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  1. Not exactly something like this but yes kaal is always at its work in one way or the other to take us away from bhakti.. Personally, I am not (has never been a social person), Don't join groups, clubs etc and don't meet many people only few people who means alot to me like close family surrounds me, so this doesn't suit me. Professionally of course people want their work done and you get paid for it. So thas normal.. some are easy others bothersome.. What takes me away from naad is disturbance of mind/ routine and yes kaal does that to each one of us i guess ... unless we have crossed gravity, we will be kept being pulled back by 5 chors (as much as I understand)..
  2. Heres a piece of Q/ans recording sent to me by still Nascent ji which I want lucky veerji and others thinking about him to hear. cjSinghG question 1 a
  3. Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki Fateh all So good to see all on the forum interacting about bhakti. Long time. Sukhpreet and sat veerji are missing. and being missed . Veerji i have been so confused myself, that I didn't know what to tell you. He doesn't seem fake, however jis claims are too high. Now after seeing his pic something clicked me, so I thought I would share. @Lucky veerji i request you to please correct me if otherwise The point is. We have been reading Gurbani, going to Gurdwara sahib, doing ardaas etc since childhood. As it was your case that you still kept on feeling emptiness and started following Osho. I got Amrit rass but wasn't aware what it is. Sat veerji got sehaj dhun but didn't know what to do with it ( so did you) Now after years and extensively trying to understand the concepts in SGGS ji and listening to Gurmukh like Simranjeet Singh ji., we have understood that our aim is to meet the Lord and the way is Sunn Gufa mai asaan besan kalo bibarjit pantha This person has found the way too but not by reading like me and you rather by doing it like Lucky veerji (don't kill me Pls ) . We at this stage can't benefit much from him as we are aware now. We have to act now. He being ' thhet'- from the pic - talks that boldly. I will take you-i will tell you-he probably means that I can show you the marg which you would have to travel or that I can help you know how to sit in sunn/ or how I did it and you do it too. May be its pind style that is bothering you. He isn't humble ( i can relate to my sis' in-laws ) they talk this way but mean otherwise That's just an instinct.
  4. Ji thanks, They are my inspiration. Not only mine but many like me. I feel NOw what you people have conversed about 6-7 years ago here and feel I am blessed, on the right track etc. I am forever thankful to you, sat veerji, his servant ji and Bhagat Singh ji - though he never interacted here after I joined the forum. Waheguru ji bless you always
  5. Gurfateh Veerji, This video is more like a commercialised and exaggerated form of Surti Travel. All abhiyasis feel their surti travelling above into Akash, sometimes floating slowly and other times very speedily launching off and travel to different devloks as lucky veerji and hisservant veerji has mentioned on the forum many times ( you can read some old threads) .. There, they get different experiences, like few sit and do simran and others hear music/ kirtan etc. This happens to them almost every night. This isn't OBE, Rather this is Sikhi. It must be a beautiful feeling OBE Isn't sikhi. Internet is full of OBE experiences which are mostly crappy. I heard in a katha recently that if our Mann develops the taste of these divine experiences once, it will love ÔŁĄthem so much that it will urge you to sit in Naam all the time and forget the cheaper tastes of maya But sachkhand is still far off for us yet... It's also called Begampura in Bani
  6. Waheguru ji What a mess! I am sorry all and thanks @Still nascentji and @sukhpreet. Thank you @harsharan000 ji, you have proved that my decision in not replying to you in past posts was right. Sukhpreet would know now there's no point in throwing stones ( see it's not worth our energy) I have conveyed my point( that was NOT kirtan to recommend on a forum - still nascent veerji has replied well what kirtan is, which you have ignored) you can keep scratching the pole now We won't be replying .
  7. How can you just term anything as kirtan.. And that too beautiful kiran. Was that a joke? It's a stolen tune/song - U always disappoint me.
  8. This is nice., this jugti is explained by Dharamjeet singh ji as well... Now I know what he meant. Thanks.... Will try @Sat1176 @Ragmaala@sukhpreet a still nascent @hsingh here is a new q/ a channel i hv found is recommended https://youtu.be/dzjEFYeXW-E Pls do listen. It's worth
  9. Yeah he's very keen on spreading the word of Akal Purakh and this path of bhakti In one of these videos he says he's available 24*7 on the phone for any seeker. Such humbleness and eagerness for nishulk prachaar - aa per the hukam of Akal Purakh is really commendable. Please everyone spread his message. I can send audio recordings to anyone who wishes to hear him without YouTube or upload them anywhere they can. Any help on the path to any seeker is available with Bhai Sahib ji. Pls feel free to call. Number is mentioned in every recording he makes.
  10. Two more important kathas uploaded here. ..worth listening tips And SIGNS OF SPIRITUAL GROWTH https://saadhsangat.wordpress.com/2020/07/03/signs-of-spiritual-awakening/
  11. Hanji this is Rupinder Singh ji, with whose recordings I started this thread.
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