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  1. wow thank you for noting the time down. I love Giani Thakur Singh, he's so direct and funny, and very practical. I heard that katha just 2 days ago. I will watch the other ones. I first heard heard this shabad when I was little in India. We had a sant at our house, I don't remember who, but I think after that we started doing this shabad every now and then. I feel off sikhi slowly and gradually after I moved to america, I was 10 then. I cut my hair at around 14 age. Now I am 20, about to be 21. Over the past couple years with god's grace I had kirpa, and I feel like the path I did when I was little "came through" lol, and got me through some tough time and very organically pulled me back towards my guru. I feel blessed. Keeping my kesh now obviously and just reading more and more bani and doing this jap.
  2. most definitely. This shabad saved me 3 times. But now I am doing jap of this shabad I will add the title and rahaoo as it only takes a sec extra. thanks.
  3. thanks. This morning I did jap with reading the title and it made a difference. I was more focused after every recitation. Everytime I read the title it pulled my focus back. I will start saying rahao as well.
  4. Do I have to read "Gaure Mehla 5" and "rahao" that comes in the shabad, every time, or can I skip it? I have been doing this shabad without reading them. But someone in another sikh forum website said, " So once an innocent man was in prison, the saint told him to do sava lakh of Gauree M5 Thir kar baiso har jan pyaare and you will get out of jail...... but he didnt read the Gauri M5, he just started from the shabad. The saint came to visit him in prison said you must read the heading aswell, today that man is alive he got out of jail at the first hearing." THanks..
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