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  1. How to fall in love with God we usually associate the term love with loving another person; usually of the opposite sex. That is the kind of love that we nurture with another person of flesh and blood. However, here Guru Ji is talking about another dimension of love. This love is neither for a person; nor of a romantic type, as is immortalized in the legions of books like Romeo and Juliet, or Heer and Ranja etc. Instead, it is love for God and that, too, is steeped in a deep sense of reverence. The love that Guru Ji is referring to is not for a person, but a personal nature and a trait. Let us see if we can find out about this expression of love in the Guru Granth Sahib. Let us first start with Guru Nanak Dev Ji. "mohIpRymiprypRiBAibnwsIrwm]" "Mohee prem pirae prabh abinaasee raam." (SGGS, Pg. No. 843) Meaning: I am enticed by the love of my Husband Lord, the Eternal, Imperishable Lord God. Here Guru Nanak Dev Ji is sharing his excitement and the enthusiasm that has welled up in him for God. In fact Guru Nanak Dev finds this love so intoxicating that he expresses that feeling in these words: "BauqyrwBWgKlVImyrwcIqu]mYdyvwnwBieAwAqIqu]" "Bhao tera bhaang khalrree mera cheeth. Mai daevaanaa bhaeiaa atheeth." (SGGS, Pg. No. 721) Meaning: Your Reverence, O Lord God, is my marijuana; my consciousness is the pouch which holds it. I have become an intoxicated hermit. Thus, we can see that Guru Nanak Dev Ji is not just declaring his adoration and reverence for God, but also declaring that he has become a crazy hermit in love. This strong bonding of love that Guru Nanak Dev Ji experienced and shared with us through his writings is different from our experience. However, the pangs of separation, besides springing forth feelings of emptiness, anxiousness, and anxiety, are like those experienced in the worldly love. However, there is an added new dimension here - a keen desire for reunion. Such is the heart and feelings of the truly intoxicated in the divine love. Let us explore the similar feelings of Guru Ram Das Ji. "myrYminqinpRymulgwhirbwxujIau]" "Merai mun tan prem lagaa har baan jeeo." (SGGS, Pg. No. 175) Meaning: The arrow of the Lord's Love has pierced by mind and body. We have known about the piercing arrow effect of love that has been immortalized with an image of Cupid, but what about that experience for God? Well it is not one of our experiences. Next let us explore the similar feelings of Guru Arjan Dev Ji the complier of Guru Granth Sahib. "AYsIpRIiqgoivMdisaulwgI]myilleypUrnvfBwgI]" "Aisee preet govind sio laagee. Mael la-ae pooran vaddabhaagee." (SGGS, Pg. No. 198) Meaning: Such is my love for the Lord of the Universe has blossomed; through perfect good destiny, I have been united with Him. Elsewhere, Guru Arjan Dev Ji has shared his emotions of being deeply in love in the following words: "mUlwlnisaupRIiqbnI]rhwau]qorInqUtYCorInCUtYAYsImwDoiKMcqnI]" "Moo laalan sio preet banee. Rahao. Toree n toottai chhoree n chuttai aisee maadho khinch tanee." (SGGS, Pg. No. 827) Meaning: I have fallen in love with my Beloved Lord. Pause. Cutting it, it does not break, and releasing it, it does not let go. Such is the string the Lord has tied me with. The quotations above express love as a state of mind as experienced by Guru Ji, and how he stays in that state of mind. That day and night Guru Ji is thankful from his heart, because that bonding has grown in him. Further, he prays to God please bless him, so that this feeling may be continuously nurtured. He says that every attempt to disengage from it or snap from it fails. This is not falling in love but is rising in love and ascending higher. Now, let us explore; if we can taste the same steep love for God from the Banis of Bhagats in Guru Granth Sahib. Bhagat Ravidas has expressed his true love with God in these words: "swcIpRIiqhmqumisaujorI]qumisaujoirAvrsMigqorI]" "Saachee preet hum tum sio joree. Tum siyo jor avar sang toree." (SGGS, Pg. No. 659) Meaning: I am joined in true love with You, Lord. I am joined with You, and I have broken with all others. In this line we can see the true expressions of love for God, while having disconnected from others. In fact all the above quotes share with us the emotions of special bond of love with the divine. In elsewhere Ravi Das says on page 487 that because of this love I will not come back in incarnations. We all have this same yearning that we try to fulfill in our