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  1. Sat Sri Akaal Veerji, Sorry for the late reply, I was a bit unwell and in today's scenario every body got scared. Negativity overtook us all, but now m better. All this made me feel special though This was about two /three years ago, as I was keen to " "chhako Amrit " but my husband as you all know doesn't allow. So I was praying for it ... Waheguru ji has always been kind to me. He completed my wish ,the better way as great as he is but me being most foolish had no idea what it was. I was not a member here then. Just one regular ignorant kid who started doing Nitnem and asking babaji that since I have started Nitnem , pls grant me Amrit - I can keep it. And on being denied by my husband time and again, got upset.. .. With this sweetness as Sat Veerji has also mentioned, I rather got annoyed Though I have a sweet tooth but the "fool I am" and thought I was unwell ( if u Google sweetness in mouth - u would get a list of diseases that may scare u) and again prayed for it to go.... Moorakh hai Naa..lol
  2. It seems you are following a right path. Keep working upon it ... Whenever you hear this sound focus upon it while chanting or meditating or whatever you have been doing. But don't look for it forcefully or intentionally.... It will come as a grace from Almighty. All the best!
  3. Very important Jugti explained at 10 mins about PRAKASH.. Can be a help for abhiyaasi at a higher level. This is worth a seva. @Soulfinder veerji can you upload it as a save file please. This may help many souls!
  4. Thanku @Soulfinderveerji, for reviving this old thread. I love Akaal Ustat, this refreshed it Waheguru!
  5. SsA Veerji, Focusing on Agya chakra during Simran is NOT recommended by abhiyaasis, you can checK content by happydays veer on this forum.. how he suffered for so many days cos of this.. This video talks about the jugtis as per Gurmat as posted by sat Veerji. Listen from 18 mins or you may call these Gurmukhs for personalized help, they are really nice and kirpa waale Gurmukhs. All the best! https://youtu.be/gDKLBZTY9Ic
  6. Very important katha worth taking notes.. Tregun Chautha pad Stages at chautha pad.
  7. Release of Dopamine in the brain by Meditation ( I read about it somewhere on this forum itself) brings happiness and joy. ( Nanak bhagta sadaa vigaas)
  8. I have heard this in a Katha but couldn't locate the track... So its more of kitaabi Gyaan from me. Area above the eyes in our body is Akash tat. And as per the principle of "jo Brahmande soi pinde" there are 7 layers of Akaash ( Saato Akaash Saato pataal)) so seven layers of mind... Which they call concious, sub concious, super concious,super sub concious and so on. As we progress in Meditation.and concentrate on Akash tat... Guru mantra manifests or penetrate itself deep into the layers of mind. So these waves are seen as a sign confirming that your surti is penetrating into deeper layers or levels. Congratulations! That seems to be a positive sign. PS. This also brings me to write a bit more on 5 elements in our body. Area below knees EARTH Area from knees till Nabh ghaat ( naval) is WATER From Naval till Trikuti( root of nose) is AIR ( Paon) Above Trikuti or eyes is AKASH ( Space) Now the fifth element AGNI is most talked about.. Agni is present all over the body. Agni is fire.it represents vikaars- kaam( lust) krodh ( anger) greed, pride and MOH in our head. Jathar Agan ( the digestive fire) in our tummys, ninda on our tongues, Trishna in our eyes, body heat all over. So this is one element which, very similar to the outer world is REQUIRED yet Dangerous.. we have to be cautious while using it. Another concept related to AGNI is ( Jaisi again udar Mai taisi bahar maaya) . Fire and Maaya are similar.. we can't survive without body heat or Maya for that matter in bodily form yet it's Dangerous. Hence needs to be cautiously handled. - Maaya gujraan
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