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  1. Mod's Note: Your message was deleted because it violated the rules for this forum. Please read the forum rules and come back in discussions. There is no place for "hot heads" here.
  2. the only way these spoiled disgraceful pathetic bastardz are gonna learn is by slappin a juthi accross their boothaz 50 times a day (no wonder why indian kids are more smarter and civilized) its ppl like u and bamboomkat that need to get sorted out as well, we cannot have kuthiz like these two sayin shiit that the only way these fuduz are gonna learn is by teachin them sikhi, u deserve to spitted on the face for sayin that sayin shiit like "its all about tupac" WHAT DA FOKKIN HELL IS UR PROBLEM! DONT YOU KNOW THESE FUDUZ ARE GETTIN JUST GETTIN WORSER LISSENIN TO THAT GARBAGE CALLED RAP WE CANNOT LET THESE ASSHOLEZ RUIN SIKHI!!!!! dont mind my language but i think its kuthiz like you who are being too leniot with their children givin them everything they want, your bro/cousins/children must be black wannabes
  3. no maybe they should just stop being spoiled brats by taking advantage of their parent's money while they are out working 2 shift jobs 7 days a week just so their children could have a good life. these spoiled fuduz should all be sent to boot camp rather than having them sit on their asses at home all day or "chill" out with their "homies" smoking pung and getting drunk. the parents should also get the blame for not knowing that india is not like canada/america/uk where it is full of 24/7 gaand dont wanna be racist or anything but most of this gaand comes from the hip hop culture where kids/teenagers see it on tv and then go out and be like those rappers. AND YOU DONT HAVE TO LEARN ABOUT SIKHI FOR YOU NOT TO ACT BLACK. i know some proper singhs who's parents didnt teach them jackshiit about their religion but they didnt end up tryin to act like poser black thugz.
  4. sikhs have no unity meaning there will never be khalistan. sad to see all those sacrifices made in 1984 for nothing.
  5. your messed up man, you should try to look closely in the mirror next time and see what the colour of your skin because i know it aint black and i got nothing against black people, only the sikh youth out there who try to copy their gang styles by smoking pung and "pimping" hoes people like that are a complete disgrace to Sikhism and should be shot for calling themselves a "Sikh" after all that bullshiit they do
  6. interesting.... i thought the black wannabe disease only existed in north america....
  7. and i dont think names like balwinder or gurinderpauljeet have any meanings to them
  8. the meaning of gurdwara in the 21st century has changed in canada its more like of a business now, in surrey there is a gurdwara on like every street these greedy <edited> are ruining sikhi
  9. why is it that in school in canada you have to act like a black guy to be brown and if you dont try to act black then your whitewashed. the sikh youth here are nothin but a bunch of wannabe thugs who try to act black by smokin weed, actin tuff for no reason, and walkin like they have to go take a shit im sick of these poser fuduz, theyre just fake black wannabe shits livin in the suburbs thinkin they from the "hood" while drivin their crappy lil honda civics :roll: why cant they just stop actin like tupac for once and act like a proper normal sikh.
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