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  1. Umm dont leave, cos its too normal, stick around and cause lots of fights. BTW, can I change my username? I'm bored.
  2. Well some fool came up to me (probably from taliban.org) and requested for some saroops of some Mahapurush to be taken down where they were going to do Kirtan as they were 'distracting'. I was stunned so I acted like a dazed zombie (perfected technique), and another one came up to me and started slagging off all Sants, because of the title apparently it automatically made them all perverts, it was quite pathetic but made me laugh. I guess this is why some people seem like heretics and fanatical maniacs who wish to have everything in their comfortable little boxes, black and white, no regard for the obvious shades of grey. As Neo once told me, one of his friends is a Monaa but has more Sharda than these so called Sarbloh Bibeki taliban members, so let's stop being so...sigh.
  3. Sukhi yaar (lol), you hit the er..mekh on the ser, Singh Ji, thing is that the Jyot of any enlightened Prophet or Guru is the same, this is the way I see it. As the Truth is one, every message is essentially the same, it's just the ways in which it's revealed which are different, and these ways and techniques change with time and changing attitudes of seekers, therefore the Guru's had to change the techniques in which Truth was imparted or as Sukhi said, strengthened as in the case of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, that's all. You know sometimes I think of all the Guru's as ONE GURU with different attitudes and clothes and personalities to keep us interested, so the variety and diversity of even our Guru is so distinct and beautiful, which other religion has 10 Guru's one after the other with the essential same message? with no contradictions and no disputes? It just proves that they had the same thing in them huna? Also, have you noticed that the Bani of any Guru in the Guru Granth Sahib finishes with the name of 'Guru Nanak' at the end, just signifies the unity or oneness of the message I think, GanM man I feel your pain went thru a whole box of kleenex after that post too
  4. Well maybe these 'distinct' qualities which were expressed were a product of the progression of Sikhi and the changing times.
  5. Gur Parmesar Eko Jaan...doesn't this mean God and Guru are the same, bit different from the question he asked tho innit? OR.....not? Just er sayin.. Man, whenever my 'sweeto penj' and you kno who u are inspires me by sayin 'Guru Ji ang sang' it kinda covers all the Guru's you know? Whenever I think of Guru Ji, I think of all of em, no difference..
  6. Lol, you're funny Akali, in a good way.
  7. I dont think you should generalise Veer Ji, wearing white clothes doesnt automatically make you a pervert. I actually like my white suit, and even though your post made me laugh, I thought I'd er...post too, ok Im gone.
  8. Im sorry about going off on a tangent, and I promise this is my last post, but is it true that there's a new halaal pizza out in sainsbury's? Need to kno cos don't wanna accidentally add it to my er..trolley. Many thanks.
  9. I think it's commendable that women and children are being taught self-defence, and this has nothing to do with whether you go KFC or not, so once again..chill dudes.
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