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  1. Let the scare spread then Waheguru saanu vee tuhaade wargi pyar bhavna bakhshan
  2. Thanks for sharing this. Such information shud be brought more to the folks who keep on condemning and labelling.
  3. Look for the facts in this court verdict, instead of any hearsay or rumours. Media alongwith local sikh community continues to cause enuf damage. Read the summary from page 573 to learn the FACTS. http://www.courts.gov.bc.ca/Jdb-txt/SC/05/...005BCSC0350.htm
  4. Vadi Jathedarni ithe loka'n de murgey bana rahi lagdee e... mainu vee apna skoool yaad aa gyaa
  5. haanji, this kind of initiative had been put on my shoulders for quiet sometime, but recently only I started working on that, hopefully I have convinced myself for this great responsibility which my esteemed friends have given. This platform is going to have multiple purposes - in short 1. Spreading Awareness about Sikhism 2. Working for Humanity 3. Common platform for discussion among sikhs first, then extendible to new learners. This is a great vision by one of our associates, who is main inspiration behind the scenes. Point 3 above takes the front seat, as we feel other two will follow automatically. Future plans include opening chapters at different locations to serve the cause towards sikhism. Feel free to reach me at my yahoo IM arvinps11@yahoo.co.in for any further information about the project in hand. Best Regards.
  6. Charn ji, That s such a wonderful idea. And you may be happy to know that we are already working on such thing, a common platform to get sangat on. Regards.
  7. Off-Topic: Googly, There are many, but all are in India right now. Whenever I visit India, will make sure, I pack those too :-)
  8. Currently Kanaida... googly, I lived at Switzerland for sometime, worth-visiting place.
  9. I like Mozilla... IE is left far behind
  10. I want to see Magarmuches in this pose
  11. Still we are in buying/selling business only. The problem is - this guy is asking too much money than anyone here care to pay. But if you get one for $10, anyone will happily run after this guy to BUY Guru Sahib ji. I know this will offend many here.
  12. Orchids did say - i found this pic when i was in a chatroom someone had this url in the chatroom Orchids or anyone who has the URL, please PM me that. Thanks.
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