worldly relationships with our beloved, spouse, parents, and children. But our experiences have not been so fulfilling nor have they been nurturing. So, where should we turn for help? Guru Ji advises how to seek help: "ik®pwiniDbshuirdYhirnIq]qYsIbuiDkrhuprgwswlwgYpRBsMigpRIiq]" "Kirpa nidh basaho ridhai har neet. Taisee budh karhao pargaassa laagai Prabh sang preet." (SGGS, Pg. No. 712) Meaning: O Lord, ocean of mercy, please abide forever in my heart. Please awaken such understanding within me, that I may be in love with You, God. Guru Ji puts a precondition before that understanding can develop with these words: "jauqaupRymKylxkwcwau]isruDirqlIglImyrIAwau]" "Jao tau prem khelan ka chaao. Sir dhar tale galee maeree aao." (SGGS, Pg. No.1412) Meaning: If you desire to play this game of love with Me, then step onto My Path with your head in hand. The condition imposed by Guru Ji is only to come with your head in your hand. The expression is an analogy for a person who is ready to die. But here Guru Ji is not talking about the death of the body, but is talking about the death of the ego. In the next line Guru Ji says that when going on this path there should not be any hesitation nor any concerns for the opinions or the viewpoints of others. Guru Ji provides the guidance to those who give up ego: "ivxusqgurguxnjwpnIijcrusbidnkrybIcwru]" "Vin sathagur gun n jaapanee jichar shabad n karae beechaar" (SGGS, Pg. No. 936) Meaning: Without the True Guru, one does not see God's Virtues; one does not chant the Glorious Virtues of God. So, Guru Ji is asking us to seek guidance of Guru to develop virtues. How do we develop the virtues within and how can we meet them to learn from them? Before developing virtues the first step is to have understanding of virtues, seeing the virtues, and then appreciating them. Thus the Guru Ji will become the conduit and the coach for the entire process. A Sikh, who is a seeker, will experience the loving nature emanating within. A Sikh can only pray to Guru Ji and seek help, to nurture in him/her this tender sapling that it grows into a giant flowering tree. Let us pray that Guru Ji may provide us with such a blessing that a giant tree of loving with flowers of beauty and fragrance grows within us. Guru Arjan Dev Ji's these words may become our reality of life: "AYsIpRIiqgoivMdisaulwgI]myilleypUrnvfBwgI]" "Aisee preet govind sio laagee. Mail laae pooran vaddabhaagee." (SGGS, Pg. No. 198) Meaning: Such is my love for the Lord of the Universe; through perfect good destiny, I have been united with Him. Gurus have extorted us repeatedly to love God wholeheartedly; without expectations of any returns. Guru Ji has given us many similes of the type of love that he is talking about. These include references to water lily (lotus), and fish regarding their love for water. Guru has given more examples to emphasize the point by referring to a song bird's yearning for rain drop and so on. In conclusion; Guru Ji says that without the Guru this love does not emanate within. Still, the tricky mind will always be looking for excuses to get out of this emotional bonding. Every time it makes that excuse, we will have to be vigilant enough to steer it back with the following suggestion: "AYsIpRIiqkrhumnmyry]AwTphrpRBjwnhunyry]" "Aisee preet karahu mun maerae, aath pehar prabh jaanahu naerae". (SGGS, Pg. No. 807) Meaning: Enshrine such love, O my mind, that twenty-four hours a day, God feels near to you. Then only we can share what we will experience within. In fact Guru Arjan Dev Ji has expressed that feeling in these words: "sunhulokwmYpRymrsupwieAw]" "Sunahu lokaa mai prem rus paaeiaa." (SGGS, Pg. No. 370) Meaning: Listen, O people: I have tasted the elixir of love. Let us pray, hope, aspire that we get to taste this divine love or Prem Rus in our lives. The words referred to above serve as an inspiration for us that we need to develop and nurture such a relationship. Let these words fuel our desire for this divine love. Our singing of these words may not just be repeating the Guru Ji words on a musical scale, but a true heart rendering. The Guru Ji's blessing is all that we need and aspire for, and may we be blessed to experience the feeling of divine love within. May we literally feel the experience, the rising up in True Love. Copied for my satsangi friends Source: https://www.sikhnet.com/news/seeking-true-love
  2. Moorakh .. thas wat I am. The Most Stupid!! . Couldn't recognize my own ONE. Pls forgive me!

