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  1. The OP isn't going to read this probably and I am not writing for her but for others who will be reading this. First of all, the OP is right in many ways. The husband told the woman to keep trimming and not let the family know, so he doesn't have the right to tell her she's going back on her words. Also the OP is right that she shouldn't be forced to keep hair. I am a guy, I was forced to keep hair without knowing why, I hated it, and cut it at 14. Then I learned more at 20 and 21, and I wanted to keep hair. I stopped cutting my hair and beard and I wear a Dastaar now. I am not doing it because I am forced to or I should, simply because I want to. Same with Gurbani. So it's wrong for the family to force her to keep hair and be judging her. Very wrong. Either just say no to her and reject the marriage, or let her make her own choice and maybe try to educate and encourage her rather than straight up judge her. So imo the girl is the victim because the husband and his family was weak in taking a firm stance before the marriage. God forgive me, if I made any mistakes or came off as egotistical. Waheguru.
  2. It's worrisome that so many Sikhs either don't think about hell or don't believe in hell. When the mention of hell comes in Gurbani, they may think it's figurative, and there is no actual physical place called Hell. But as many of you know, hell is real. It doesn't matter what you think or whether we believe in it or not, reality is one, and it doesn't change to your thought. In Asa di Vaar, and Shalok Sheikh Freed Ke, and throughout gurbani, hell is made quite apparent. They say, you can hear people screaming in hell. If you google whether sikhi believes in heaven or hell, this is what comes up, "Sikhs do not believe in heaven or hell. Heaven can be experienced by being in tune with God while still alive. Conversely, the suffering and pain caused by ego is seen as hell on earth." And there are many articles that spread this type of thought, saying hell is just a "state of mind." I would like to hear your guys thoughts. In my opinion, this (hell is just a mind state) is a very dangerous belief to have, and it's very worrisome.
  3. In my opinion. For a complete new foreign learner (who is primarily learning for Sikhi), they should not start by learning the Punjabi language and grammar itself, but jump right into Gurbani. They should first learn to read and write the Gurmukhi letter, and the primary sounds, which is easy. Then they can just start listening to shabads they like or gurbani online, and read alongside. After they improve and they will fast, they can start speaking alongside as well. After they can read, listen, and speak relatively well, learning what the words means is easy and the knowledge of grammar comes on its own primarily. This is a very intuitive method. All you need is consistency. Compare this to learning Punjabi and the grammar and the language first is quite hard, and personally I wouldn't recommend it.
  4. for some people like me who can't balance in between and naturally lean towards extremes, celibacy/brahmachariya for life is the way to go. Before, I would be doing NoFap or trying to (i am 21), but after a week or two in I would start thinking about future relationship, wife, marriage, children, and then again fall. The second I decided Brahmachariya/Celibacy for life (in thought and action), I got immense peace and I feel complete now.
  5. There are many non Sikhs (non Indian background) who are interested in Sikhi, but don't know where to get started. They want to learn Gurmukhi / punjabi but I would imagine that's really challenging without Sharda and deep love. The motivation needs to be high. So I think they can start by listening to Bani with English translation, although translation doesn't really do justice, but something they can grasp, maybe sing along to some shabads and kirtan and learn the main themes and the message, and hopefully Guru sahib will do Kirpa from there. So which bani or kirtan or shabad would you recommend. If possible give video link (with English subtitles of course) so I can pass this along.
  6. Dass Ji. I wanted to ask you a question. When I was in India at around 9 or 10 years of age, I took amrit. I broke it couple of years later slowly after coming to USA, took my kirpan off, stopped wearing kachera, and at 14 cut my hair. Should I be preparing myself to take amrit again? are there consequences of breaking amrit? please give me your insight.
  7. wow thank you for noting the time down. I love Giani Thakur Singh, he's so direct and funny, and very practical. I heard that katha just 2 days ago. I will watch the other ones. I first heard heard this shabad when I was little in India. We had a sant at our house, I don't remember who, but I think after that we started doing this shabad every now and then. I feel off sikhi slowly and gradually after I moved to america, I was 10 then. I cut my hair at around 14 age. Now I am 20, about to be 21. Over the past couple years with god's grace I had kirpa, and I feel like the path I did when I was little "came through" lol, and got me through some tough time and very organically pulled me back towards my guru. I feel blessed. Keeping my kesh now obviously and just reading more and more bani and doing this jap.
  8. most definitely. This shabad saved me 3 times. But now I am doing jap of this shabad I will add the title and rahaoo as it only takes a sec extra. thanks.
  9. thanks. This morning I did jap with reading the title and it made a difference. I was more focused after every recitation. Everytime I read the title it pulled my focus back. I will start saying rahao as well.
  10. Do I have to read "Gaure Mehla 5" and "rahao" that comes in the shabad, every time, or can I skip it? I have been doing this shabad without reading them. But someone in another sikh forum website said, " So once an innocent man was in prison, the saint told him to do sava lakh of Gauree M5 Thir kar baiso har jan pyaare and you will get out of jail...... but he didnt read the Gauri M5, he just started from the shabad. The saint came to visit him in prison said you must read the heading aswell, today that man is alive he got out of jail at the first hearing." THanks..
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