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  1. :-)) Thank you so much Veer. Also if you find some good read or shabad ( i can japp) on Jeevan Jach or Maya vich kive vicharna then please please mainu dena ji. This detachment concept sounds so good but is too tough for me. Waheguru
  2. Veerji It's not showing anything readable. I will post a screenshot as to how it seems to us. I have tried on 3 different devices.
  3. I think I have read somewhere on this site about OBE that's out of the body experiences and astral travel. Will try n find veerji
  4. Hey. No worries . don't apologize. its just that we perceive things differently.
  5. Oh crap... He's not depressed. He's blessed.
  6. "Eh vis sansaar jo tum dekhde,eh Har ka roop hai Har roop nadri aaya" Do u see HARR in all?? It's him doing everything. Being a " saakshi" .. That way?? Don't see a psychiatrist my friend be happy. Be thankful and do a mental balle balle. U are on the right track. Rest wise Gurmukhs' will guide of course. @DeNiro @Sat1176 @Lucky @HisServant and others I wish i get something soon too. Please help me follow you. Thanks for sharing bro.
  7. Shock!! As i was discussing this with my life partner. Whilst talking I get this answer " its my super personal matter" I don't have words to describe how I felt. ANOTHER "secret mission". Does that mean I am the only fool here?
  8. Sat Sri Akaal everyone I was a bit confused on this topic above. Yesterday I called my mom after a while and during our general conversation she asked me ' if I am doing waheguru simran. I confirmed yes n whilst talking she somehow told me that '. 'unhaanu jhalkare pende hann'. saying that she got so awkward asbif she has revealed such a top secret that she may be punished for it. She did not speak to me further as I tried to question her and handed over the phone to Dad. I wanted to ask a lot of things.. What did she mean when she said ' jhalkare' ? Is she getting amrit Rass but .. I was left in awe. i mean my own mom, and she's hiding it from ME ? Is that a rule in bhakti? Shall I call her again to talk about it? It seems she won't but I am her child so can insist so shall I? Please advice wise people. This has affected me really, I have been thinking about it all the time
  9. Sri Harkishan dhiyaaiye jis ditthe sabh dukh jaaye


    1. Soulfinder



  10. Sat Sri Akaal ! all Thanks so much. I am such a nyaana here that can't even think of commenting anything than just thanking. Just that if I take ur Gurmukhs points as ladder steps, m on step 2 in @ragnarok definition. At 4 on @Sat1176 ji's and 1 on @DeNiro .. Sunn happens for a very short while n then either I find myself asleep or in thoughts few moments later. All in all a kiddo here. Seeking all ur Gurmukhs' blessings and Marg darshan. @Luckyji Please be active here. It brings light to the forum by the presence of Gurmukhs like u all Thanks again!
  11. Hey Sat Sri Akaal all Thanks so much @Sat1176 and @DeNiro. Shukar hai u all are here. No wonder why SGGS emphasise bso much on satsangat. Will surely work upon this, I understand wat u say @DeNiro ji but u know its human nature to get to know what's my train's next station, to be curious and i feel if I know what's in store for me next , I may get more motivated. By the way why did u choose username de Niro? It's not related to gurmat.. Then this taxi driver flick seems older than most of us were born. The kind of person u sound ,there must be a reason if not story .. Would u like to share?
  12. And this has confused me even further... For me its not naada. Just these sounds Which @Sat1176 ji said was sehaj dhun.. I am on my way with this sound. Last time I was told not to concentrate on it as its just starting. People hear vaaja,/ shankh ,tabla etc.. Now this video says to listen to these or that I am not 'in love' that is why I am not able to listen? Phir main ki karaa ? Confused head again. please help!
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