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  1. I guess it could probably be his intention to point out the lack of Sikhi knowledge by many Sikhs today hence he omitted the ones that answered correctly. Just my 0.2.
  2. Seems like Dakter Ji Phd(Boseton) gets his translations from Bollywood hindi movies.
  3. Exactly. They studied at western institutions that are infiltrated with leftists and their degenerate ideologies that seek to bring down every Religion as only a feel good,self help,be a better person,be good to everyone,club void of any spirituality,mysticism or divinity.You speak against them and you will be accused of "Hate". At the very basic of their problem is the 'Kala Engrej' mentality. These are sufferers of 'Internalized Racism'. They look up at the more successful races who have destroyed and liberalized their own religion and wish they were like them at the same time kicking and oppressing their own race to show their masters that they are somewhat better than the rest and have 'evolved'.These are very dangerous people that I predict one would contribute in a major Genocide against Sikhs. Their arrogance and internalized racism will reach a point where they will decide to provoke violence against Mainstream Sikhs to wipe us out and leave only them.You can already see their minions spewing extreme hate all over the internet.
  4. Thanks Veerji.I'll start trying to hear youtube and get the pronounciation right. Is Ardas to be done daily?
  5. Thanks for the motivation Veerji. I don't know how to do Ardaas,always had a Granthi do it.
  6. No Veerji, I haven't heard of it before but I will look into it. I quit drink & smokes on November 15th last year,the day I made this thread. 200 days clean already. Now I'm just maintaining. Will check out some youtube vids. I just searched and found some. Just need the extra motivation to keep going on.Thanks.
  7. Veerji, I would like to humbly put my palms together and make a 'benti' to you to please use the great dakters full name which is Dr. Karminder Singh Dhillon Phd(Boston) so as to not hurt his fragile ego when he reads this.
  8. Ok thanks. Will carry on doing what Im doing now then.Trying to silence the mind puts even more burden and stress on me and puts me off from doing paath.Now Im just kamikaze.I just sit and do paath no matter where my mind is.I try redirecting it to paath and it runs away again.
  9. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh. June the 2nd was my 200th day of quitting alcohol and cigarettes.Still carrying on.Think about it daily but I refuse to succumb to temptation. I find it tough as I'm having high stress levels this past month.Having flashes of memory of me drinking.Suddenly getting taste of beer or whisky in my mouth.Sometimes I get the taste and smell of cigarettes.It comes and goes. Mind is playing tricks on me.I believe that my determination not to go back being a drunk and smoker is keeping me away from these intoxicants.Taking it step by step,day by day. Prayer wise,lots of noise in my head while doing paath.Before my mind was less noisy but now its gone real bad.Whole while I'm reading Japji Sahib my mind is active with thoughts and comments etc.Sometimes the thoughts are negative and filled with anger.Don't know why. I've given up trying to silence my mind. Will update again in another 100 days.
  10. What we don't have is unity and social network to give birth to many successful business people in our community. We are too busy stepping on each others head instead of dragging each other up,especially those who have the drive and know how to do so. Having billionairres is not a must,but no doubt it is a huge advantage,especially Gursikh dasvandh giving and job creating billionairres. Instead the community can contribute monthly dasvandh to a national level financial institution created specifically to uplift and protect the Sikh community.This institution will invest money and try to make a profit. The profit will be used to fund social efforts such as charity,education,health,business loans/training,social issues(single mothers,addiction,domestic abuse etc) and a portion of yearly profits earned would be reinvested to grow the fund. A portion will be used to protect the community and tackle grooming and other crimes.Funds from here can be used for lobbying and political activism and raising awareness on issues faced by the community through different types of media,traditional and new media. No,we would just end up as cannon fodder fighting other peoples war just to receive a miserable salary and some shiny medals.Training and knowledge is a must and it can be achieved in many ways without being a permanent servant of NATO'S international Military-Industrial-Complex.This will just make many communities hate us for joining tyrannical military forces to oppress them and invading their countries. Take land where exactly?
  11. Lol. I've read a few articles too by so called Sikh "liberal intellectuals" who were portraying Modi's election victory as the end of days for minorities. Look at west bengal with mamta banerji ruling with her invincible party there. And then look at Punjab where "captain" Amarinder Singh needs to ask Master Rahul's permission to get rid of Navjot Singh. https://www.indiatoday.in/elections/lok-sabha-2019/video/captain-amarinder-singh-asks-rahul-gandhi-to-choose-between-him-or-navjot-singh-sidhu-1533633-2019-05-24
  12. I hear what you are saying but doing nothing would be worse than doing something and not succeeding. It will take time and many failures to achieve any significant result.We would really be in trouble when our panth stops trying. The least that we can do as a community would be protecting our young girls from exploitation and sexual grooming, keeping males away from drugs etc and a community support network that protects the community from outside hostility. What is the point of everything else when we are failing at the basics.
  13. https://www.ndtv.com/india-news/actor-sunny-deol-new-role-as-lawmaker-after-bjp-scores-landslide-win-2042186 And more good news. Congrats to Sunny paaji.
