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  1. Yeah he's very keen on spreading the word of Akal Purakh and this path of bhakti In one of these videos he says he's available 24*7 on the phone for any seeker. Such humbleness and eagerness for nishulk prachaar - aa per the hukam of Akal Purakh is really commendable. Please everyone spread his message. I can send audio recordings to anyone who wishes to hear him without YouTube or upload them anywhere they can. Any help on the path to any seeker is available with Bhai Sahib ji. Pls feel free to call. Number is mentioned in every recording he makes.
  2. Two more important kathas uploaded here. ..worth listening tips And SIGNS OF SPIRITUAL GROWTH https://saadhsangat.wordpress.com/2020/07/03/signs-of-spiritual-awakening/
  3. Hanji this is Rupinder Singh ji, with whose recordings I started this thread.
  4. O Nice, and did you hear the next one he loaded He goofs up with voices. Initial Simran sounds funny but overall conversation is really worth listening. @Sukhpreet He address your issue of sharing avasthas here... Q What I have understood from all those kathas is that after this we require a lot of Naam dhan to proceed further so only those who japa for 24 hours or have a good lot of Naam kamai proceeds further rest stay ... One among these sawal jawab videos had this discussion of Naam dhan where one Gurmukh says, you can only buy something when you have that much of dhan... Get to drink more and more Amrit ras and cleanse your Karma's. I guess it's the last step before we can be relived from lekhas and sant avaatha starts after this . So more and more listening to these sounds and earning Naam kamaii is the key. May waheguru ji help us all walk on this path
  5. I just found something similar to what I hear @Ragmaalan @Sat1176 veerji can u both relate?
  6. Hmm.. I guess when we are sick we remember waheguru ji more intensely. Dukh daaru sukh rog bhayaa... Vaise of course @Sat1176and @Lucky can guide both of us here .. please..
  7. I don't knw if Jaap sahib is more powerful than Japji sahib Or Rehraas sahib All i know is that its the prem that matters. And I ❤jaap sahib. I also heard in a video recently that somehow we fall in for a particular bani that keeps on playing inside you and if it does.. Then that means it has entered our heart. For the person in the video it was jaap sahib and I could relate... This reminds me my grandma used to keep on japping japji sahib when I was small and I have seen people telling her it's only for morning. She never cared. She died very peacefully without anybody doing any seva of hers.. I wish I go similarly.
  8. . Me too. I am at this insect sound since 2 years may be. Sweet taste keeps coming and going. But one thing I would like to mention here. Few days ago, I had fever and running nose. I got scared that it may be Corona. I resorted to my only saviour and my simran got intense. Being ill I had nothing else to do anyway. I did Jaap sahib multiple times and I started hearing these drums, my heartbeat and vibrating sounds. The morning I went for the medical test, as I woke up I could recall that I was hearing a beautiful vibratpry music inside, but I was in a hurry to the doctor. My reports came negative. It was a regular viral fever that lasted 2-3 days and I have been trying hard since but can't hear that music or beats again. I am back at regular machine Zzzzz or insect sound as you may call it. Something inside me says you were better ill.. Lol
  9. I came across an ayurveda site yesterday, which claim that Brahmi is a good brain food. It increases the number of neurons in our brain, thus impacting our intelligence. Then there seems something more to this in increasing brain power and helping in Bhakti may be.
  10. Yeah it's a US number so you get charged while calling from Canada. In India too we get charged for calling these numbers unless we have a unlimited calling plan..
