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  1. Kaurtion

    Introducing ourselves...

    It’s quite alright
  2. Kaurtion

    Introducing ourselves...

    And soul finder I’m a girl. Lol
  3. Kaurtion

    WhyChooseSikhism New YouTube Channel Launched

    Well done keep it up
  4. Kaurtion

    Sikhs in World War I

    Not being contemptuous but have you tried the library?
  5. Kaurtion

    Who Is Sikh ?

    I am
  6. Kaurtion

    Introducing ourselves...

    Sat Sri Akal I hope you all are well. I'm from Birmingham. I have completed a degree in BIS (hons) I work as a 1st line support officer I like to read things on Sikhi I practice yoga I like to play football but don't like to watch it. Currently looking for a football team to take part I would like to attain more knowledge in Sikhi and that's what I hope to gain from my experiences here Thankyou
  7. Kaurtion

    Is Sikhism a religion

    Hello I'm new here. In my opinion Sikhi is the best religion WGJKK WGJKF