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  1. @Soulfinder so the conclusion is to ignore chakras activation, do Naam Simran with love and technique to reach higher state. Thanks
  2. @ragnarok superb reply. Thanks Actually don't have right words to say how thankful I am to read this.
  3. just explored this website, it is indeed very interesting. Thanks
  4. Thanks veer, I was looking for answer to my question as to which chakra to activate first, Trikuti or Mooldhaara. Is it best to start from bottom and keep moving upwards? I have the diary book of Sant Baba Isher Singh Ji in which he states Va sound from navel , He sound from heart, Gu sound from throat and R sound from trikuti for naam Simran. Does it mean we should start from navel , not the lowest chakra, the root chakra? Or would it be ok to activate the Navel/Sacral chakra first by concentrating Naam Simran on that part for months or years until the point of focus moves up? @Lucky, @Sat1176, @Soulfinder, @moorakh. Please gave your opinions.
  5. @karmjeet I read it. Even before reading it , I wonder that our Gurus must not have done this to have kids and I was right.
  6. @paapiman it would be nice to read the full story, could you please post it?
  7. @Xylitol I am looking forward to have satsangat , currently You Tube and google search is my sat sangat source, and discussions/questions/answers on sikh awareness forum.
  8. Apologies first, I may be wrong. My understanding is that when we focus on heart, we open heart chakra and it bring prem towards everyone, as one sees God everywhere in everyone and everything. Third eye is gifted to human beings only on the earth and it opens the way for advance level like dasam dawar, increases conscious level for past, present and future. But I am not sure which chakra area to focus on first with simran. Some says navel, others give importance to heart or Third eye . It would be better If somebody could shed more light.
  9. Thank you very much bhenji. Really appreciated for giving the names of the forum members, started feeling like family here.
  10. @Mooorakh. Thank you Bhenji. I am always late night owl instead of waking in the morning and doing my studies. Now, I find it easier to do simran in night after finishing everything. I would like to do as much as possible simran now , without wasting my life further and looking for gursikh people company too. My mind is going off other things like facebook, moovies etc and am enjoying spiritual side of life.
  11. @Sat1176, SSA Veer What time were you doing Simran and Mool Mantar? for how long? how do you carry on while doing other daily duties? Please shed some light to help us.
  12. @harsharan000. Thank you for answering. so glad to be here where I could post questions and read other posts or articles to get answers.
  13. Being new to this forum and meditation, I am amazed at the knowledge and experience some of the forum members have. I could hardly sit for 10-15 minutes with lots of distractions in mind, bringing my attention back to meditation/breathing/Simran and then again wandering off in my thoughts. I know we have different experiences based on family backgrounds, past karamas, hard work we put on in meditation in this life but may I ask saadh sangat, for how long (months, years ) they have been practicing meditation/Waheguru Simran for?
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