    Pls koi asees mil jaye te meri bhul maaf ho jaye. (Deo sajan aseesadiya jeh hoye sahib sio mail..)

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      May Satguru Maharaj Ji Bless you with His Grace and Love.

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      Thank u so much!! 😌

  3. WJKKWJKF ji Just out of curiosity I hve a couple of questions if u would be kind enough to reply. @Sat1176 @Lucky @BhagatSingh @HisServant and other veer ji 1. Have u had the pleasure of meeting -Darshan of Guru Sahib ji during this journey?? As it is said that u get too 'see ur beloved' before "bia-ah hoa mere babula" 2. How supportive/nonsupportive had ur family members been ( especially the spouse) and how did u deal with it. Ur replies would be really appreciated. Thank u tonns WJKKWJKF
  4. Mooorakh

    I wish to take Amrit

    Thank u. thank u . Thank u so much. My Guru Sahib is so mitha he answers. I was so upset.. . He made u find this to answer me. Though m back to square one seeking his permission but still that seems easier than him taking it along with.Hope Babaji listens to this too soon. Cant thnk u enough God bless u
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    Anger after Paath

  6. Mooorakh

    I wish to take Amrit

    Thank u so much ji What to say.. this video made my situation even worse.. cos till now I was under the impression that all I need was his acceptance/ permission but if maryada says that he has to take it alongwith Only a miraculous Kirpal can help me now.. practically as per present scenario I am gone, it's impossible. Anyway pls pray for me ,is all I can say. Thank u all again for supporting. Atleast now I know m not wrong or stupid in asking or talking about Sikhi
  7. Mooorakh

    I wish to take Amrit

    Hmm... Probably that's destiny. Let us both wait for our turns.. But pls lemme know when you get the Amrit and I will let you know when i would get it. Cos we both have 'pyaas' so m sure Guru Sahib will surely listen sooner or later.. "Jin Ko lagi pyaas Seyi khaiye" .. n if he has given this thirst he will quench it too.. let's pray for each other. All the best.
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    Anger after Paath

    Wow what a great video. Thanks much. Actually I was feeling the same as u. Anger overtook me everytime I used to come out of the Babaji room and started shouting on the kids for creating mess or doing whatever wrong they are always upto... And that caused a fight between us all. one day he shouted "path karke Ehsaan Karti ho kya " Then I Self analysed.. I was bringing bad name to my Babaji as well.. wat I realised is that when we do path it requires a lot of our energy"Aakhan Aukha Sacha Naam".. we tend to loose patience easily and being mentally tired we react vigorously. Then I made intentional efforts to improve.. be polite n sweet as my Guru Sahib is 'mithbolra'.. I should thus follow.. n m trying to.. though it's pretty hard. Probably that's our initial stage n soon we ll get rass- amrit n its power
  9. The Effects of Bowing Jaap Sahib Kriya Posted July 21, 2016 by Siri Singh Sahib Ji & filed under 10-Guru Gobind Singh, Bani, Lectures-Siri Singh Sahib. Excerpts from Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajanlecture at Khalsa Women’s Training Camp (KWTC) in 1983
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    Jaap Sahib

    Thank u ji
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    I wish to take Amrit

    Thanks much If you would really worry about what OTHERS are saying .. u would never be happy. People called Nanak Sahib bhutna , betaala... Kabeer ji was also cursed by his own mother ... Dekh k andith karo. Forget what others say.. do wat makes the Guru happy. Moreover Amrit will bring good vices on its own. ATB
  12. Mooorakh

    I wish to take Amrit

    Ji. But y haven't u had it yet. Pls try n get it ASAP. Also pls edit Ur ans above to remove my pic . Thanks
  13. Don't worry about mind not being stable .. that's the phal. The result.. Path karo taaki Mann jurre don't wait for the Mann to be stable to do path. That would never happen on its own. It's like churning milk. Butter will come on its own.. it's a natural process .. however time may differ for different people. All the best.
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    Is the Sikh God Evil?

