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  1. Happy Vaisakhi 2020 to all members,although we have to celebrate from home for most of us. Stay safe everyone.
  2. Really? Ok, Ill put Rabb da radio on my to watch list.
  3. Ya this was the older version, 1978-1980 if not mistaken. Very popular because of Sun Wukong(monkey kings) antics.
  4. No point living in the past and keep on beating up yourself. You have apologized. That was a good move. It means you regret your actions and fully repent.Don't ever do it again. Focus on the current time and moment. I'm not an expert in this but the best thing you can do now is start with Naam Simran. Without a doubt it helped me when I was in trouble and it would help you too.Make Simran part of your daily routine. Start with 5 minutes a day. Don't worry about amount of repetitions or any special technique,just totally surrender to Waheguru and start as soon as possible.Wish you all the best.
  5. Find it weird they are attacking Sant Singh Maskeen ji as he has been dead for 15 years now. I don't understand the explanation they give on the Gurbani line Sarb Rog Ka Aukhad Nam (SGGS274). Doesn't make sense. How does love,compassion,service to mankind help remove the 5 thieves?
  6. lol so cute,it even talks back.
  7. Tu hi tu dally,tu hi tu.You are great.Number one! Pat yourself on the back. First you curse my mother,then you accuse me of being a non Sikh white swastika tattooed Nazi and now I am a mental patient whos on antipsychotics.Lol. Dally you are great. tere jaisa hor koi nehi dally.
  8. lol, snap my fingers and it comes barking.Good boy dally.
  9. Looks like you don't understood what he wrote,lol. As if you give a damn dally,you are the one who started it on this thread with your pathetic comment.Now trying to be holy?Pakhandee! And I was talking to Ragmaala not you.The world doesn't revolve around you dally,control that lil ego of yours.And stay away from schools and kids dally.
  10. I know bro. What I meant was dally used a clone account to attack us 3. Very conveniently a clone account was created,immediately came in and attack specific people and conveniently disappeared again.
  11. haha cry as much as you want dally. Doesn't change the fact of what a lowlife you are.
  12. khusra penchod. dont want to use your clone account khusreya?
  13. haha says the khusra hiding in his moms basement as he was banned from ever going near kids ever.keep your hands to yourself dally. Hope your newborn nephew is kept faraway from you.
  14. hahaha why did they ban you from teaching kids dally? Is it because you were too touchy touchy with the kiddos? hahaha notty notty boy dally
  15. haha why dont you khusra use your clone account admin cut like you used against me,chatanga and samurai? tete hilge mayaveya?
  16. It should be noted that in the past this bastard dally called me "machodayaa" and other curses but no action was taken against this bastard. I have stayed away from this bastard ever since then and never clashed with this bastard but again he attacks me in the afghanistan shooting thread. You started the fight dally,now bear with it.You can even bring out your clone accounts you khusra like you always do. If action is taken against me it should also be taken against this penchod dally too for provocation.
  17. Its dallys dream to stuff lightsabers up his ass. he loves it even more when a negro sticks it up for him. thats the point of this video.
  18. teri ma di fuddi nu vi read karla jake dally. kenjeri ma teri vi negro naal firdi wa. Tu aap negro da baccha hona penchoda haramjada kutta.
  19. take this fist and stick it up your loose ass dally bastard. Im sure you will enjoy it knowing they type of poofter khusra you are.
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