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  1. Green Chutney Ingredients dhania (corriander) 350 mg pudina (mint) 50 mg onion 2 tomatoes 1 green chillies 2-3 salt to taste 1 tsp red chilli powder 1/2 tsp amchhoor 1/2 tsp anardana 1/2 tsp chat masala 1/2 tsp Method first wash dhania and pudina in water put chopeed and washed dhania , pudina , chopped onions , chopped tomatoes , chopped green chillies, salt , amchor,anardana, chat masala , red chilli powder in a mixie/blender/grinder blend it to a paste chutney is ready. chutney serves good when chilled green chutney can be mixed with water/ curd for use on the same day .
  2. sat sri akal well here is my contribution to the interesting topic started by googly kaur jee Karha Parshad Ingredients Aatta / wheat 200 gms ( or 1-1/2 katori_) sugar 1 katori or half glass or 125 gms water 584 ml or more desi ghee 550 mg or 20-15 big tablespoons or more (acc to taste) dry fruits (optional) utensils 1 kadhai (round iron vessel / steel round dish ) 1 big frying pan 2 karchis ( 2 stirrer) Method first put desi ghee in the kadhai .Heat it . then add atta/wheat , keep stirring it till it gets little brown 7-8 minutes in the mean while add water in the frying pan and add sugar and heat it(on gas or fire) . water and sugar will together get converted to medium thick solvent (chaashni )(within 5 minutes) now add chaashni to the light brown mixture in the kardhai . mix it well and heat it for 4 minutes and let the chaashni get full absorbed in the mixture the karha is ready . karha is called so because it is prepared in traditional punjabi dish known as kardhai
  3. sat sri akal jee we all should prepare ourselves for celebrations the gurpurab of guru gobind singh jee coming on 5 january 2005 or 23 poh bikrami 2061 or poh vadi 11 nanakshahi 536 wadhaiyan ! waheguru jee ka khalsa waheguru jee ki fateh !
  4. sat sri akal jee well i wish every past, present & future member of this website a happy birthday in advance appne appne janam din di tuhanu wadhai hovwe !!! waheguru jee sahaiee !
  5. my resulution is nanak naam charhdi kala tere bhane sarbat da bhala...
  6. sat sri akal jee as far as i know that sikhs had been very much far behind in technology uptil now but i think that the development of sikhawareness has highlightened the advancement of sikhs in technology ...
  7. happy new year today is 2005
  8. oh i forgot to say happy new year nave saal di lakh lakh wadhai !!
  9. sat sri akal what connection has steve with punjab i would like to understand the last line of that last paragraph "culture of punjab.........spirit of sikh .........." ??
  10. there is some hidden meaning behind this topic i cant get that
  11. sat sri akal jee well a new book on sikhs has been published by chatar singh jeewan singh the book is named as The Story Of Valiant Sikhs . the book mainly consists of personality of sikhs who contributed hard for the development and pride of our religion SIKHISM ! like army , politics , sewa , shaheedi ,keertan etc etc . how much is the price of the book ?
  12. chumpy gumpy yumpy pumpy mummy...........
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