    Pls all for God's sake stop attacking each other. When Guru Gobind Singh Sahib was asked which 'panth is better he never said mine .. he answered " Tumhe tumhara khoob humein hamaara khoob" i.e U love Urs. I love mine. We are not supposed to disrespect any religion just because most of us have less knowledge about Christianity ...we are not able to compare and answer doesn't mean we will find flaws and attack each other. We don't force anyone to 'convert' but @LetsSee if u have come to this forum probably u have some unanswered questions One of the common points in both our religion is that we Sikhs just like Muslims and Christians believe in one God, but unlike Christians and Muslims we don't believe in the existence of Satan or . Our Babaji talks about MAYA instead who's also the creation of one God. There's NO ONE EXCEPT HIM. HE CREATED ALL . Even Maya with whose three vices we are all influenced and perform negative things.. Who can compare. the two religions better than one the who has been a Christian for 44 yrs and then stepped into Sikhism and is loving it. Pls watch
  15. Mooorakh

    I wish to take Amrit

    Thank you. Thank you sooo much for the lovely video ji. Though it wasn't related to Amrit yet I loved it.
  16. Mooorakh

    I wish to take Amrit

    Well m not sure ji because as per my understanding .. if I can't please my worldly husband how will I be able to please my real 'Pir'. I have promised to walk behind him in front of SGGS JI . U may have met people who are in marriage where the other partner doesn't OBJECT to the first for the Amrit As for my husband he isn't very religious himself. But never denies taking me to Gurudwara Sahib or Kirtan Darbar. (Though teases at times-but that's ok.) He is connected inside. .. simply spends 15 mins or so in Guru Sahib room everyday.A few pauries of Japji Sahib and 6 of Anand Sahib probably. He never drinks and is 'kesdhaari'.. https://www
  17. Ardaas is the key. I hv realised that the day I even think that ....wow I woke up at 4 ,next day it's gone... Before u sleep just tell Guru Sahib ji, meri koi samrathha nai. Pls wake me up . And trust me He Will. But yes u have to kick Ur blanket and fight the Kalyug once he wakes u up.
  18. Can somebody please elaborate on 4 khand from Japji Sahib ji Dharam khand Gyan khand Saram khand Sach khand WJKKWJKF ji
  19. Though I see its been years since u have posted this and probably by now u may have soared on higher levels, but just that I had similar thoughts initially.. so I thought I would in any case put my observations here... 1. Wat Guru Amardas Sahib did or wat Guru Arjan Dev ji preached is the right path. N yes if u feel little proud on doing it. Its o.k. be proud on being a sikh. Not Egoistic but Proud of being "Guru di dhee " Sacrifice is a part of sikhi 2. As for Guru Gobind Singh ji My Master- just look at it again.. He sacrificed ALL HE HAD. " SARBANS DAANI. " wat did he fight for -Other's good. Not for self. So fid Guru Teg Bahadur Sahib. Sikhs are only made for 1. simran ( Waheguru di seva) 2. Seva (manavta di seva) Thas wat is Gurmat as per my understanding. Pls forgive n correct me as I m pretty moorakh ..n new to this forum WJKKWJKF ji
  20. Mooorakh

    I wish to take Amrit

    Ok lemme elaborate on this. I am a sikh woman. I wish to take Amrit and when I mentioned this to my husband few years ago he said .. u start doing Nitnem etc and if u could do it we will take it further. I agreed . Its been 2 yrs now. By Guru Sahib ji s grace I have "kanth" all the nitnem baanis and do them each day. but he still doesn't allow. Says 5 yrs.. . Abhi we r not old. U won't look smart etc. I m stuck
  21. Mooorakh

    Purpose of Amrit

    Though I m too lowly to comment on anything in this regard as I m not blessed with either of the Amrit yet still all I would like to mention here something that I heard in a Katha... Pls consider This is like 'water boring' or a handpump where they dig deep till they reach the water level below the earth.. then put water from above and as both the waters meet a spring of water bursts out of the earth, which doesn't stop after that. Amrit inside the body and Amrit ceremony can thus be related. Where both are equally important as if u don't dig deep enough you won't be able to solve the purpose and vice versa. 2. If Amrit ceremony would have not been important why would Guru Gobind Singh Sahib have taken it himself?? Who could be more pious??