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  1. People have started calling me ' 'mad' and I am happy about it 😇

    1. dalsingh101


      Why have they started calling you mad? What you doing? 

    2. Mooorakh


      Lol... there r many instances 

      1. Talking to 🌲🌳🌴

      2. Didn't find the death of the little boy who fell in the pit as saddening

      3. Instead got upset 😭 when the landlord of the mango farm found a way out to 'kill' all those trees naturally and is now selling those as commercial plots ( they say of course that's a correct move as he was wasting his expensive ( in crores) main road property on Mangoes worth few thousands.))  And I stand against his smart move. 

      4.Govt is cutting off those mountains for four way lanes - all others see 'progress' i am complaining- i am called - pagal hai 

      5 I fought with the sweeper of our area as he was trapping little cute piglets when everyone else said whatever he did with them was none of my business   haha 😂😂 

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