  14. https://www.ndtv.com/india-news/punjab-chief-minister-amarinder-singh-thanks-people-for-party-victory-2042845 I am not familiar with Punjab politics but came across this after news of Modi's monumental victory in the elections was all over the internet. Realized that while many states totally rejected Congress(14states), Punjab gave 8 seats to Congress. My question is why? After 84 I'm surprised this party even exists in Punjab. Are Sikhs in Punjab being threatened to support Congress or are they suffering from Stockholm Syndrome? Or are they intoxicated as usual by Madam "Gandhi's" wrinkled gori bonde? Why doesn't Punjab have a local party in Power? Look at tamil nadu where the local party DMK won big. Again I'm not familiar with Punjab politics and would like input from those who have a better understanding of this topic.
  15. How do we change this behaviour Veerji? Any suggestions. If you are free you should start writing an article on this issue with criticisms and solutions step by step. We could make it a group project here with all contributing. Would love to hear more on this.
  16. Please elaborate. Are you talking about victim blaming and cover ups because of the family's so called izzat?
  17. These Sikhs are doing a great service by raising awareness on this issue.More power to them. Thank you DalSingh Veerji too for keeping us updated.
  18. Hahahahaha, I was thinking about that outfit while typing that post.Specifically the story where they gave aid in the Middle East to an area where the people were involved in the ethnic cleansing of the minority Yazidi community and the human trafficking and sexual slavery of Yazidi girls.So while the sons and husbands were busy committing genocide and rape,their families were being supplied with aid and food to further strengthen these terrorists all thanks to these virtue signallers.One of Putins bombs should have dropped on the founders thick skull to make him realize his stupidity. These people will scream and shout "Sarbat Da Bhala" but they conveniently eject and reject their own Sikhs from "Sarbat".Why? Because when you help your own poor, suffering, marginalized and oppressed Sikhs, No International organizations or rich Oil Sheikhs will donate to your organization or pat you on the head saying "Good little hairy brown man". https://www.scoopwhoop.com/khalsa-aid-came-to-the-aid-of-the-world/#.526yp8qm7 11 times they came to aid the world but not once to the Sikhs even when they use a Sikh name and Sikh logo on their Organization.And it seems they also are responsible for the influx of illegal middle eastern rapefugees into Europe.Bravo Singho!Doing their part to bring in more Legions of rapists and sexual groomers into Europe to realize the dream of the Caliphate of the Eurabian Union! https://indianexpress.com/article/trending/trending-globally/khalsa-aid-gifts-quran-to-iraq-refugee-camp-during-ramadan-wins-hearts-online-5721172/ The comments on this article seem interesting.
  19. Yes of course.Financial power without Political influence is useless.But to accumulate Political influence , Financial Power is necessary.Through political donations and sponsorships,fellowships,gala dinners etc, a small minority would be able to wield significance influence over a majority. The issue is this has to be a concerted effort by influential and motivated people from the community who have the backing of the rest of the community. the goal here would be for the betterment of the panth and not for personal or family gain like it is happening now.In the real world not everyone gets to be king,which is a problem we face where everyone wants to be dictating their own terms which is not in sync with the main agenda. We need a clear operation hierarchy where everyone knows their role and fulfills it without stepping on the toes of others. The question to ask is what is being done with all that money?It mostly remains in private hands used to fund a few little private charities.Nothing major.Nothing overly political.Just usual charity or religious sponsorships etc. There should be 1 entity or Mega fund that should be dedicated to realize certain missions and goals.A portion of Money from all other high income individuals or organizations can flow into this mega fund which in turn could finance lobbying groups etc. As you say,they are quite educated and financially strong but at the moment they are scattered like sun rays.It's warm and you might get sun burnt but it can hardly do more damage than that.The best is to get concentrated and become like a laser ,that when pointed at a target it has the capability to bring the desired results.
  20. Thanks Veerji for this video.Always nice to watch a video of Bhai Jagraj Singh. I'm quite green on this issues but I do agree that we are more than just a bunch of bhangra dancers and pakoray eaters(not that there's anything wrong with that). I believe for a community to be successful in the 21st century,the greatest weapon they need is education and financial power.It sounds cold but a rotting poor community is of no good to anyone and will encourage more oppression as others will think we are too weak to retaliate.Here I'm not talking about individual or family wealth but a sort of community chest that grows by the year to provide Sikh welfare,education,business and religious financial assistance or loans. Why don't you give us some ideas and your own thoughts on how to reprogram ourself based on this video?
  21. Please do share Veerji. And what phal does sidhi of this bani give ?How to know if you sidh some bani?Will you see or hear something etc?
  22. Looks like nothing much can be done at the moment as powerful local groups would be protecting this place and any direct action would without a doubt turn violent and end up harming the local minority Sikh population.The best would be to educate local Sikhs to learn and understand Sikhi so less people would patronize this place.
  23. Happy Vasakhi to all members and admin of Sikhawareness.
  24. That was awesome.I'm gonna watch more of this guy.
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