  11. I read this in a biography of a person who went to Himalayas to seek spiritually and found worth sharing. This proves why our Guru Sahib said grihsth life is the best life. We didn't have to fall off many times to learn it. We can just trust our Babaji... ............ And so it transpired that after I left Peter Pan in the park that evening, transporting myself to meet her master in his Never-land and learning the tricks therein, I was filled with such a joy at my return to innocence that there was really little left to do but quit my job, sell my belongings and head off to the Himalayas to meet my destiny. And meet it I did. Donned the proverbial white robes and climbed the mountain. But I suppose you might be interested to know what precisely, in the form of physical possession and attachment, I gave up to lighten my burden before departure? Well, I’ll tell you. A steady job with a take-home pay of approx. $40k/yr - not bad for a 24 yr old hippy kid in a foreign country who still hadn’t earned his degrees yet and didn’t speak the local language! A Harley Davidson - beauty of a bike, my pride and joy in those days, worth upwards of $15k - I sold it for the price of a plane ticket and a bit of mad money for my vacation. I left my friends and life behind me and ran straight, full speed ahead. I left my wife behind me, too. And she cried. But I was committed and determined to leave off everything for the opportunity to find what Buddha found. I’d sit in the jungle like a recluse and let the light of heaven shine down on my skull, happy be damned. After all, what’s a life of everything? All these things are just the root of suffering, right? Wrong. But I didn’t know that yet and it would take me a long time before I’d come close to understanding why my Guru wouldn’t let me hang out in the hills with Him forever. Be normal! He’d often chastise, even as He guided me through the rituals, fulfilling my dream to become one like Him. One early winter morning, taking our tea by the fire, He told me. Go back to your wife. Live a life like a normal guy, happy. You have my blessing. You will have everything. Raise generations and understand the joys and sorrows of your own father. But I couldn’t hear Him. I wouldn’t hear Him. Not on this. And I made every excuse why I shouldn’t do that but rather should remain empty, like Him, here in this mountain abode. I wanted to learn the magic of the mystics. I wanted to see the face of God, talk with the spirits, learn all the arts. And He taught me. Perhaps He saw something teachable in me. I don’t know. Maybe all the talk of going back to the life of man, like a normal guy - maybe it was just some kind of test. After all, if the life of a sanyasi was good enough for Him… Go back. A young guy should have a life, and a business. Open a good restaurant or hotel. Heal people through the food system and teach them something good - how to live a life. How could I do that? I’d run away from everything now, burned every bridge. What did that life have for me? No. I would make my way with the yogin of the Himalaya. The Gods of pictures and myth would be my friends, mana my sustenance, fire my fuel. I would sleep in the snow with nothing but a shawl, chant the sacred words that raises God knowledge. Completely ignore the human psychology (and physiology for that matter) that says there is something to be had in the physical, too. Too much spiritual makes imbalance, too. In the words of Pierre Chardin ‘we are spiritual beings having a physical experience’. Indeed. Why to throw that physical experience back in the face of the God who graced us with such? Well, I was still young and needed a good talking to. I had it all figured out, knew precisely what I needed to get myself into proper balance. I was so full of myself it’s no small wonder that I was actually able to sit still and listen, to watch and comprehend the masterful machinations of the swamy who took me under His wing. Twenty-seven years later now I write this brief glimpse into that past and somewhat blush as I contemplate pushing the submit button. But I guess it’s a good an answer as any to the question. Yeah, I left a good paying job to become a sanyasi. What a trip it’s been. And now I’m back with an even better paying job, living the life of a normal guy - a family man with a good business that adds value to people’s lives. This writing was entirely too brief; I leave out so much. I suffered hard for my choice and rejoiced equally. Life was a mad roller coaster of self-discovery and realization, and in case you’re wondering, I’ve no regrets. It was all worth it, every bit. But if I could go back with what I know today, as the man I am today, I’d change one thing. I wouldn’t make her cry.
  12. Waheguru ji.. you first wrote it on top it's all a lie see that's how my waheguru ji takes care of Nindaks. Whatever you have written Mr lie that's all a lie . When a Sikh man entered the vicinity of Foreigners and impressed a bundle among them- CONVERTED them , ofcourse they got jealous and this jealousy made them play tricks against the holy man. I am sure ! His thoughts are from the lineage of Baba SriChand ji and he says that as Baba SriChand ji was embraced into Sikhi by Guru Ramdas Sahib all udhaasis became Sikhs.... we do see few conceptual differences in his thinking than traditional followings of Sikhs yet he has strengthen the beliefs of so many people. He was so strong in his LOVE that he made so many people of FOREIGN ORIGIN With total different thinking, background, culture etc fall in love with His Love. CAN YOU JUST CHANGE ONE OR TWO PEOPLE AND MAKE THEM BELIEVE IN YOUR BELIEFS before following the news crap of foreigners?? He's one man, who has influenced the lives of so many in a positive way and unna ne inne saariya nu Mere GURU SAHIB naal jorrea If you can't follow his steps and believe some jealous folks with dirty agendas then you can't be a Sikh. Shame! shame!
  13. Hi, You would have to make an Id to be a member here and then it would give you option of sending personal messages ( pm). That's a good suggestion from Sukh Preet. All the best!
