the 3 tablespoons for 2 days and ran out.Will buy more the next time and try for longer. Ya I'm working on it.Now I realised thought control is everything.Thanks.
  15. On a side note,just noticed the emblem on the veers shirt in the 2nd video.I don't think it's a good move to link that struggle to this one. Now for sure the other side is going to start a smear campaign against this Singh and his outfit accusing him of all sorts.Thats their usual M.O. Starting a two front battle at once usually leads to failure and total annihilation.This veer should just focus on the grooming issue and let other outfits which I'm sure there are many to handle the Punjab issue.This way he will insulate Sikh Youth from smear campaigns,attacks and accusations of being linked to militants etc. He can then concentrate fully on the grooming issue with less pressure.Comments disabled on that youtube vid so I thought I'll just post this here.
  16. Agreed. Another issue is that we keep the genders segregated within the race. So when they get sexually matured and have urges they look outside the community to satisfy their lust to not 'lose face' and be labeled as a 'kenjeri'. So the next best thing is to allow and encourage dating etc within the race. It is happening anyhow. If they can't do it with their own they will look for outsiders.Just being pragmatic. Sexual criminal gangs look for weak targets.If people from a community start hitting back the majority of them will stay away.If nothing is done they will continue because people like this don't understand words or the law.
  17. 2nd update.There is improvement.Anger still comes almost everyday but I manage to do nothing and wait it out.Found a good tip by veer Bhagat Singh in the Meditation thread where he says to analyze the anger,its source,where I feel it in my body etc when it happens.It comes from the stomach area and spreads all over the torso.My mind starts making up stories and scenarios that fuel the anger.I start imagining scenarios that haven't happened and might never happen and this adds to the anger.It is like my mind provokes me to be angry and miserable and then laughs at me when I do get angry.So I just sit and endure the never ending thoughts and scenarios until I start thinking about something else.I try to chant Gurmantar to replace the thoughts but I seem to fail more often than not.The heat inside can be felt almost the whole day.I just try my best not to react to it.I have also been practicing the subtle art of keeping my mouth shut and so far the results have been forthcoming.I also suggest to myself that I should not make others around me miserable just because I am. Can't say much about the salt foot soak as I tried 3 tablespoons for a couple of days and ran out of H.salt.Have yet to buy more so can't update much on this. I do the breathing simran after JapjiSahib and Benti Chaupai daily.Usually lasts 5 to 15 minutes.Today I sat for 2-3 minutes and just got up and walked out of the room.I notice every time I try to do simran I start thinking I have something else important to do when I don't have anything else to do at that moment.I try to keep on breathing and saying Waheguru in my head as long as I can.Then I just start verbally reciting Gurmantar for a few minutes and end the session.I am going to have a shower and try doing simran again in a while.The good news is the days I manage to do simran properly for 15minutes I feel calm and content.Less negative thoughts. Will update again in a couple of weeks.
  18. Spreading controversial message? Doing more harm than good? Very easy for that so called journalist to pass judgment when it is the children of others who suffer and not hers. Living in denial and pretending all is fine is the real culprit that is doing more harm than good. In this age of political correctness the truth always seems controversial especially when it doesn't fit the narrative of the powers that be. I don't see Sikh Youth doing any harm.At least someone is doing something.Burglars think twice before robbing a house with 2 rottweilers. Without a doubt it is religiously motivated.The pedo in the vid himself admitted he would not groom a pakistani muslim girl.
  19. Just an update.Today marks 100 days since I quit Alcohol and Cigarettes.Still think about it once in a while but the strong urges have gone. Social life took a hit as I rarely go out any longer but no problem.It is better this way.Now is a time I get to know who my real friends are. Been doing daily some Mool mantar jaap,Japji Sahib,Chaupai Sahib,some breathing simran and I believe it is powering me to carry on. I will update again here in another 100 days.Thanks to all members here who helped me in this journey to clean up my act.
  20. You are welcome ji. Not really necessary since many of your fellow 'intellectuals' and 'scientists' regularly make a yatra here from SPN to enlighten us heathens.I doubt you can shock us with anything new.
  21. Thanks for the reply. I have a clearer picture now.Will carry on and update in a week.
  22. Ok understood.Yes I use a standard bucket.Thank you Veerji.
  23. Hello Veerji.Tried to pm you but you can't receive.Wanted to ask about the breathing naam jap.When I touch the tip of the tongue to the roof,do I need to apply pressure and push towards the roof or just a slight touch? You mentioned concentrate on each syllable separately but when I do that I notice I take 2 short breaths in instead of 1 long one. And do I take long breaths in and out slowly or just short ones faster? Thanks.
  24. Ok will do.I use hot water thats cooled down a bit,when I put my feet in its very hot and I have to go in and out of the water a few times until my feet can remain in the water with no burning sensation.I also do some visualization that black negative energy is draining out of my feet and mixing into the water. 3 tablespoons of salt in how much water(liters) do you recommend?
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