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  1. is gutka sahib ch v sarbloh di baani hai eh gutka sahib v hega dass kol te dooje ale gutka sahib ni milna kitho v daas de ghare sarbloh maharaj ji da parkash kita hoya thorhe tym waaste je koi baani chahidi hai dss skde ho
  2. http://www.jsks.biz/Gutke-Sikh-Gurbani-Path-English-Punjabi-Hindi/Panth-Nitnem-Sunder-Gutka-Tarna-Dal?m4dc=1 you can order from here
  3. menu sms krdeyo 9877085874 te dss dvange tuhanu ?tuc kehri jagah birajmaan ho? wese gutka sahib online ni mngane chahide pr je majburi hai ta link de dinda tuhanu
  4. Here is another pdf of sri sarbloh baani SARBLOH ASTOTAR https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-9rgce4a_bNqx8rSdKRdnCSUnZ_2pJhz/view With guru sahib jis kirpaa i got a new gutka sahib with some sarbloh baaniand in next 15 days another gutka sahib ji will come so i will try to make pdf and post it here
  5. this whole paath is done on the day of diwali . amritwele is baani da jaap krna hai .and before diwali bhawani ustat paath is done .maryada's katha has been posted in this thread.
  6. diwali mahatam paath from sri sarbloh granth pdf shri sarbloh mangal.pdf
  7. Sarbloh aarti aarta pdf https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nNmFkP64xHAU-9uakVdZDQYlFduSFW2W/view?usp=sharing - Tarna dal rehras sahib(longer version) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1T6fMDDE9LZ7B285RP2YJVdm6YkOGfgib/view
  8. Sri bhavani ustat is already uploaded veerji kavach v uploaded ne is hi thread ch i'll try to upload rest of the sarbloh baani i have .i think sarbloh baani app is under development You can meet them in chaauni only they have their vidyala in bhamboi nangli and chabba. you can get this gutka from nanaksar kaleran i got this gutka from there only
  9. Here i m posting some pictures of the gutka sahib
  10. No veerji the gutka here is bit different the pothi which daas is having has some more baanis compared to the gutka sahib which giani ji is reffering in the video
  11. Hnji veerji it very hard beacuse only one single jathebandi is printing sarbloh baani gutka i.e tarna dal but if you want these gutka sahib you can get it from dalpanth
  12. @tva prasad hnji you can add these baani in your daily amritwela nitnem many singhs do this paath daily
  13. No veer ji sarbloh baanis are now being published seperately you can get these pothis from tarna dal gurmat vidyala in chabba pind
  14. nihangs too do sampat path .see the video. for dasam bani gobinde mukande chand is used for sampat
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