  14. Very important concepts explained Karam indriya Gyaan indriya Naam di stages Chat padaarth Sukham indriya etc Laaha for all!! @Still nascent did u get proper notes?? Pls share
  15. Yes One stops hearing sounds once he's merged in PRAKASH - at high avastha. - Realization of the TRUTH
  16. Yeah I knw - u caught me- I make opinions.. Find people's fault and tell them on their face.. I am aware nd.. working towards self correction.. .. But if there's a flower it can't hide it's smell.. If there's Brahmn he can't hide himself- like ISHQ AND MUSHQ As for technicality there are tonns of nishaanis given in Babaji to identify the real one among fakes.. Like moon among stars... U bet thas for people like me not to get fooled I even mentioned the other day internet is full of many calling themselves enlightened..
  17. Haha.. This ego.. who's talking.. U may be on the path though.. Kaal huh?
  18. Waheguru ji.. Though your words are too twisted to enter my little ( tuchh) intellect. ( seems you have read a lot of gyaaan ) anyway as for karma and if I understand correctly you are worried about the negative people around you- who hinders your Bhakti - haina?? Kaal will try to pull you back.. In the form of negative people always... Your faith would make you stand straight..Buddha thas whom you have been following?? Did you realize the pain he went through before getting enlightened.. Dukh daaru sukh rog bhayaa U have been unfortunate to not realize what treasure you have ( being a Sikh) in the form of SGGS ji. It's not late.. Start reading SGGS and the deeper you would dive the beautiful pearls you will fetch... Karama theory- I leave to you to find.. Nothing is straight forward in Granth Sahib cos its for the person of every one.. Who may be at any spiritual stage.... the one at first step would get a different answer from the one on the higher levels from the same pankti.. Do u understand punjabi by the way?
  19. Oye!! .. I was expecting a MONEY and POWER type reply... Kaal huh?? This was not particularly for you.. Thas again a general statement... We all play under the influence of " Kaal" N Maaya, till we don't reach " The Truth-" .. Just a pyaada there... Lol
  20. Babaji is the only one who play games!! Life's too funny bro.. No one can be sure.. Ok I guess u hv tken my word PLAY wrongly.. We always have to play with our thoughts to stop them - with our feelings to divert them. Let me make another statement: women are physically weak .. women are weak with logic.. We are weak with driving sense.. Does that satisfy your ego.. Now all the women would bring their weapons.. .. and kill me I Disclaimer: Exceptions are always there. Like me
  21. Are you by any chance helping her @moneyandpower?? Or increasing her guilt. She may already be forgiven since she's brave enough to confess., she has been given that power by Babaji to write her deeds here and on the other forums too.. Why don't you try confessing your dirtiest deeds here and ask Sangat for forgiveness... Let's c if you have been forgiven?? Come on @kaur S u have woken up at an age where most of others start to get into such mess.. So consider yourself lucky and get to work ASAP. Read as much on this forum specially the old posts. Read SGGS Ji- discover the purpose of human life and fall in Love... Hold his hand... Waheguru ji Also Kaal will try to pull you back.. In the form of negative people always... Your faith would make you stand straight.. .. Chant and move forward
  22. Well I only meant men are emotionally weak, they are not able to express themselves ( normally) ... they would look harsh but aren't actually... And rather are egoist so he won't call her just unblock her..so she would have to clearly express her, Play with her feelings and be strong thas only if she would have understood it the way you have... As the answer was meant for Still you can say watever you wish to... We all hv freedom of speech! I am not going to argue on THIS ...
  23. You didn't mention the reason why he blocked you. Him following Sikhi can't be a real reason for blocking you. Your stopping him to do it can be.... But still even if you hv said or feel something against his beliefs and you repent it - and want to be together again. .. Play.. Men are always emotionally weak. If he really loves you and is missing you- he won't tell you but unblock you... You can keep trying his number... , you can always read that on his face, .... in his eyes. Even when he's angry and scolding you.. ( I normally give my husband that innocent puppy look - when he's scolding me and there he melts) but that's for you only at STAGE 2. Right now! Go to the Gurudwara Sahib everyday, same time he goes or anywhere else where you know he is but pretend as if you didn't know he was there Or just ignore him... for at least 2 days Or so till he approaches you himself or give you ' that' look - ignore him. ( make sure he sees you though) And yes very important::: Just don't get confused between love, ego or infatuation only walk back if you really love him and asif you are yourself ready to surrender/ change your self as per his NEW SIKHI WAYS* as this is my personal experience - if Babaji does kirpa. On someone he changes completely- like Jageera veer - so don't expect the same old person or try to bring him back (( thas why I perceive you were blocked)) so think again and make sure!!! If you are expecting the '"old " him and want that person to love then as kaurji said above forget him..... You love someone who's dead in him n doesn't exist anymore.....
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